Twin Graves

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Chapter 12 - Tyler

Why did she have to compare me and Jade? Do I really mean nothing to her? Maybe she really is in love with Jade and I was just someone she could talk to when Jade wasn't there. Why am I even concerned about this? I shouldn't be affected. I am Tyler Lovell for crying out loud! I'm a spirit now but... I'm still me right?

The Tyler who would always get what he wants. Tyler who could buy a limousine in a snap and who could check in of a five star hotel paying what seems like only spare change from the day's allowance. I could eat as much as 7 times a day if I wanted to without feeling guilty of the leftovers. I could buy the most expensive bottles of wine for the sake of collection. I could get the latest phones and gadget beyond their original release dates. That's how rich I was.

I could get into exclusive clubs, hotels, mansions and even palaces. I am known anywhere around the globe. I could go to concerts where people would throw anything at me like plushies, kid's toys, adult's toys and even their goddamn underwear for the sake of being noticed. Girls would flash their breasts at me in public just to get my attention. Most of them would even go back stage to have sex with the star. Then they would think they're so lucky, to be my sex slave for a day. Little did they knew, what I felt for them was just lust and not a sense of affection.

Despite all of that, I still felt some kind of emptiness within me... even back then. I don't know who and where my father is. I'm an only child and I used to be really frail and sick. My mom said it was a miracle that I was still alive so she became overprotective. I lived my life following her rules, her directions. I've never disobeyed her all my life. I know I haven't been a good person but I could swear to God that I've been a perfect son. I even agreed when she said I'd marry Shania Willows. Even though I don't feel anything for her. "It's for your image" she always said and I just nodded stupidly to her every command.

I had everything but I was unhappy until I saw her there... Hailey. At first I thought she was just like everyone else. Someone who was 'addicted' to me because of my looks, my fame and fortune but she was different. She was feisty from the start. Petite but tough. She's not the kind of girl who would bend over backwards to get noticed. Not the kind of girl who would risk anything and everything to get attention and I liked that.

I hated her, I knew I did. Since she was the only one who had guts to actually hurt me. I thought I found a rival in her but instead I found a match. When I saw her back there, the real Hailey Skye, I felt flustered, I didn't know what to do or how to react. All I could do was stare at her, wishing I could wipe away her tears and embrace her so she could cry on my shoulders. Instead, I scared her and made fun of her. No wonder she likes Jade. Jade always cared for her after all. What chance do I have against him? In her eyes, I'm just one giant prick.

I gazed from the treetops, thinking deeply about all of this. I don't even understand why I'm thinking so hard. Maybe I really am in love with Hailey. While staring at the clouds I heard girls still talking about my disappearance. I've got a lot of time in my hands, I thought. Maybe I should go and entertain myself.

"He's still missing isn't he?" said a blonde cheerleader.

"Yeah, apparently his family hid him from the public" said the brunette cheerleader.

"Maybe he's already dead and they can't just tell the fans"

"It's possible. Poor Shania though. How unfortunate that the luckiest girl in the world just lost her fiance."

"A shame, I bet she couldn't find anyone close enough to replace Tyler"

"Yeah, but Tyler could probably find anyone to replace her fast if the situation was reversed"

I floated somewhere further away from them. It's flattering how they would think so highly about me but a bit annoying about how they would think so low of Shania. I never loved Shania but I respect her. I knew she didn't want to marry me too, we just didn't have much of a choice.

But... the girls did have a point. I really can find anyone to replace Shania fast. I've made up my mind. If I really am in love with Hailey then I shouldn't just give in to Jade. I'll show him. I'll show everyone. I will make Hailey love me the only question now is... how?

After what seemed like hours, I found myself still dumbfounded and felt frustrated with myself. Up until now, I have no idea how I can show Hailey that I'm better than Jade. After all, I've never actually been "in love" before and impressing a girl is a lot harder than I thought. I guess girls have it hard too when they try to impress me.

I mean, I can't just seduce Hailey or flaunt my dick at her right? She would downright kill me if I did. I had to make her fall for me in the normal way. How do normal guys do it?

"Maybe you should do something nice for her"

"like what?" I asked. Then realizing that someone was actually talking to me. I jumped out my skin before turning to see who it was. A gush of relief lingered within me when I saw it was Gail but it was a younger version of Gail as if she was my age.

"Surprised to see me, hon?" she giggled. Her auburn hair was braided and adorned with flowers making her look even more child like. I blushed at her sight but tried to maintain my composure. "It's unusual that a spirit would fall in love at this state" she smiled, looking away from me.

"yeah... I guess." I said bashfully.

"I thought you hated this girl" she said slyly. I found myself blushing even more. I admit defeat! I thought but stayed silent anyway.

"Maybe you can do something that can help her in her current state. Is she experiencing any troubles lately?"

"Well, she is always alone. She had some kind of argument with her whole class, I think. She doesn't really talk about it much."

"Then help her get back on her own feet."


"Hmm... I will give you the power of a poltergeist so you can make physical contact with objects that can aid you."

"Gail, why are you doing this?"

"Because you're starting to make a new beginning, Tyler" she said. "This power can only last for a day so you better figure something out now. Good luck Tyler." she smiled before she disintegrated.

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