Twin Graves

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Chapter 1

"Hailey! Where the hell are you? The concert is about to start!” said Aubrey in a panicked voice. She was literally screaming at her phone and obviously really pissed at me for being late again. “Caitlyn, Brian and Jade are already here and we’re all waiting for you” she added frantically.

“Look, I’m almost there, my dad was supposed to give me a ride but our car broke down so I had to take the bus.” I lied. Our car actually broke down years ago and we don't really have the money to buy a new one but I can’t let them know that. They’d be avoiding me if they knew I was a liar. As for my dad? Well yeah, he’s there, we’re just not in good terms. I actually hate him but I had to stay looking perfect.

“I’m hanging up; I’ll just make a run for it. After all, the concert arena is just a walking distance from here.” I said while getting down the bus. My petite black skirt flew with the breeze along with my loosely curled, long strands of mahogany hair. My white hanging shirt showed a huge collage of a skull which made people stare at me. Oh, how I love being adored by strangers, the feeling of their envious eyes gawking at me, that hot flush against my cheeks from a bit of embarrassment but now is not the time for that. Now is the time to rush into the arena so I can fulfill a promise to one of my friends to watch this Awesomely-called-superstar-Tyler-guy which I don’t really care about. “A promise is a promise” I said to myself, after all it was a promise for Caitlyn whom I feel more connection to compared to the others in our group. As I ran, I felt my phone vibrating in my bag, must be a text message I said to myself. I anxiously tried to search my bag for my phone while trying to keep an eye on the road. Although I wanted to be careful, I didn’t realize I was sloppily reading the text message without looking at the way anymore.

"Hail, we’re already inside. We couldn't wait for you anymore the bouncers shut the front entrance already. Try to talk it out, hopefully he'll still let you in. Anyway we’re in the right side of the third row in Box A, you can’t miss it.” That was Jade. I sighed. They already went in without me.

By the time I made it to the front entrance, a had a strange feeling that someone was looking at me again but this time, it was unwelcoming. A glare rather than staring in adoration. It was the bouncer. He was tall, bald and black, wearing a green muscle-enhancing shirt and black jeans with black shades which made him look like he was part of the FBI.

”Ticket please” he said with a deep voice. I hastily searched for my ticket in my bag, after a few minutes I realized it wasn’t there. Did I drop it while running? Did I forget to bring it with me?

“Can’t you let a cute number one fan like me in without a ticket?” I said with a grin.

“No, rules are rules. Now get out of here” he said while looking directly at me with his stern and creepy eyes as if they were poking out of his shades. Now what..? I didn’t know what to do, I had to get in. Caitlyn would be so disappointed if I bail now. It seems that for now, all I can do is contact them. “Hey Aubrey, I lost my ticket, help me out?” I said as I pace around the side of the arena.

“What? Are you insane? What can I do in this situation? Buy you a new one?”

“Look, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to let Cait down. I can’t just break in.” I said without realizing that my voice was getting louder. “Well I don’t think there’s anything we can do at this point, it’s not like Tyler would show up and get access for y-“

“Hey, I’ve noticed you’re having problems” said a voice from behind me. I reluctantly turned to look, thinking it might be an unscrupulous person but I did anyway and what I saw brought chills all over my body. A handsome six footer guy came into my view. His hair was dyed light brown and his eyes were the color of the sky. His clothes looked expensive and flashy too, a tattered styled white inner shirt under his cool looking black leather jacket. His black skinny jeans and his high cut galaxy Converse shoes really suited his whole appearance.

“Hail, who’s that in the background?-” Aubrey kept on mumbling while I stood there, completely speechless. It was Tyler.

“Come on, let’s get you in” He said.

“Hailey Skye! Who the hell is that guy-“

“Yeah, yeah I found a way in, third row right? I’ll be there in a second” I said. I felt another urge of power, popularity and rapture within me. Once again I am the “Queen Bee” escorted by the very popular Tyler Lovell.

At the back stage, groups of back up dancers, hair designers, fashion designers and personal assistants are gathered wearing the same surprised look on their faces. I can feel the ladies whispering to each other about how lucky I am, some may even judge me but I don’t mind, they’re just jealous. Press and reporters barged in asking Tyler why he helped me in and he simply replied “I’d do anything for a pretty fan girl like her” which made me feel even more special. I didn’t really like Tyler before but by the way he’s treating me now, he might even be on my crush list by tonight.

Finally the moment came, the lights on the stage were out and a single spotlight shown. The host came out and announced “Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for Tyler Lovell!” and the crowd’s cheering was so loud the whole arena felt like it was shaking. Tyler took my hand, side-by-side, he confidently escorted me on stage.

“Sorry for the delay, I had to escort this beautiful lady here who accidentally lost her ticket. I can’t let a fan down you know, especially one as pretty as she is. So what's your name again?” he asked me.

“Hailey, Hailey Skye” I smiled at him

“Well, Miss Skye, would you want to be a Lovell?” and the crowd screamed. Several shrieks of envious and obsessed fan girls filled the arena. Oh, the glory kept me quiet but glowing inside.

“Maybe someday, no?” He said to me, while mimicking an English accent. He continued escorting me down the stage until several men in black came to get me and took me to my seat.

The look on their faces. I thought. Priceless.

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