By Shona Howie All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Other

Before the Fall

Out of the darkness Adam felt her blood pumping through her veins as she stepped out into the light. Her dress gleamed white, Adam noticed that it was the same dress that he'd seen her in the park in, she walked between the seats and took her position on the round stage.

The music began faster and more abrupt than Titanium. Her dancing was still flawless but with an element of perfection and judging. At one point she did an aeriel that seemed to come at Adam with a vicious force. She drew up from a position when she laid eyes on her dad, disturbed at their thoughts colliding she spun smiling, but her mind wasn't connected.

Something caught and glitched. She stopped. When she started again it was disjointed, Adam noticed her hand reached to get something tucked away in her outfit, she got faster and faster, the glitches clicking in her mind, her leg dropped, she faced upwards and she pulled the trigger.

The bullet fired straight upwards into the glass above, it shattered into thousands of pieces and fell like a layer of ash.

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