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Mumshe uttered gently when she walked through the door. Her mother was her height, with mousy-brown hair and everyday clothes, Adam watched as she hugged her mother and he saw how shaky she was, how shaky they both were.

Jazz went well?asked her mother in the same tone that she'd used,

Yeah, can't forget my Titanium routine even though my final performance of it was 2 months agoshe faded to a stop, aware of the soft footsteps coming out of the shadows. Adam turned to see a tall man with dark hair and smart black clothes walking slowly towards them, his eyes were brown and hard with an element of disgust. She stood fixed with her eyes on his, he followed her gaze as it darted back at her mum who let a tear escape down her face. In a moment she make a break for it as her father approached her, smothering her mother.

She bolted into her room and beat the door shut. Her breathing was loud and heavy as she stood with her back against the door, What are you doing?she whispered are you hiding from something?she raised her hand and struck it across the right side of her face what are you sheltering from?she went on smacking her head the other way are you trying to conceal yourself from me?smack you can't suppress me foreversmack “let. Me. OUT!”

She screamed. She was flung against the floor as her jittery hand reached out for the Swiss army knife, she took it and sitting bolt upright against the wall and the thudding started. Crying echoed in the empty room, she laid the blade on her sick skin. She cut. Slice, thud, gash, thump, rip, bang, slash, smack. The blood ran down her arm onto the floor but it was turning from red to black. Slowly it turned like ink flowing across the floor into columns curling upwards, splitting into many parts, each one went out and circled her. More and more came until the whole room was black and she stood in the midst of the pack. They flew spinning and diving about her yelling out shrill calls, they were fast and swift. She couldn't focus on them only their dark outlines as they swooped round.

Among the shadowy chaos arose a white figure walking calmly to her,

HELP ME!she bellowed, the white figure rose it's head and looked at her

I can'tit's voice was old and soft you did thisthe hurtling wind grew louder and stronger in her aching ears,

I didn't do it you were the one who tore this family apart!her eyes were wild and dark “you made me like this!” but it shook it's head and added

“All I did. Was walk away” it turned but called over it's shoulder as it walked But I never left you” she saw a glint of it's soft green eyes, like hers, then it vanished into the shadow once more. NO!She roared with the pain as the darkened birds violently swooped down, their piercing screams became deafening as they ripped at her skin with their powerful claws, opening vast wounds that bled endlessly.

Adam let out his breath as her bloodied convulsing body curled into a ball, the Swiss army knife by her side was dripping with blood. Her breathing was short and shallow as she hugged her lacerated torso, gentle sobbing reached Adam's ears as he slowly walked to her, It's alright now. You're safehe reached down a hand and waited until she took it. Getting her up delicately, he saw her tear-stricken face, his hand was now red with her blood and his heart was slowing. She was lead into the middle, aware she was being watched she kept her head low, I'm not going to hurt you” came the soft call “I'd never hurt you”.

She looked up into his eyes and held it there, Adam took a step back being careful of getting to close, she stood also. Her eyes flickered to the left You were right. We don't need her.when her eyes flickered back as the piercingly high noise ripped at Adam's ears and he covered them becoming abruptly alarmed and frightened, backing away she came fiercely for him, hitting him hard in the face sending him to his knees. She scrambled up clawing at the wall to tear through it but she swung again, hitting her directly in the stomach and she collapsed side-ways, it wasn't like her mother to be so determined she had always stayed low, beating her down she groaned again and again but she kept trying to get up.

“You're just like him” the voice echoed round the room but there seemed to be no source of it blood from me that you mangled into venomSlam Look at what your doingSlam

A swift and intenseforce against a person livingin one's householdAdam turned round to see a librarian with a large book on a desk and a name plate that read Librarian: Alex, dressed in a black suit a 16 year old lad sat behind the desk, he didn't wonder why it was there. He accepted it's existence just like her,

Look what you've doneechoed the voice, Slam

Reduced to fragments. Emotional dejection and withdrawal. Cutting or wounding oneself, usuallyindicating apsychological disturbanceAlex's voice was raw and blunt,

Look what you've become Slam

Mentally deranged


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