Twin Graves

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Chapter 8 - Hailey

"Hailey, you know I'm your best friend, you can tell me anything" Jade said. He was always like that, telling me he's my best friend, as if I actually claimed him to be. He kept associating himself with me even though I'm such a mess. I know he means well, but I just didn't want him to be worried about me, to get too attached.

"What does that mean?" I asked sarcastically. I didn't mean to sound rude but it's always been like this, I guess it comes naturally to me.

"I know that you... speak lies sometimes" He mumbled.

"What makes you say that?" I said feeling a bit offended.

"They told me what happened, that you were in the hospital where Tyler was the night of the accident... that you said your father was confined there as well"

"He was" I defended.

"Hail, even I wouldn't think that they'd put Tyler in a commoner's hospital, not less make it open to the public enough for you to see him" he said. His words stung me a bit. I know I lie a lot but it was unfair that the one thing I said that was actually true was the thing he would even give doubts about.

"Are you saying you don't believe me? you don't trust what I said? Are you really just basing it off on that?" I asked feeling like I'm about to break down but I kept myself composed.

"It's not just that, Hail. There's a lot more in the past, I just didn't think it was right to tell you but now it's different. The lies have gone too far to be believable. If you keep this up, you'll lose friends and I just don't want you to be alone."

"Well maybe I want to be alone. I'm not going back there Jade, and the next time I do, things will be different. You better not expect me to act like nothing happened because you were the one person whom I thought would back me up on this but you didn't. Instead, you left me with nothing; so from now on, I'm leaving you too. Goodbye Jade." I turned and walked away. Tears filled my eyes, speeding down my cheeks, down my neck uncontrollably. The moment I made enough distance away from him, I began to run pass the halls, towards the University's exit and into the next few blocks where my car was parked.

I immediately opened the door to the driver's seat, buckled in and drove away. The car seemed to be moving by itself. There was another presence with me inside the car but I wasn't afraid anymore.

"Just get me out of here" I begged. "Take me someplace far and quiet." With those words, the car drove itself even faster going through routes that were unfamiliar to me but I didn't care anymore. Maybe even Tyler wouldn't be such a bad person to be with right now. Anything, anyone is better right now than nothing.

By the time the car stopped, the ocean was in view. The sweet, calm ocean which seemed to be drawing me closer to it. I got out of the car and walked towards the beach. There was nobody around which makes sense since it was rush hour and everyone was busy with their lives. I sat on the shore just staring at the water. Pondering about my actions and how I've lived my life so far. Everything just felt so heavy.

"So this is the real Hailey Skye" said a voice. I knew right then it was Tyler.

"Funny right?" I said. "It just hurts so much to know that the life I knew I've been living up until now, never really happened at all."

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