Twin Graves

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Chapter 11

"Good morning Skye" it's been a while since I've heard such a warm greeting. I expected to see my mom the moment I woke up but instead it was Tyler's face who was looking directly at me.

"What the hay, Tyler?!" I screamed.

"Shhh... Your mom doesn't know I'm here"

"She wouldn't be able to see you anyway"

"Well yeah, but she'll see you and think you're nuts" he said with a giggle. His arrogance is back, should've known it was too good to be true. I got out of bed, ignoring him then headed directly to the bathroom to get myself ready for school.

"Hey, come on, don't ignore me Skye" he said.

"You better not peek, you perverted spirit" I exclaimed and shut the bathroom door behind me.

Physical Education was the first class for the day and it definitely wasn't my favorite class especially now that it focuses on swimming which I am terrible at. Still, the feeling of being alone is more horrible than just swimming.

It was awkward to have all the girls in the changing rooms of the gym constantly ignoring me. It was even more awkward to see Caitlyn smile at me then get dragged away by Aubrey as if I'm some kind of infected parasite.

The girls went on out to the pool leaving me behind. I sat down for a minute before putting on my swim cap. Suddenly, I felt a presence and knew Tyler was here with me.

"Will you stop?" I asked in frustration. "This is the girl's changing room! what if you caught me here naked?" I said.

"I'm sorry, it's just... I already saw the others were out so I got a bit worried" he answered obviously feeling guilty.

"Stop worrying about me, you are not Jade" I snapped.

Tyler looked stunned and pained. I've never seen him this way before. He then turned around to leave me as well but halfway out the door he stopped and said "I'll see you later, if you have any troubles, don't be ashamed to tell me. You've done so before Skye, you can do it again. You don't have to hold it in alone anymore" before disappearing into thin air.

When it was my turn to perform a forward dive and backstroke swimming style, I felt everyone's glares on me. It felt so intense that my knees were shaking, I felt vulnerable. I wanted to escape and fast so I rapidly dived in the water without thinking.

The pool was deeper than I thought or at least deeper than I was used to. It felt endless and had no depth. I panicked. I didn't know how to float well not less swim this deep. I tried my best to hold my breath and waved my arms performing strokes. I kicked hard to get my head back up to the surface but it felt like I was falling even more. I living a nightmare made real.

The moment I couldn't hold my breath anymore, I exhaled underwater and inhaled immediately feeling the pain against my throat. That was a stupid thing to do but I don't really know what's right anymore. I heard screams of panic and arguments from my classmates but I couldn't hear them enough to know if they were even willing to save me.

My vision went blurry, my head was spinning, my body falling deeper into the water. I closed my eyes then saw a bright shining light. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw him. The boy with blue eyes and black pendant, dragging me further down to the depths of the water.

By the time I woke up, I saw Jade on my bedside at the clinic. We were both still soaking wet but I was covered in blankets and he was still in his trunks. He must have felt cold, I thought. I wanted to touch him but I couldn't move body at all.

The nurse came in and suggested that I should be left alone. Jade got up without noticing I was already conscious and walked away.

"Jade..." I tried to call out but he kept walking never turning back.

"Miss Skye, this must have been a traumatic experience for you. I've already called your house and your mom said she'd be here soon to pick you up" the nurse said.

I guess I could use some rest. After all, I've gone through near death experience twice already. I don't know what's going on but someone is out there to kill me. Someone who isn't even alive. Someone with blue eyes and a black pendant. I have to talk to Tyler about this. He might know something considering the fact that this all happened ever since I've crossed paths with him. But after everything that's happened... maybe dying is considered an option.

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