Twin Graves

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Chapter 3 - Tyler

"That little piece of…” I couldn’t even continue my curses, the pain was unbearable. Of all the places she could kick me, why the hell did she choose the genitals? I also felt the pain where she punched me, drops of blood pouring out of my nose. Damn that brat, I told myself. I couldn’t stand at all, I could only crouch there covering myself until the pain went away.

Unfortunately though, it didn’t go away. Not soon enough. The guards came stunned and thunderstruck at the sight of a fallen star and a half naked girl wailing annoyingly. Soon the press came, as expected. They took a picture of what seemed to be the last of my dignity and the beginning of a scandal.

Dozens of reactions fired up at me, some accusing me of forced sexual assault, others saying I refused the girl’s attempt of seduction because of being bisexual. This night is a living hell. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed my agent. I didn’t say a single word to the press. I allowed them to take the crying girl away and asked for five minutes for privacy then promised them I’ll answer all their questions after that. The idiots all agreed. As long as they have their headlines, they’d obey like the stupid dogs they really are. The phone was ringing and shaking on my hand. I looked at the mirror and wiped the blood from my nose. Damn, my beautiful face, stained like this. Finally after some time, a response.

“Hello? Hello Charles?” I said.

“What is it Lovell?” He answered.

“Don’t you answer me with that tone! I need you, lots of press people are here accusing of sexual assault and being gay. Where the hell are you?!” I told him obviously panicked and furious. Charles sighed and I waited impatiently.

“Fine, I’ll clear things up, be there in a split second” he snorted.

“You better be” I said and hung up.

After a few interview questions and fake acting guided by my agent, Charles, we’ve finally convinced everyone that I was still a good guy. Therefore, my image and popularity is saved. We’ve made them believe that, that lady was harassing me, wanting me to have an affair with her. We’ve persuaded them, letting them think that she was a deranged and obsessed fan. A fan who came in already half naked and all I wanted to do was preserve myself. It was all because I rejected her that she kicked me in the genitals and punched my face.

Finally the press settled down, they knew that it was true because my girlfriend came barging in. She told them that I was not one of the guys who only cared about sexual amusement. In fact, she told them that I wanted to stay pure until the day of our marriage. After parting greetings, it was time to go home at last. My agent, my girlfriend and I went out to our Lamborghini Gallardo limousine and our private driver drove us back to the main state.

“I hope I did the right thing” said my girlfriend, Shania said crossed armed.

“What? It’s true, we never had sex” I said grumpily. Shania was beautiful in the moonlight, with her smooth brunette curls and her pink satin cocktail dress. Still, I couldn’t feel it. There was no love between us at all. I told myself countless times to just go with it. She’s beautiful, she’s sexy, famous and nice but I couldn’t bring myself to love her. No matter how many good qualities she had.

“We’re already engaged Tyler, I don’t want to break our love team’s image, so don’t go flirting around with some big busted whore.” She said infuriated. Ah yes, I thought, we are engaged. It was beyond my decision, it’s just a matter following the fans like my mom always said. Marry the girl the fans want for you she said. It seemed unfair to me, but I just have to do it if I don’t want this all to end. I gazed out the window, watching the scenery. The ocean was in view, a calm, deep ocean. Maybe even the ocean is luckier than I am, it’s both famous, loved and free I told myself as Shania mumbles and lectures me.

“Are you even listening Tyler Lovell?” she asked but I was too tired, my body still hurts from that girl’s fist and kick. Even though I didn’t want us to fight, I felt myself drifting away to sleep.

When I awoke, or so I thought I did, I found myself in the waiting area of the hospital. What happened? Why am I here? Where is Shania? Thoughts were rampaging around my head, I couldn’t find her, and I couldn’t see anyone. I tried searching into rooms, looking for nurses or doctors but to no avail. I was completely alone. All I saw was a slightly lit hallway with a small television at the end. I’ve decided to go on ahead and wait where there was at least entertainment. After all, someone’s bound to know who I am.

I kept on walking towards the television, feeling the cool air wrapping around my skin. It was utterly quiet and empty. It must be a dream, I thought, and started to feel a little scared and then… it struck me. The news was up on the screen.

“Headlines for tonight: Superstar Tyler Lovell was found unconscious after the car accident. His limousine has a head on collision with the local town bus. It is said that Lovell was asleep when this happened and he still hasn’t awaken up to now. According to the doctors, whether Lovell will live or not was too uncertain since he is still unconscious 13 hours after the incident and had lost too much blood. Shania Willow, his girlfriend and bride-to-be, and Charles Wood, his lawyer, and even his personal driver were all injured and bruised but nevertheless alive and in better condition. As of now, Lovell’s family and Shania have been experiencing grave depression. Everyone is asking for people to offer prayers for Tyler Lovell and hopefully, he will wake up soon.” And then the television went off on its own. Darkness and cold air surrounded me. Is this the end? Am I dead?

Several questions came to my head, I felt like I was going to have a breakdown, but I couldn’t. I’m a spirit now, how much worst can this get? And my regrets… I never told Shania the truth, how I wanted us to be just friends because I didn’t want to enter a relationship I know I won’t be able to appreciate and give importance to. I never told my mom that I loved her, she's all I have left after all. I’ve been busy gloating around and feeling superior to even spend time with her. My friends, my fans, what am I going to do? I was stuck here, all alone and it felt like… like something, or someone was watching me, waiting in the darkness.

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