Twin Graves

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Chapter 13

Gail gave me this chance, I'm not going to waste it. I rapidly tried to look for Hailey, but no matter where I went, I couldn't seem to find her. All I could see were students mingling with each other, gossiping about other people and stabbing others in the back. Ah, the typical life of a teenager. Among the crowd of students, I finally saw one familiar face... Jade.

He didn't look as idiotic as he was back then, in fact he looked a bit more serious now more than I've ever seen him before. His eyes were blank, distant and emotionless. As much as I hated it, he was my only option. I had to follow him to get to where Hailey is.

When we reached the classroom, most of the students either had the same distant look in their eyes or the look of being victorious. Still, no sign of Hailey anywhere. Maybe this is good, maybe it is better if she's not here, so she'd just be surprised. Then a girl shorter than Hailey wearing pigtails approached Jade.

"Is she okay?" she asked nervously.

"She's still unconscious, I feel bad for leaving her like that but the nurse said it would be best to let her be alone for now" Jade replied.

"This is all my fault" the girl said with a heavy look on her face. "Why would we even do this to her? It was a dumb issue anyway. She was right, Tyler doesn't care about us and it was stupid to argue with her just because of that. We replaced our friend with Tyler." she continued, almost screaming.

"Caitlyn, enough. This isn't your fault. Obviously there's something going on with her thoughts. I mean, she did look like she was deep in thought before she dived into the pool like that" said another girl.

"I think anyone troubled would be deep in thought, Aubrey. We were the ones who betrayed her." the girl named Caitlyn said. I was both flattered and flustered. I didn't think fans would think this way. That they are willing to sacrifice friendships for the sake of ideals. This must also be one of the reasons why Hailey felt so far away from me at first. Maybe she too, was mad because it was because of their idolization to me that she ended up looking like the villain.

"It's not about Tyler..." Jade mumbled. "Hailey, from the start, she was always like this. Acting like she's high and mighty. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe she could lower her pride. It's for her own good".

Caitlyn suddenly stood up, placed her hand on her arm charm with determination and said "I'm going to visit her and apologize." but Aubrey pulled her back and slapped her cheek just enough for her to calm down.

"She's the one, who needs to apologize Caitlyn." Aubrey pointed out. Caitlyn was still stunned as she held the cheek that Aubrey had hit. Then she ran away to the direction of the girl's lavatory.

What is it with girls and their obsession to rest rooms when they feel depressed? I'm giving you the power of the poltergeist. Gail's voice echoed in my head.

Of course! Maybe I could apologize for Hailey and set things right. I'm sure this was what Gail wanted me to do. I took a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote Caitlyn, I'm sorry... -Hailey when nobody was looking and rushed in to the lavatory before Caitlyn gets there. The gust of wind flowing heavily on my ethereal body as I tried to outran her. I felt as though everything along my path felt the breeze that sent chills to their spines. With a little more effort, I finally got there first but accidentally dropped the paper near the unidentified flowing object. The paper was soaked and looked utterly disgusting but somehow, it still caught Caitlyn's attention.

Caitlyn smiled gently, she looked so child like compared to Hailey. Her eyes were sparkling and she whispered "I knew you were a good friend, Hailey". She took her phone and took a picture of it and suddenly changed her mood, becoming a lot more joyful than before. She ran back wildly like a kid who got a perfect score in an exam would. She couldn't hide her eagerness to show everyone how sincere Hailey was. I could guess that everything worked out well, so I hurried off to the University's clinic to check on Hailey.

At the clinic, I saw the nurse but Hailey was still out of sight. I still had the abilities of a poltergeist so I tried experimenting a little bit. I wanted to know where Hailey was, but I couldn't just write a note like I did before. It would be awkward if the nurse responded to the note as if she was just normally chatting with someone. I had to try something else.

I looked around and saw nothing that could help me at this point. Unless... maybe I could possess people. A student complaining to have a headache came just in the nick of time. I tried to touch the student but he just felt a chill with my touch at his shoulder. I tried to place myself in his body copying his position, trying my best to merge myself within him but nothing happened.

Isn't this suppose to be automatic? I thought to myself. I tried to concentrate. I closed my eyes and imagined my spirit form getting inside his body. I felt some kind of sensation, like I'm being blown away. I opened my eyes... and saw that he just stood up and the wind affected me. This is no use. In fact, it was a stupid idea.

Gail said I was a poltergeist, what is a poltergeist? I know it's some kind of noisy ghost which can affect material objects... but is that all? I looked around the clinic again and saw a telephone on the table.

"This is going to be stupid, but it might work" I said to myself with determination. I floated on top of the telephone and again closed my eyes. Trying to imagine my spirit getting inside the telephone. The sensation was different this time, it felt like I was being sucked in. The sensation was too strong and by the time I opened my eyes... It was pitch black.

"Impressive! Now is the easy part... let your imagination flow" a voice echoed through my head.

"Gail? is that you? can you help me?" I asked but after a few minutes of waiting... there was no response. I closed my eyes once again, imagining the phone was going to ring. I imagined the sound, the vibration and everything I could. Then I heard a sound. The phone rang.

"Hello?" said a female voice.

"hello, is this the clinic?" I asked like an imbecile.

"uhm yes, why? who is this?"

"Hailey Skye... where is she?"

"Who is this?" she asked again.

"I'm her... cousin"

"She already went home, Mrs. Skye went to get her."

"Oh, alright, thanks." I said then she hung up. I had to get to Hailey now to relay the good news. The only question now is... how the hell do I get out of this damn phone.

After what seemed like forever of trying to get out of the horrifying telephone, I finally made it to Hailey's room. She stared at me like she was expecting me and immediately spoke.

"Tyler, there's something I need to ask you" she said.

"Wait, let me just fix myself up" I said trying to imagine new and neat clothes since mine was all tattered up because of the whole getting-out-of-possession-process thing. Instead of getting a new shirt, my old one just disappeared revealing my bare chest at her. Hey eyes widened... but it wasn't because I was half naked. She looked terrified and backed away from me.

"Hailey?" I called out.

"Stay away!" she shouted, her voice trembling.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"That pendant-" she said pointing to the black Gothic cross pendant hanging around my neck.

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