Twin Graves

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Chapter 7

With all the thoughts still in my head, I tried to find my way to get to Hailey. I knew within myself that I am not in favor of this idea but the angels did have a point. It's better to try to reach her knowing that there's a chance I could live again, than have Zeke drag me down to wherever he's planning to take me.

So this is what it's like to fly, I thought to myself. The wind tickles my face as I fly past the clouds in the sky or at least I think it does. It seems I've become ethereal and intangible. I try to imagine the clouds brush over my fingertips but I can't seem to feel anything physically. I kept flying into a direction I'm not really sure of. It's as if my spirit is just taking me to where Hailey is.

Finally I saw something I recognized, a University. I tried to land feet first on the ground but I ended up staggering. Who knew spirits could be clumsy as well? As much as I wanted to fly around more to look for her, I felt kind of weary and out of energy. I began to walk like normal people do while looking for her. I try to stay out of anyone's way, dodging or moving aside every time someone would walk pass me. I guess I'm not used to being a ghost.

After what seemed like hours of searching, I finally found my guardian. The over confident petite amazon girl I just met at the concert was running away looking agitated and fragile. I followed her, of course, to find out what had happened. She went to an empty and abandoned lavatory and just stood there for a few minutes, teary-eyed.

It was then that I noticed she was just like any other girl. As crazy as she seemed back at the concert, she cries and gets hurt like any other girl. No matter how arrogant and tough she acted, she was still... beautiful like any other girl. I watched as she wiped a few tears from her emerald green eyes, as she brushes off her loosely curled mahogany hair from her face. Something about it just took me away. Has she always been this adorable?

She tried to deny crying and took a sheet of wet wipes from her bag and wiped the mirror clean. That's when I saw that I was standing directly beside her. I didn't know what to do, I was startled.

"Hello, Skye" I said and she screamed. I laughed at the thought of how she really is like anyone else. Then the doors suddenly shut and the lights turned off. I knew I didn't do it, I don't even know how to do it but maybe it was automatic? Maybe it was a reaction? After all, I am the only spirit here right?

Someone took her away, her boyfriend maybe? The same boy she was with back at the concert. He looked a bit geeky to me but who am I to judge. She looked so relieved to be with him but she was so frightened and furious when she was talking to me. Sure, she was scared because I really am just a spirit now. I tried to comprehend her emotions and reactions but...

I felt a slight pain in my chest.

I didn't even know I could still feel emotionally.

Was I... jealous?

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