Twin Graves

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Chapter 6 - Tyler

"What other choice do I have?” I asked myself. As far as I know, only she can actually see me and they did say it was because she saved me so she became my guardian. It seems pretty awkward that they would think that way though. Guardians are supposed to be like angels right? And angels are supposed to be spirits of the nice dead people. She is not nice and she is definitely not dead, so why her? Of all people in this world who could've saved me, why the fucking hell did God chose her? Although she did saved me this one time, she had beaten me up before so how does that count? Why would they even think I could fulfill my mission with her. Who are they, you ask? Well…

“Here’s a fresh one” said a deep and dark voice.

“I wonder if he knows he’s close to death yet” said another with a much more gentle and feminine voice.

“He should” said the first voice with a sarcastic and insulting tone. I could barely turn to look at them. What could they be? Angels? Maybe I really will be dead soon and they’ve come to take me to paradise. Then a chilling thought occurred to me, what if they’re not angels? They could be anything, they could be humans messing with me, playing a prank or something. They could be mere spirits too, ghosts as some may call them or worst... they could be demons.

“He’s ignoring us” said the other one.

“He can hear us though, he might be frightened. Most of them are.” said the first one.

“Are you not going to face us, dear?” said the lady. Slowly I turned to see who- no, what they are. As I turned I was surprised to see that they looked more alive than they should.

“Oh you poor dear, are you scared?” she said. They didn’t look scary at all though, they look like normal living and breathing people except for one thing, they were winged.

“I am Gazardiel, the Angel of New Beginnings” the winged lady said. I smiled at the sight of a beautiful middle aged winged lady with long flowing auburn hair. She is a real depiction of an angel. I then turned to the other winged creature half expecting him to smile at me at the last minute but he stayed silent.

"This is Ezekiel, the Archangel of Death and Transformation. I'm sorry child, he doesn't talk much" Gazardiel said.

“Did you just say death? does that mean I'm-?”

"Not yet." Ezekiel said. He looked stern and serious. A huge man who looked older than Gazardiel. He's the type of person whom at first sight, you'd think is a CEO of a company.

"but I will die... soon?” I can't believe it. I'm actually scared of angels. My lips were quivering. I felt like crying. I don't want to die. Not yet.

"It is still too uncertain to say" Ezekiel replied.

"There's still a chance, uhm... what was your name again?" Gazardiel asked.

“My name is Tyler Lovell, lady Gazardiel." I said trying to sound calm.

"Gail is fine, sweetie" she said. She then looked at Ezekiel, smiled and said "Zeke will do for Ezekiel".

"Pardon me?" Zeke said.

"Be a sport, hon" she giggled. As much as if satisfies me to see a beautiful lady smiling, I had to know what was that chance she was talking about.

"Gail, what were you saying?" I asked feeling a bit awkward by calling an angel by her nickname.

“Tyler, you are not dead yet. You took a form of a spirit and spirits cannot die.” she replied

“What about the chance you were talking about earlier?”

“Something is binding you to stay here” Gail said.

"I don't understand"

"It means you're stuck here" said Zeke.

"You're not actually making this easier for me to understand" I told him. He glared at me in response but continued talking anyway.

"We are not sure if you're meant to die now or if you're meant to wake up. That is the reason why the two of us are here. I, the Archangel of Death and Transformation am suppose to escort you to either paradise or inferno."

"And I, the Angel of New Beginnings, am suppose to help you wake up from your state and begin a new life" said Gail. I can't imagine how these two are in the same league. They are complete opposites of each other. I understood what their roles and responsibilities were but it doesn't make any sense, doesn't heaven or hell know what's going on? I kept a puzzled look on my face which Gail seemed to notice.

"This realm, where you are is somewhat like the astral plane. You are real but maybe you're not, you're alive but maybe you're dead. The reason why you're stuck here unable to move forward or go back is because an entity is binding you in this place. You need to find someone who can help you. Someone who can see you. Someone who just saved your life."

“Oh no... are you saying I need to ask help from Skye?”

“Thus is the only way” Zeke said.

“but why her?!” I said, I noticed they were slowly fading away.

“Time’s almost up Tyler, we can’t explain any further. She would help you, she would release you from the grasp of this entity.” Her voice echoed as she dispersed into the air with Zeke.

"and if she can't, I'm just gonna have to force you to the other side" said Zeke smiling creepily.

I was left there dumbfounded and speechless. How did I get myself into this overly insane situation?

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