Twin Graves

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Chapter 4

Am I dead? Am I gone? Questions were circuiting my head. It can’t be, I didn’t want this. Panic is rushing inside me. I wanted things to change but not like this. My hands were trembling, my whole body shaking, my ears ringing. Fear is my only company. My career. My family. My girlfriend. What do I do? It can’t end like this. I’m alone. At least, for a minute, I thought I was. Someone’s here, someone’s with me. Did he come to take me away? God please no, please. I wanted to cry. Not the manliest thing to do, but I still couldn’t. Spirits like me probably can’t even produce tears.

In the corner of the room, there was sheer darkness with a single presence, a devastating one. I felt his eyes staring straight at me with total hatred, like something wanted to rip me apart. I’m going to hell I thought. The dark clouds surrounding that single body began to move, crept closer and closer towards me. I couldn’t move, but I know I didn’t have to. I stood there just… waiting for it to take me.

Why does it seem so familiar…? It felt dangerous, like it could kill me over and over again. Who has this much darkness in his heart? I closed my eyes and after a few seconds I couldn’t feel it moving around anymore. Am I safe? I thought but just when I was about to open my eyes again, a wrinkled and rotting skin like texture grabbed my neck. This suffocation is not a joke. He was strangling me if that was even still possible. I gasped for air. Did I even need the air? I opened my eyes and realized he wasn’t near me at all. He was aiming for my true body. I tried to move towards him but my feet were stuck. This is it. I thought and closed my eyes again.

“What is that?” I heard her, that voice was so familiar.

“What?” My mom asked. “Who are you? Never mind that, go away! Can’t you see my son is dying?”

“Something’s… not right” she said. I opened my eyes slowly feeling the grasp getting a bit loose. Then I saw her. Skye. She moved closer to my true body and touched my neck and the dark silhouette faded.

“What did you do? Why are you here?” My mom asked.

“I-I don’t know” she said. “I was just looking for my father. My mom told me he was here so I decided to at least see him but I didn’t know this happened to Tyler.”

“You know my son?”

“I met him yesterday during his concert but other than that I don’t think I know anything about him”

“Well, whatever you did definitely helped him for now.” She said with a sigh of relief “Thank you”. Skye nodded and left then suddenly I was alone again. I was back to the empty hallways of the hospital.

“Tonight’s Headlines: Celebrity Tyler Lovell has been missing from the hospital since this morning. Nobody knows where his family had taken him or if he is still alive. Today we have reporter Jones interview Tyler’s personal doctor, Dr. John Reed. Jones?”

“Yes, this is Jones speaking and I have here with me Dr. John Reed. So, tell us Doctor, do you know anything about what had happened?”

“The Lovell family just vanished but I don’t think it was a right decision.”

“Why not Doctor? I mean it could be that they thought, they could take care of Tyler on their own.”

“Tyler’s condition is worsening every day. Isolation from the hospital can only bring him to his own death.”

“Have you been making any moves?”

“No, if that’s what they want, we have to respect that. After all, the bills been paid.”

“Okay, thank you so much Doctor” and the television was shut off. Things are getting worst. If my family took my unconscious body away, then how come I’m still here? Why did I not join them? I know I can move but why did I not know they were gone until now? Maybe I should go outside.

I tried walking around but found the hallways to be unending. Suddenly, I saw a small sphere of light was floating somewhere in the empty hallways. It was moving slowly as if asking me to follow it. I’ve got nothing more relevant to do so why not. I’ve followed it through the halls and into the room where that monstrosity almost smothered me to death. Surprisingly, that sphere stayed floating on the exact place where Skye was. I went closer and slowly reached in to touch it. My hands were shaking and I was pretty nervous but I know, I had to do it. I don’t know why, I just had to. My fingertips touched the sphere and it disappeared and suddenly people were around me. I remained unseen to them but those were definitely living people.

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