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Blood Runs Thick

Adam looked up unharmed by the falling glass, he saw the rows people unmoving, unconscious or dead or couldn't tell, glass covered the floor and many shards had wedged themselves into people's bloody bodies. She lay in the middle of the round stage away from everyone else with her dress torn around her. The dagger with which she had shattered the roof was sat less than a meter next to her. The glass broke as Adam walked through the remains to the stage, he passed people of whom he could tell were alive by the heaviness of their breathing. He came to the edge of the audience and looked upon her pale and slightly bloody face, she was badly cut in some places and he was tempted to help her but after what she'd just done he took a step back. Her fingers twitched and her eyelids started to move. Adam watched as she sat up on her side, feeling and pushing the shards of glass away. She stood putting her bare feet down on the glass with her back to Adam, brokenher voice was slightly tearful as her eyes started to move as she took in the scene before her. Crippledshe repeated, her voice was stronger now, she was turning, taking in the whole room and all the people in it, damagedthere were no tears in her voice asthe glass she was standing on began to break and she her eyes fixed at him. Mangledher voice was powerful and ruthless now. The lights started to flicker rupturedshe whispered leaning toward him and in an instant the lights went out.

“Time is ticking. Adam” her cold voice echoed round the theatre time is. Ticking!her voice shot past him, surrounding him in a sharp cloud. Can't you feel it?Adam heard the faint sound of a dagger being picked up off the floor but before he could move he was thrust against the near wall, Can't you feel it?Adam squinted his eyes searching the darkness but then the lights flared on and the dagger rammed itself into his throat. Her eyes were ferociously glowing green, bloody was heavy on her face, well? Can't you?her voice shook Adam's body but the dagger dug in well?!”. The hot, searing pain jolted from the wall through his spine and into Adam's cells, his nerves rocketed with the pain,

Why are you doing this?!Adam screamed at her as he violently shook with the pain, she took a step closer digging the dagger in so Adam could hardly breathe,

Because. Of.She lent in so that she was breathing her words directly into his throat Them!” she screeched at him. She thrust backwards relieving all pressure off the dagger and his throat and Adam fell to the floor in a jittery heap. She started to move away and her body movements became calm I like you Adam, you'rekind and caringher voice had become soft and smoothing and she moved away from his jittery pile and towards an unconscious person sitting upright on a chair, she brushed her fingers through their brown hair that was swung down in front of their face, such a shame others aren’t like youshe twisted her hand and shoved their head back and swung the dagger across their throat.

Adam looked up watching the blood run down them, “why don't they wake?” he gasped getting his breath still lying on the floor,

Oh I don't know maybe because I don't want them toshe ran the dagger gently into another person's stomach, “why I kill them?” she glanced back at Adam, Because I need to” she whipped round ripping the dagger into a man's chest, she held it there and spoke slowly,

He was my father she lent down and spat on his face, then she left. And brought horror upon our home she glanced at Adam before ripping the dagger out of his torso. She started to dance, turned as she moved from one person to another, deciding which one to kill. Now...she slowed and folded her arms round two girls, Adam recognised them as the girls in skin-tight clothes Amy and Oliviashe called them in her soft tone “always gossiping, always centre of the group, always the ones who get their way” she slid the blade calmly along their throats as she turned.

Emily, Emily, Emilyshe ran her hand round Emily's neck with the golden tassels falling down her dress and she flicked her hat off her head, always taken too long with looks, she takes her mirror everywhere, why?she slashed vigorously the blade violently across the thin part of her upper neck and thrust the dagger into Emily's skull. Emily's head fell back and landed in the blood behind it with a solid thump. Adam walked, trembling towards her,

Did you mean for her head to come off?he questioned sure that he was safe, for the time being,

Noher voice was curious and smooth but that's what you get from these flimsy typesfor once Adam glanced first,


Too rightshe walked and drew the blade gently across Ashley's skin and drew it to a point when she reached Ashley's upper thigh skin's just too thin. Can't even handle a pin-prickshe pricked the dagger ever so slightly into her skin and then drew it down as if it was nothing more than a piece of paper, I'll let her die slowlyshe said as she started move away,

“Blood loss”

“You're getting good at this” she turned smiling at him, Adam didn't move or say anything. The twins. Scarlett and Charlotte were never my style.Ever so symmetrical, always going to be their downfallAdam averted his gaze as his breast was clawed into by the sound of the twins silent stabbing screams as she carved into their glass ridden carcasses. All the images of her being swarmed and slashed by the crows came back to him and he started to shake violently, his head started spinning and his vision became blurry,

What's wrong?she whispered leaving the twins and coming towards him you finding this sickening?Adam stepped back saying nothing do you want to lie down?her steps became loud and clear, with each step they moved down the row do you want a rest? Do you want to be away from the murder?”. At that moment a single crow flew down and landed gently on her shoulder, “Let me help you with that”.

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