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The room became light as she tied the ribbon into her hair. Adam stood in the corner of a large room full with mirrors on 4 sides. A number of girls were dotted round the room, each of them wore a different outfit. Nearest him were two girls stood side-by-side,

You and Matt!called one of them dressed in white skin-tight short trousers and a crop top with her hair tied up in a high pony tail,

I know! He was cute and I just went for itthe other replied. She was wearing black skin-tight gloves, panties, a very short crop top, black boots with her short curly ginger hair sitting nicely under her black hat. Next to them was an older girl around 18 at a guess and she wore a golden dress that stopped just above her knees with gold tassels hanging down from the neck, a gold hat sat on her head and long white, flashy earnings fell from her ears. Her attention was on the hand-mirror she held in-front of her, even though she was clearly meant to be in the conversation about Matt.

Your talking about last night aren’t you?her voice was loud, excited and a tad annoyed as she ran over. She was shorter then the others, dressed in a short purple dress with a black elastic under-layer. Her brown hair was back off her face in a headband and it swung down to her elbow as she ran.

You mean talking aboutOlivia and Matt?he turned to see the girls in the waist-coats walking over it was adorable and Ashley he was never your type. They were twins but not quite identical, one had curly black hair and the other had long blonde hair but they both wore a red ribbon round the neck, a red top under a black waist-coat and a black hat. The dark haired one wore a skirt with tights and high-heels whereas the blonde one wore plain shoes and long trousers.

I know but he was...

Right you lot, sit down. You can tell me this week's gossip after the class is finishedthe dance teacher was in a normal set of jeans and a T-shirt as she strived in motioning them to sit down with her right hand, right you two ready yet?she called the other side of the room,

Almost” she called fixing the white ribbon into her brown hair Jess I can't see what I'm doing could you do a bow?

Yeah sureJess stood behind her and tied the ribbon into a bow. Jess was wearing a black waist-coat underneath a green patterned cardigan with lace by the hands, her skirt was short, black, pleated and came to above her knees. Round her neck was a bow-tie and on her head she wore a big green hat in the same colour and pattern of her cardigan with a light green ribbon round it's brim, this kept her ginger curly hair nicely from getting out of control. ThereJess turned and sat down with the others at the far side and she made her way to the centre of the room. Adam leaned against the mirror next to him as the music started.

The music began to fade in and she lifted her leg slowly to her shoulder, she moved her arms down and held it there. The dance was slow but speeded up. Adam was overwhelmed by her beauty and couldn't stop staring. Her spins were flawless and so delicate, by the time Adam realised clapping had started he had been standing there for 3minutes. Adam joined in with the applause that was happening and started hearing footsteps behind him, he turned.

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