Once I Was A Cowboy

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The sky was clearing as William McCarty stepped out of the jail and into the street,

Very suspicious last night, don't you think?Smith was sitting on a chair with a pistol in his right hand and H.Bonney behind him, all that talk about selling my cattle”

“You heard that then” the Sheriff's hand rested on his gun hilt

I'm not deaf you know

ShameSmith rose out of the chair as McCarty drew the gun

Your a real smart arse. Let's see how good your aim is


Smith fell to the ground motionless, McCarty stood with the gun in his hand staring straight at the Sheriff.

“That's my boy Henry, that's my boy!” William called to him, Henry McCarty took Joseph's hat and put it on,

“I told you dad” he looked up with a hard gaze “it's Billy.” He sung the gun round in his hand and flung it into it's holster “Billy the Kid”

“Come here son” Henry ran to his dad and a smile came across both their faces as they hugged one another, “You like your guns don't ya?”

“Do I suit it?” William put Henry down and took a good hard look at him

“You look like a rattlesnake on fire” He walked over to Henry, put his arm round him and grinned “shall we go and get our fortune?”

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