Once I Was A Cowboy

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Come on then smith, if you don't want to be caught in the rainthe old geezer who drove the wagon was holding a lantern and ushering at them,

Come on lad, the horses will be fineSmith comforted H.Bonney as they walked away. The reached the inn as the rain hit, it was stuffy inside and they headed right to the bar, one room please landlord

“You're the cowboy who arrived today arn't ya?calmly said the landlord room 16, on the house

Room 16 was one of the top most rooms and looked over the cattle pens. Joseph was getting ready for bed when H.Bonney called out to him,

“Mr Smith there's someone by our cattleJoseph Smith looked out to see Sheriff William McCarty by his cattle,

Stay here, I'm going to check what he's up to. I just have that feelinghe said to H.Bonney then Joseph ran out into the pouring rain and reached the cattle by the time he was already soaked through,

Smith! What you doing here?he called over the howling wind

Could ask you the same questionhe called back

“It's my job to check the cattle are alright. Get back inside nothing to worry about!” Smith turned convinced nothing was up but then his mind changed when he heard McCarty's faint whispers, If all of the herd are as plump as you are, I'll have no problems selling you just as soon as I've dealt with Smith”.

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