Twin Graves

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Chapter 15 - Hailey

It was dark, cold and I was all alone. There was nobody in sight. There was only the ocean, the shore and a small cave. The full moon shines brightly in the starless sky. The waves from the ocean were calm and inviting, the breeze was soft and refreshing but something feels off. I tried walking around, looking for a way to get back home but to no avail. The shore and the ocean was endless. I sat down and hugged my knees. I just want to get home, I thought.

From a distance, I saw a small boy with a lady which I assumed was his mother. They were riding a paddle boat and they seemed to be arguing with one another. The mother grabbed the boy by his shoulders and shook him, shouting about something I couldn't understand. She then slapped and hit the little boy, while he just stares at her crying in pain. This is too much, I thought. I got up and tried to get closer to them. I caught sight of a small blue paddle boat sitting on the side of the shore. Without thinking I immediately got in and threw myself in the water.

I was paddling as fast as I could so I could take the boy away from her. She was still hitting him, slapping him and shouting at him. Her movements were making tremors against the ocean and making their paddle boat wobble.

"Hey! Stop that." I tried to say but it seemed like she didn't hear me. The impact was too intense that I thought the boat would be knocked over but instead the boy was thrown into the water by the force leaving her mother alone in the paddle boat. I tried to search for the boy from my own boat but I could no longer see his silhouette. Bubbles were formed and there was no sign of the kid. If only I could swim. I quickly glanced over at the mother wanting to ask her to save her son but she was not in their paddle boat anymore. When I turned to look at the ocean again. A set of arms appeared from underwater. It quickly got hold of my clothes and tried to drag me down into the depths of the ocean. I tried to keep my balance, pushed my body further away from the arms and took hold of the boat's rear seat where the mother of the boy was seated. She looked at me with menacing eyes and I saw the pendant hanging around her neck. The same black Gothic cross pendant. She took hold of the hand and with a mighty push, she threw me out into the water where the boy was. Then she let go of the pendant which the boy caught and wore around his neck as we were both falling deeper into the ocean. With the last of my strength, I exhaled of what seemed to be my final breath.

As I opened my eyes, I saw a lot of creepy things. Several masks were hanged on the walls. Pelts and animal heads were also scattered around the surroundings. Jars of unknown substance was lined up in a shelf and a single lit candle was at the center of a table.

"Hailey, you're awake" my mom said with relief.

"Where am I?" I asked groggily.

"You're in the house of the paranormal expert that I called"


"Your mother took you to the hospital but they couldn't find out what was wrong with you. So your mother took you here instead." the old lady said.

"I suppose you are the paranormal expert?"

"Yes and you are an interesting subject indeed. It seems like your connected to multiple souls and they began making their moves"

"I don't understand" I said suddenly feeling terrified.

"This is the reason why you are experiencing nightmares. Spirits want to communicate with you. Maybe you should listen to them."

"Why would I do that?"

"To stop everything? to give their souls the peace they wanted"

"Isn't there another way?"

"You could wear this talisman. We've already put one in your home to prevent the spirits from coming back but remember the talisman wont keep them away from you forever. If you want peace, you should give them peace as well." I accepted the talisman from her and wore it around my neck like a necklace.

There was no way, Tyler could get close now. I thought I would feel safe, but I somehow feel exposed and vulnerable.

"It seems one of the spirits is a Lemur. A kind of ghost which holds grudges and it wont stop until it gets something for revenge or if its pain is eased somehow."

"It wants my daughter?!" my mom asked in a panicked way.

"I can't be certain, but it wants something, the talisman should protect her for now but it can also cast out good entities like normal ghosts, spirits or even angels" the old lady said. My mom was speechless and answered with a silent nod instead.

"I saw it..." I said. The old lady's eyes widened and was filled with excitement.

"What did it look like?"

"It is usually just a dark figure with a blue eye and a black Gothic Cross for a pendant"

"What is the color of the other eye?"


"You said the figure had a blue eye"

"I couldn't see, it was covered with something"

"Interesting, I'm gonna have to keep you here for a while to gather information" she said with a grin. She told my mother that we needed to talk in private for a while because the entity might involve her in this if it finds out that she knew.

The old lady asked me a few questions like what was happening to me whether or not they were nightmares. I told her everything, about the nightmares where the person with the pendant would try to strangle me or drown me. I also told her of my experiences even when I was awake. She simple nodded to everything I say and tried to take everything in slowly.

"You said, you saw a black monster like figure with those blue eyes and pendant..."

"Yes" I agreed.

"Then you saw this again but then it looked like a teenager's silhouette?"

"Yes" I said again.

"and then again as a mother, and again as the son who also attempted to take your life"

"Yes, does that mean there are a number of spirits who are after me?"

"No, there is only one spirit after you but it is either taking forms like a doppelganger would... or all of those forms are related somehow"

The old lady said that she would like to study the situation more and she would call us right away if we want to appease the spirit. As of tomorrow, I'd go back to school and continue my life, I just hope nothing else would happen now that I have my talisman.

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