Twin Graves

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Chapter 9

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asks gently. His aura is different, the arrogance I felt when we first met was gone. Having him beside me felt warmer and more benevolent. I hate talking about problems, I get so emotional that I end up saying things I shouldn't but somehow, this time, it felt different. It felt like Tyler was some sort of 'receiver', a person you can tell anything when you have nothing and no one left.

I nodded slightly trying to avoid his gaze. I started mumbling random shit as if I was drunk but he listened carefully anyway.

"When I was a kid, I used to have a friend whom I really cared about." I started. Tyler kept silent, I looked at him and saw that he was worried at the same time perplexed.

"He and I would go places and just ignore the world around us. We both had problems as young as we were but when we were together, it was always just about us. It's cute to think that he might have been my first love but then one day he disappeared."

"What do you mean?"

"I went here, by the shore, waiting for him like I always did but he never showed up. It feels nostalgic being here right now. I waited, every single day but still no signs of him."

"Maybe we can find him. There's a lot of social networking sites out there. We just need his name and-"

"It's been so long and it pains me to remember him so I chose to forget but I guess I still haven't."

"Well then what did he look like?"

"He had this huge birthmark at one side of his face and blue eyes like yours." I said while staring at Tyler's ethereal eyes. I quickly looked away feeling a bit awkward but continued my story. "One day I saw him except he didn't have his birthmark anymore. I figured it might have been removed by surgery since I saw his caretaker still with him. I approached him but he just stared at me then walked away. It was then that I realized that friends aren't necessary because most of them will just leave you behind. I never had another true friend after that except for Jade."

"Jade? The guy who was with you back at the lavatory... I thought he was your boy friend"

"Nope. Just a friend but I guess not anymore" I said. Then Tyler sighed. He floated in front of me and said "I won't leave you, I mean I don't really have a choice but if I ever do wake up... maybe we can be friends too."

"You're a superstar, why would you want to friends with me?" I asked trying to hide my happiness.

"because you're Hailey Skye. The real Hailey Skye. It's really nice to finally meet you." he smiled.

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