Twin Graves

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Chapter 2

The concert ended well, but Caitlyn didn’t look much satisfied. She was staring out in space as if she were in her deepest thoughts. I’ve noticed that nobody had spoken to me since the concert started. The silence they've shown slowly killed my happy little atmosphere so I decided to break the ice.

“Hey, wasn’t that fun? Amazing concert right?” I snapped but they just stared at me.

Both Brian and Aubrey were glaring at me with their sharp eyes. Jade on the other hand looked either worried or possibly disappointed, I couldn’t really tell while Caitlyn wasn’t even looking at me at all, she was staring down at the ground still looking quite upset.

“Come on, it was pretty cool wasn’t it?” I asked again trying my best to convince them all to smile.

“I think it was cool” said Jade.

“See?” I said with a bright and cheery grin.

“Well, YOU had lots of fun, didn't you Hail?” said Brian with a sarcastic tone in his voice. I immediately got frustrated just hearing it.

“What’s your deal Brian?”

“Can’t you tell? Caitlyn is upset because YOU had the chance and YOU rubbed it in our faces.”

“You’re just jealous! It’s not like I knew that would happen.”

“But you didn’t have to brag about it!” Brian shouted. I turned to Aubrey who looked like she wanted to say something to support Brian's argument. “Well?” I asked her with raised eyebrows while trying to hide my understatement. “Well, what?” Aubrey asked.

“If you’re going to tell me something that would ruin my night too, just spit it out already okay?” I told her obviously pissed.

“Stop it!” shouted Caitlyn. “Please, I’m okay, I had fun, really. Hailey just got lucky, and she was happy. She wasn’t rubbing it in. I would have done the same so please stop fighting”

“I wasn’t going to argue, I was going to suggest something that just might turn this night around for the rest of us” said Aubrey. Suddenly all of them looked interested and stared at her with hopeful looks on their faces. “Tyler probably recognizes Hailey’s face because of what happened earlier right?”

“Obviously, no one could forget my pretty face” I bragged.

“Well” Aubrey continued while ignoring my statement. I gave her a scowl which she also seemed to ignore. “I just thought that maybe Hailey could go backstage and get an autograph for Caitlyn.”

“That could work, except wouldn’t it be better if Caitlyn gets it herself?” I asked. “I mean, she’d see Tyler up close”.

“I don’t think that’s possible, guards would be asking for backstage passes” Aubrey confirmed.

“I don’t have a pass either you know” I told her.

“Neither of us do, Hailey, that's why we're sending you to try it since Tyler already knows who you are. I think someone needs to come with you though just in case… you know, you get problems with the guards.” Aubrey explained.

“I’ll do it!” Jade said with a thumbs up and a wide grin.

“Fine, we’ll be back in a minute or two” I said.

Jade and I skulked through the backstage. “Do we really need to hide?” I asked Jade wide eyed. “Of course, the guards might see us and we don’t want that” he whispered. I followed him through a long empty hallway with a single door adorned with a star on the furthest corner. “Jackpot!” he said. We scurried over to the door and heard a flirty kind of voice inside. “What the hell?” Jade said. “What are they doing in there?”

“Flirting. Probably making out. Now just open the door”.

“And ruin their moment?”

“Oh shut the fuck up” I said and opened the door.

There was a girl (or more like a whore) inside wearing a black hanging tank top, coupled with a black micro-mini shorts and knee high boots. She was obviously trying to seduce Tyler. Her almost naked body pressed against his and her hands wrapped around his shoulder. Their bodies were so close and covered with sweat. Tyler made intimate gestures by caressing her body all over and didn't seem to notice that I was standing by the door witnessing the whole thing.

"Excuse me" I said and cleared my throat so loud that they were both startled and the bitch even tried to cover herself, what an idiot.

“Uhm, Skye right?” Tyler asked while zipping his pants. I nodded silently. Suddenly, Jade, who was hiding behind me decided to take a look at what was going on.

“Oh my god, you’re a whore” He blurted out without thinking. I couldn’t help but laugh at that point. To think that Jade, the innocent one, would say something like this?

“Excuse me?” asked the girl. “I’m no whore, you pathetic loser”

“Well, a loser like me wouldn’t be a desperate seducer just to get an autograph, even if I were a hot chic” Jade told her.

“You ass” said the girl and gave Jade a strongly yielded slap on the cheek. I decided to let them do their business and turned to face Tyler. “So, you give autographs?” I asked him.

“Haven’t you had enough?” Tyler said with frustration in his voice. “I escorted you on stage already, what, are you desperate too?”

“It’s not for me, it’s for my friend” I said in my defense. I wanted to say more, but I didn't want him to be more frustrated than he already is.

“Let me be frank with you with three things. Number one, I don’t like petite girls like you. I prefer hotness like hers because girls like you? You lack curves and girls with no curves are just bland to me. Number two, I don’t give autographs to just anybody and you were just lucky the press were here earlier. I don’t care about you. I care about myself, my image and number three, I didn’t allow backstage passes.”

“So you’re saying, you’re a complete asshole” I asked him enraged by the attitude he was showing.

“Yes and that you will be sent out here in 3 minutes because I just rang security” He said mockingly.

“Can I just ask one more question, Mr. Perfect?” I said.

“Ask away babe”

“Did you give her an autograph?”

“Yes, yes I did”

“Thank you” I said with a warm smile then kicked him in between his legs and punched him in the face to secure a knock out. The girl shrieked at the sight.

“You little shit” said Tyler cringing in pain.

“Where is the autograph?” I told the girl with a menacing tone then grabbed her tightly by the arm.

“As if I'd tell you” she said but as she was trying to pull away from my grip, I caught sight of a small piece of paper between her breasts.

“You bitch” I said and ripped her tank top apart. I snatched the autograph from her bare chests and looked at it to be sure before darting out the door, dragging Jade with me and leaving the girl half naked and wailing. Jade was speechless for some time then he suddenly giggled uncontrollably and shouted “That was awesome, Hail!”.

By the time we were almost at the exit, I could see Caitlyn waiting for us. Her face was just glowing with hope, so warm and inviting.

“Don’t tell them what happened, they might freak out, just tell them we got the autographs with no problem or whatsoever” I told him

“Yes, ma’am!” he said, still overjoyed.

“By the way, did it hurt when she slapped you?”

“A little, but you got her back for me, so it’s cool” he said with a laugh.

I could declare the night ended well, Caitlyn was happy and I was able to get revenge for what that good-for-nothing Tyler told me. Maybe celebrities are just like that. All of them were rotten, angelic little faces in public but complete jerks in reality, but it didn’t matter, I guess I’m no different.

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