Twin Graves

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Chapter 17 - Jade

I am Jade, Hailey's best friend. She may not tell me everything but I knew that she was always untrue not just to herself, but to everyone else. She tends to 'spice up' her life for a bit even when those details aren't always exactly true. Still that doesn't remove the fact that I care for her. Truth be told, I've always taken a liking to her. I've always had feelings for her, but for some reason, I just don't have the guts to tell her anything. There are times I want to always be by her side, but I can't tolerate her lies anymore. I've known how hard it was for her to cope up by herself the past few days but if I just stayed with her she wouldn't muster the courage to apologize and make things better herself. So all those times I saw her lonesome, I tried my best to keep myself at bay and pretended that I too, didn't care about her but deep inside I just really want to wrap her into my arms and tell her that everything is going to be okay.

But it's all good now, everything was finally back to normal, or maybe everything is even better than before. As I watched Hailey's every reaction to the things going on before, I felt proud because she looked like she was finally being true to herself. Her smile was more realistic and warm, her eyes sparkles as she greets everyone back to her comfort but something felt wrong. She was happy but she wasn't at the same time. It looked to me that she was half empty.

Hailey excused herself from everyone and left the class. I don't know why but I can't shake the feeling that something was wrong. She was there but it was like she was distant. I knew I had to follow her.

"Jade, where you going man?" Brian asked.

"You know... Badminton practice" I said, trying to keep my cool.

"Go on tiger, I know you've got something to say to Hailey" he smiled mischievously.

"What? me? no, nothing. what do you mean?" I stuttered.

"A man knows when another man is in love. We're friends dude, you don't need to deny any longer. Just charge."

"uhh... Thanks?" I responded and dashed away. I saw Hailey got out of the campus and made her way to the parking space. Funny, I never knew she had a car or anything. She got into what seemed like an old model purple Mustang. So that explains why, I thought. She just sat there in the driver's seat for a while, staring into space, probably daydreaming. I tried to get to my Honda Wave without her noticing me.

I flinched when I notice her move but she just drove off and didn't seem to pay any attention to me, so it was okay. I got on my own sweet ride and decided to follow her down the road. Who knows, this might be the day I can finally do it. The day I can finally tell her that I love her, that I always did and I always will. There's no turning back now, no matter what the result will be, I will still stay by her side no matter what.

After a few minutes of driving at what seemed like an endless road, her car finally stopped. The ocean was in view and the shore was near. I tried to keep my distance from her suddenly feeling really nervous.

Charge on I hear Brian saying in my brain. I know I can do this and the timing and place couldn't have been more perfect. It seems like a very romantic setting, almost like she was inviting me to do something. Then there she was, standing majestically by the shore. Her eyes gazed into the far end of the ocean and her hand clutching her pendant. Just when I was about to get closer to her, I noticed that her eyes were looking gloomy. Like she was searching for someone, like she was incomplete. She slowly took off her pendant and for a split second, she looked relieved, then terrified then she just collapsed.

"Hailey!" I called out but no response. I took hold of her shoulders and tried to shook her awake but to no avail. What should I do? What can I do? I had no idea. I called Brian to ask for help.

"Dude, you gotta help me!" I said panicking at what had happened.

"Settle down man, what happened? Did you get rejected?" he teased.

"This is no laughing matter Brian. I need you here now, Hailey just collapsed!"

"Then why don't you just take her home?"

"And leave my Wave behind?"

"Damn it Jade, alright I'm coming"

"Take the bus"

"I know, dumbass" he said. Despite his shabby attitude, Brian is very reliable. I just hope that Hailey wouldn't mind because now Brian will know the truth about Hailey.

"Since when was she hiding all these secrets from us?" Brian asked still having a sick feeling after Hailey's mother revealed the whole truth to Brian. That they weren't rich or their family was no where near perfect. That Hailey lied just to fit in but went overboard.

"I thought we were friends, all these times, I don't even know her anymore. How could you stand it?"

"I didn't know the truth until now but I had a hunch that she was faking it. I guess you could tell if you're really watching over someone. Maybe deep down, all she wanted was to be happy."

"But all these years she's been nothing but a spoiled little bitch. No offense"

"Non taken" I replied. "Do you mind keeping this from the others? I think Hailey would be able to tell everyone the truth. We just need to give her time" I continued.

"That is, if she still has time." a voice said. We turned around to see a small old lady who just popped out from no where. We didn't even notice her presence.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"The Lemur has gotten to her. She's in a temporary coma on the outside, but her spirit is actually already in a different realm." she said.

"Lemur? Spirit? Other Realm?!"

"I have done research based on the information she had given me in my past visit." she said slowly. Hailey's mother entered the room, eager to find out what was wrong with her daughter.

"There are currently two spirits who are seeking aid from her. Both these spirits can only be saved with her power because she has a connection to them. One of the spirit is evil, selfish and seeks retribution, a Lemur. I could say that this young man died in a very young age with a very absurd reason. Hailey was this man's friend, his only friend. The other spirit however, never met Hailey in the past but it seems that their fates are tied. They were meant to meet with each other and are fond of one another. This spirit was giving her protection from the Lemur but was driven away using the talisman that I gave her. Someone has to find this spirit back and convince him to help her again, or else the Lemur would take her body completely and she would cease to exist."

"I'll do it." I said without hesitation. This is Hailey's life we're talking about, there's no way I'd let her die knowing that I could've done something.

"Are you certain?" The old lady asked.

"Yes." I said suddenly feeling a lump in my throat. I glanced at Hailey's mother and Brian looking for comfort, but both of them looked terrified.

"Very well. The ritual starts at midnight tonight. We will be opening your inner eye."

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