Twin Graves

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Chapter 19

We met again the next day and became good friends. I took her by the shore and decided that that will be our meeting place everyday. For once in my life, I've learned how to smile and laugh for real. I've learned to stop hiding who I really am and start being happy. As long as I'm with her, everything will be okay. I've forgotten about the hatred and pain that I felt for a while but it seems that you can't stay happy forever.

Every time the day ends and she has to go home, I feel that urge to cry and depression covers me once again. I walk back to the hospital seeing the same view, my brother in coma and my mother glaring at me. I sit at the dark corner of the room again forcing my self to sleep and motivating myself by thinking: tomorrow, I would see her again.

"Is it nice to have a friend?" my persona asked.


"It would be better if your mother was sided with you right?"

"Not really, I'm good" I told it, acting cool.

"You've changed" it said and leaned against me, I couldn't see my own persona but I could feel it most of the time.

"She changed me" I said smiling.

"Will she really be there all your life though?" it asked and I suddenly felt nervous.

"What do you mean?"

"When she grows up, a lot can change. She could be embarrassed to be seen hanging out with someone like you or she could realize that you're not fun to be with anymore or stuff like that"

"She's not that kind of person" I said hoping that what I was saying was true.

"You're going to have a caretaker starting tomorrow" My mother interrupted.

"What? why?" I asked.

"Because you're always missing recently. You're here to take care of your brother! Not go off on your own. So starting tomorrow, Kaiden will be with you." she said sternly. Not go off on my own...? Does that mean I couldn't see her anymore?

"Mother, I can still go and play, can't I?"

"You can go and play with Kaiden. Seriously, who would even be in the right mind to spend time with you? Kaiden will take you to places then get you back here on time"

"You mean I can't go by the shore anymore?" I asked.

"Go by the shore? People will be too afraid to have fun in the ocean if you keep sticking your face there" she said and I stayed silent. There was no way, I would miss our time together. I knew I had to do something to escape.

"You want to escape?" my persona said almost seductively.

"So what if I do?" I asked in frustration.

"We go back to the plan of course" I could almost feel its wide grin in front of my face.

"What are you talking about?"

"When your mother leaves, I'll distract this Kaiden guy and you pull the life support"

"You still want me to kill him? I am not that selfish! She would understand" I said furiously but trying my best not to scream.

"oh will she really? This is not about being selfish anymore, it's about being loved. Hitting two birds in one stone if I do say so myself." At this point, I could almost see it floating in front of me, like it was swimming in the air, playing around. "Think about it, you get to meet your friend again because of the commotion here, your mother will love you because she has no one left and all you have to do is to pull one... little... plug. No blood, no violence, no gore. Just one little plug..." It continued and I knew for the first time, it... was right.

When my mother left the next day, the plan proceeded. I felt the presence of my persona no longer lingering by my side and as planned, Kaiden was late. I knew I had to do this, one little life is all it takes for me to be happy forever. Sweat was pouring from my forehead and I felt my entire body shaking. There was a lump on my throat and second thoughts running around my head but it was too late now. No blood, no violence, no gore. I kept repeating as if that would make it less scary. Just one little plug and I will be loved. My hands were trembling as I reach out for the plug of the life support of my own brother. My fingertips trembled more as it touches the plug. I grasp it slowly and said this is it. Goodbye dear brother.

"I got something for you and-" My mother shouted cheerfully but was completely frozen and terrified when she saw what I was about to do. "What do you think you're doing?! Get your hands off of that!" She shouted and charged at me. Adrenaline rushed all over my body so quickly that I didn't even know what I was doing anymore and unplugged the life support anyway by accident out of fear. My mother stopped and hurriedly tried to plug it back in as she thrusts me away. With her hands shaking and tears falling fast down her cheeks, it took a while before she completely plugged the life support back and it was too late. The ECG only produced one long beep and an almost straight line in the monitor... My brother was dead.

My mother glared at me with those eyes. Those eyes who wished that I was the one who died and not him, those eyes who would never show any love for me no matter what happened. Then she smiled. She took a small container from her shoulder bag and pulled out two identical necklaces with a black Gothic Cross pendant. The only difference was that one had black gems and the other white gems. She stood up still smiling creepily and put the pendant with white gems around my brother's neck.

"Come here dear" she told me as she walks slowly towards me with the pendant with black gems spread out on her hands. She was preparing herself to put it around my neck. "and give your life force to your brother..." she said.

I ran towards the window and jumped out of fear and she began chasing me. "Come back here!" she shouted not minding the people around us. The streets blurred below me. The loud thump of my footsteps echoed in my ears and I felt a bead of sweat roll down my forehead. I ran to the only place I know I might get help... down to the shore. She should be there, its that time of the day when we meet... she must be waiting for me there.

As I kept running, the ocean was getting closer and closer into view but I saw no one by the shore. I didn't see her there like I should. She didn't come to see me. I felt miserable and pathetic, my persona was right but I couldn't stop now. Despite my grave depression, I didn't want to die. I saw a paddle boat and quickly got on it. I unbounded the rope tied by the shore. I didn't even care if it was stealing, I had to survive. My mother eventually caught up to me and ran towards the ocean as fast as she could. She took hold of the paddle boat and tried to pull herself into it. I took one of the paddle and hit her with it. I'm sorry, I thought but she kept hanging on.

"Get back here! You worthless piece of shit! You don't deserve to live, you pathetic, unloved, ugly monster!" She shouted. Enough. "Give your life to your brother!" she continued until she finally got on the paddle boat and tried to force the necklace into my neck. Stop. She grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me, shouting. "You don't deserve to live!" Please stop this. She then slapped and hit me, while I just stared at her crying in pain. "You tried to kill him! you tried to kill me! You're the one who's suppose to die, not us." she said while grabbing the paddle and hitting me with it. Once. My head was spinning and my vision went hazy. Twice. I felt a sticky substance pouring down my forehead. Three times. I could now only hear a long resounding beep. Four, Five, then Six until I lost count. I could barely move now, I felt my whole body bleeding and giving up on me.

My mother laughed and put the pendant around my neck before she threw me into the depths of the ocean and before I knew it... I was gone.

Where was the girl... I never got her name and I never told her my name... was Tyrone. Did she really left me behind? I could never find out. She should have been there, I shouldn't have died but it's okay now... because someone's here with me again. I'm not alone anymore... I have Hailey Skye with me in this realm of nothingness...

Soon Tyler Lovell, my dear twin brother would come to save her and I can finally have my revenge.

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