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The Crepusculans

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Episode 1 part 1

That night in the cemetery was only a few months ago, but it felt like yesterday and forever ago at the same time. It was a hard feeling to describe into words. Everything seemed so disoriented yet it couldn’t have been more clear, much like when the sky is blue and free from any clouds, yet it still appears to somehow be hazy. Never before had any of them felt so confused, yet never before had any of them felt like they understood things better, and still knew nothing at all.

The feelings were mutual between all of them, but had the heaviest impact on the female. Xerxes may not have been her oldest friend, but he was certainly her dearest, even if it took her the longest time to realize it. How that came to be, even she hadn’t the faintest idea. The two had nothing in common; they shared drastically different views about any and every subject that came about, never to find a middle ground to their disputes. Both of them refused to participate in the other’s activities, and above all else, they each had the hardest time trying to figure the other out. As intelligent as she was, she couldn’t understand over half of the things Xerxes talked about, and it wasn’t because he spoke in a different language or had a heavy accent of any kind. Almost everything he said simply didn’t seem to make any sense. He was always asking her questions, wondering why she performed all of the vile and horrendous acts that she did. It only annoyed her. He always tried his best at understanding her point of view, which only confused her further. Surly somebody as pure and good natured as he was wouldn’t genuinely be interested in a murderer’s activities, right? It was a preposterous concept, one that only added to the mystery of the albino boy she convinced herself she didn’t want anything to do with.

But if that were really true, then why didn’t she just kill Xerxes any time sooner? She was certainly given more than enough opportunities to do so in the past, and she would have more than happily obliged. So, what made her wait until she finally reached the point where she’d regret it? Her own constant reluctance to finish him off only infuriated her as she couldn’t understand why killing that boy, of all people, would have been so different from any of her other victims. After all, it’s not like he had any qualities that she admired or found useful, unlike her boys who shared their own criminal tendencies she could relate to. None of the puzzle pieces in her mind seemed to fall into place, denying her a clear picture of the boy like an overly pixilated image. Only, instead of his face she had a hard time making out, it was his personality.

Still, he had understood her as much as she understood him. As much as Xerxes tried to see things her way, he so desperately wanted her see the world in his point of view as well. He believed he could convince her to change her violent ways once and for all, to get her to see the full extent of her actions and choose a different path. A better path. For he simply could not fathom anyone possessing as much hate and bitterness within themselves as she portrayed. He refused to believe it was so. Truthfully, he thought he could convince all of her friends, but for some reason, he seemed the most determined to see her change. Unfortunately, everything he tried never worked. She wouldn’t allow them to. She thought he was wasting her time and his breath. She couldn’t decipher the meanings to the words he was saying, therefore, she passed them off as useless. He never did understand how she could disregard such wisdom so easily, and looking back now, she couldn’t figure out how she did it, either.

They were two people who could not have been greater polar opposites from one another. All the more reason why she couldn’t figure out why she just couldn’t kill him! She hated everything about him, or so she made herself believe. She couldn’t for the life of her understand why he decided to keep hanging around her and her friends. The closest any of them had in common with Xerxes was how he and Necrophiliad always wore white. That was it! And to top it all off, Xerxes made it clear he was a Christian! Well, more specifically, he would always clarify he was a Christ follower, someone who was spiritual, not religious. What’s the difference! He believed in God while she didn’t believe in anything. Of course, she was never taught about religion or similar topics. She was made to destroy, never given any other objective. Meanwhile, all he ever wanted to do was heal and forgive. The two had no business whatsoever being in the same room together, much less be found talking to one another. Despite their drastic differences in personality, however, Xerxes had still managed to find a way to crack through her heart of dry ice and stone in a way that none of the others could. As much as she convinced herself she hated him, she couldn’t deny that there was something alluring about him that made her not hate him all the same. It was something that she had never felt before, and that’s what terrified her. She couldn’t identify whatever it was that was drawing her to the boy, and it was driving her crazy. It was only unfortunate that she never realized any of her true feelings until it was far too late.

Snapping herself out of her thoughts before she could dwell on the deeper, more sensitive memories, she quickly put down the picture she was holding. It was the only image she had depicting her and her boys, including Xerxes. The two guys in white may have been the only ones smiling, but it was a photo that Xerxes himself insisted they take together. Reluctant as she was about it at the time, now she was grateful that he had, for she would never get another chance to take a group selfie again. Or just a single photo. As much as she never understood him, it was only now, once he was gone, she finally realized what that inexplicable feeling enticing her towards him was. The same feeling that prevented her from killing him for so long. Every time she swore she hated him, it was only a mask for how much she truly loved him. Again, she hadn’t the faintest idea how that was possible, but she of all people knew she couldn’t deny the truth any longer.

“How is it, that in times of crushing devastation, you gain the greatest moments of enlightenment?” The girl asked to no one in particular, but with two of the others in the same room, she wouldn’t be surprised if she got an answer, anyway.

“He had an affect on all of us.” Came a smooth, crisp, and gentle voice from her left. It didn’t take a rocket scientist for the others to figure out what she meant. They were all feeling similar mixed emotions since Xerxes’ death. Through all the chaos and confusion, came an uncharacteristic sense of peace and clarity. Neither of them could explain how such a contrast could even exist simultaneously, they just knew that it did.

“Yes,” She had to agree, “but not nearly as significant with you three as he had on me.” She continued sharply, fixing her eyes in his direction without tuning her head, not that it could be seen underneath her sunglasses. She then sighed heavily, “It’s true what they say... you really never know what you got until it’s gone. If only I could have known that sooner.” She finished the last sentence dryly.

“I know.” Was all he said, purposely making it unclear whether he was referencing her first statement or the other - if not both.

“It’s funny, you know. One day, I’m looking for any excuse to get him off my back. The next...” She roughly paused before taking a deep breath to continue, “I don’t know what I’m going to do without him, Suicidal.” She managed to rasp out while turning around to stare straight ahead into the platinum colored eyes of the boy that was behind her.

The newly identified Suicidal gave the girl a flirtatious smirk, retaining a half-lidded gleam in his eyes. Already knowing where this was going, she rolled her eyes. He opened his mouth to say something when he was suddenly cut off by another deeper, much gruffer voice from across the other side of the room, “You’re wicked smart, Silhouette,“ they began, “and you’re resilient. Perhaps the most I’ve ever known. You’ll get through this and figure out something.” Both Suicidal and the now known Silhouette turned to face the unknown speaker’s direction.

As thankful Silhouette was for being spared another one of Suicidal’s advances, something about her other friend’s answer rubbed her the wrong way, “You make it sound like a science project gone wrong, and I just got to find a way to make it all right, again.” Silhouette stated flatly, crossing her arms.

The male gave her a serious stare, not that he was ever known for anything more – or less, “Not to that degree of simplicity, but in a sense, yes.“ Silhouette remained silent, still dissatisfied with his remarks, but sensing he wasn’t finished, she raised a single eyebrow signaling him to continue, “I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. As Suicidal already mentioned, Xerxes’ death had an impact on all of us. That includes me! That’s something that’s never going to change.“ Well aware her muscular friend is normally a man of little words, she managed to keep her already thin patience intact, simply motioning with her hand for him to get to the point already. After a rough pause to collect his thought, he resumed, “What I am saying is that since he is gone now, all of us are going to have to overcome his passing sometime, that’s inevitable. And as for you, since you’ve sworn off murder for the rest of your life, you are going to need to find a new hobby to occupy your time, as well as keep your abilities in check.” He tried to say all this with as much sincerity as he could muster, but the cold, distancing tones reflecting his usual personality could still be heard slipping between the lines. Longer speeches, and displaying sympathy weren’t exactly his things. But, that never stopped him from making a powerful point when necessary.

As much as Silhouette hated to admit it, everything he said made sense. She of all people didn’t dare mope around about Xerxes’ death for too long. Her powers, being controlled by emotion, could force her sadness to spell out trouble for everyone without her even trying! They already seemed to have an adverse effect on the weather as it is. Plus, she knew she would have to get over it eventually, anyway. Beyond that, she really did need to find something to occupy her time with. Not only would it keep her distracted, but with her abilities being highly unstable, any activity that can allow her to release as much excess pent up energy as possible is a definite necessity.

With a despondent sigh and a scowl on her face, she turned her head away from him as she heavily breathed out, “I hate it when you’re right, Cannibal.” She wasn’t even lying. She resented when other people could tell her what to do, or what she had to do - much of the reason why she became the leader of their gang - but she held back from lashing out for she knew Cannibal was only suggesting what he did out of being a good friend. Something she knew could never be replaced, especially now more than ever.

With nothing else to say, Cannibal went back tending to his own business. That’s when Silhouette felt a gentle hand placed on her shoulder. Suicidal was lucky he couldn’t see the lethal glare she shot at him through her sunglasses as he gracefully walked up as close as he could get to her without actually kissing her. Delicately, he grazed the petaled end of his metal rose down the side of her face while speaking in a voice as smooth as fresh peanut butter, “Hey, we all will help you get through this. He was our friend, too, you know.“ She remained unfazed by his gesture, “It may be a struggle, but no matter how difficult things may get, you can be certain that I will always be right here.”

Seeing right through his intentions, she nonchalantly clutched his wrist from the hand on her shoulder in a vice grip, slowly forcing his arm to bend at an unpleasant angle requiring him to bend backward along with her movements to avoid the pain. At the same time, she retaliated with dry sarcasm, “I’m flattered as always, Suicidal, and as much as I know your words ring true, you’ll still help… from the sidelines.” With that, she released him with a flick of her wrist effectively pushing him back, before making a 180 heel-turn and briskly walked out of the living room heading into the kitchen, leaving the two boys to themselves.

Suicidal practically deflated at her words, yet he couldn’t help but smile in euphoria over them as well. Ever since the moment they first met, he’s been trying for the life of him to get Silhouette to notice him as more than just a friend. She was the very first girl he ever came across who was never swayed by his devilishly good looks and incredibly persuasive charm - a statistic that still rings true today - and that’s exactly what motivates him more than ever to get her. Some might call him desperate for consistently chasing after a girl who’s clearly unimpressed, and maybe they have a point, but he was just not one to give up so easily.

“You’re never going to give it up, are you?” Cannibal’s gruff voice shot out. Without skipping a beat, Suicidal simply sighed in pleasure with a small, goofy smile on his lips, having never turned away from the direction the girl of his nightmares had left, “Not a chance!” Cannibal narrowed eyes at him in disapproval with a cold blank stare, “You are hopeless. You know that, right?” Again, Suicidal’s reply was just a laid-back and casua, “Yeah, I know.”

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