Twin Graves

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Chapter 16

The next morning that I went to school, the atmosphere felt bizarre. Everything I felt the last time was the complete opposite of what I felt that morning. People were staring at me in admiration again but not with those envious eyes that I was used to. Their stares were warm and comforting, as if they saw someone they haven't seen in a long time. The talisman was hanging around my neck. It was bigger than I thought. A silver medal-like pendant with five sharp edges adorned with different colored gems: red, green, white, blue and black respectively.

The old lady said something about the talisman giving protection to the user. Red protection for bloodshed which can be caused by demons. Green is for seemingly natural disasters that was actually caused by poltergeists. White is for the prevention of a doppelganger copying the user (because according to the old lady, when you see your doppelganger, eye to eye, you will soon meet your end). Blue is for the prevention of Etheric Revenants, which are spirits who drains people's life energy and finally Black which is the protection for Lemurs, the most brutal kind of spirits.

The old lady also mentioned that the talisman is strong enough to keep even good entities out. So that explains why I haven't seen Tyler ever since. When I opened the classroom door and stepped inside, Caitlyn ran towards me, her arms outstretched, her expression filled with joy and relief. She embraced me so tight, I actually felt like I was home. I saw that everyone was truly happy to see me again. Maybe it was because they pitied me, for almost dying at the pool or maybe they heard that spirits were after me. I don't really know, but it felt so good to be loved again and this time, it was for real.

"I knew you were a good friend" Caitlyn said with a warm smile.

"What? Why say that so suddenly?" I said feeling confused. I've been nothing like a good friend for the past few days as far as I know.

"I got your apology letter, silly!" she said and I looked even more puzzled than before.

"Oh poor Hail doesn't even remember it" said Aubrey and patted my head as if I was a lost puppy. Either way, it felt more compassionate than insulting no matter how weird it seemed.

"What are you guys talking about?" I said.

"Caitlyn saw the letter you dropped in the lavatory, some kind of apology letter? I never even knew you made one when I last saw you there." said Jade.

I didn't. I wanted to say... but whoever did do it, fixed my problem so I just smiled at them instead. "I don't really remember, I'm sorry" I said.

"Understandable. You've been through too much." said Jade. I was still kind of sulking because Jade didn't even bother to stay with me when I was in the clinic. I mean, even if the nurse did asked him to leave, I expected my best friend would've stayed with me anyway. I still managed to smile at him despite this though. All I know was at the moment, I was happy and that was all that matters.

"Caitlyn, listen... I don't remember that apology letter but I do know I have to apologize to you for being so insensitive about Tyler" I told Caitlyn.

"Hey, you were right anyway, I was over reacting a bit. I mean, he doesn't even know me and maybe he really was a jerk. Most of the superstars are..." she said, she looked pained despite stating these things, her lips quivered but I was kind of proud of her for being able to express her thoughts like this.

"No... He was different. He was arrogant but he has a soft side. He knows how to listen to people's troubles. He cares about the people he's close to. He would even come barging in to places he wasn't allowed at like the girl's changing room, just to know if you were okay." I said unconsciously while smiling to myself. I glanced at Caitlyn who looked really confused and realized that I was babbling about the times I actually spent with Tyler.

"I-I mean... At least, that's what I've heard from his girlfriend, Shaira Wilton on an interview once" I said to quickly cover myself up.

"You mean Shania Willows?" Caitlyn replied with raised eyebrows.

"Oh right, yeah, that girl"

"I never saw that interview... and I thought I was a super fan" she giggled. I felt my face getting hot and red. I couldn't say another word anymore. Why did I even say those things? I shouldn't care about Tyler anymore. I have this talisman so he'd stay away from me. He was the evil spirit who haunted my dreams and tried to kill me after all. His eyes and pendant says it all. So why was I thinking of him like this?

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone" said Caitlyn with a wink.

When it was our vacant time, my friends wanted to hang out with me but I declined. I wanted to be alone for a while, just to clear my head for a bit.

Not knowing where else to go, I got into my car and figured that I should just drive myself to the shore where me and Tyler had our first decent conversation. We've only been together for a short while, but I felt like he knew me more than anyone else. I missed the way he would try to comfort and embrace me even though he was ethereal. I miss our little arguments with each other which doesn't even make sense sometimes. I missed how every little thing he does shows how much he cares for me. I just really miss him entirely. How could I even think that he was the one who wanted to kill me?

The moment I got into the shore, I stared at my talisman. This can also cast out good entities of ghosts, spirits or even angels, I thought then held on to it with a tight grip.

Just one more time.

Just this one last time.

I want to see him.

I want to be with him.

I want to be sure... he wasn't whom I thought he was.

I gripped the talisman harder, until I finally decided to take it off, even for just a short time...

and then I saw him. His warm smile, his black Gothic cross pendant, his radiant blue eye...

and half of his face covered with something dark.

"Ty...ler...?" with eyes wide open, my head felt light, my vision went hazy but still I saw him...

with a wide evil grin and a ghastly appearance filled with evil intentions... then everything went black.

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