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β€œWhy do you want me to be head of the family? What are you planning Cyrazine?” Octavius was next to me taking the cotton ball applying it to the side of my wound I rolled my eyes as he knew I didn’t need his help. β€œBecause if you’re the head, I won’t have an obligation to marry Thomas.” I snatched the cotton ball out of his hand and he rolled his eyes. I started to stitch the wound closed but to my surprise, it already started to heal. I settle for applying a sticky patch to it. β€œSo you want to marry me instead?” He couldn’t be bothered to hide the shock in his voice and I didn’t blame him. β€œYou want kids?” I raised a brow. β€œNot with you.” β€œPerfect.” I shrugged walking out of the bathroom, leaving Octavius completely speechless.

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Greetings my Devilish Darlings!

Welcome to the new and improved The Assassin’s Beast! I know you all have been waiting patiently and I’m happy to finally announce that the first demos of the novel are complete! Now the whole novel is not finished yet so keep in mind that only a few chapters will be posted.

I hope you enjoy the new improvements to the novel and don’t worry the plot and characters are all the same. Also keep and eye out for new novels that might be posted later on next month.

Many of you have also asked as to why I am writing T.A.B and how I got the idea for it. Well long story short I didn’t want this to be a typical werewolf novel. I didn't want the characters to be one sided and flat. I wanted them to be people. For them to grow and develop separately from the novel if that makes sense. I love all of my characters and yes that even includes Grace. In reality they all represent a side of myself that I hate with a burning passion.

Grace is stone cold and emotionless. Grace is a separate version of what people use to see me as. They think I like empathy and that I can never change for the better due to my emotionless factor. After years of that being a cold hard fact I wanted to change. I needed to change. As Grace is going to develop, I too had to changed and opened up to people, something Grace will one day learn how to do later.

Her growth lead me to be a Hunter. He is weak and doesn’t think highly of himself in the slightest. He blames himself for everything and never has hope in others or himself. A feeling I am all to familiar with. We have all been Hunter’s in our lives one way or another but its ok to be weak. It’s ok to depend on others and let them love and adore you.

More walls won’t solve your problem, having and icy facade will not bring love that you desire into your life.

I live through my characters and I hope you can too. Sure this is fantasy but in every Folk tail holds a grain of truth.

And before I go I would also like to remind you that this isn’t a love story. This isn’t romance or falling in love due to a bond.

This is DEVELOPMENT. This is PAIN. This is... LIFE. And if we have time maybe they can do something that I am working on being capable of.

Thanks again for reading,

Your amateur writers,

Mystic Writer and Winter Moon.


Rosalind G

Winter Moon

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