Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 12

Edlynn’s P.O.V

As I walk to the front door I’m stopped by a hand gripping my arm. I turn around to be face to face with the last person I want to see right now. “Hey, sweetheart.” He smirks at me when he sees the shock on my face.

“E-eric, Eric let go of me!” I say trying to pull my arm away but it’s no use. He pulls me closer to him and licks the bite mark that he left on my neck. Tears start falling down my face while my body shakes.

His hand lifts my chin so I’m looking at his face. “Now you are coming back with me and you are going to listen to me, okay?” He asks giving me a harsh stare. I shake my head which makes his eyes flash black before they turn to a dark red again. He doesn’t say anything else and grabs me by the hair. He drags me to a black car with dark tinted windows making it hard for anyone to see inside. I scream and thrash around in his grip trying to get free but it’s useless. He opens the car back door and shoves me inside of it.

He gets into the driver’s side and drives away quickly before I have a chance to try anything. I curl up into a ball, tears falling and staining my face as they do. “W-why are you doing this to me?” I murmur. He chuckles quietly.

“Because you’re mine. You were mine the second I handed over the money.” He says harshly driving quickly.

“Eric, please, please let me go.” I sob into my knees wishing I listened to Andrew and stayed inside.

The rest of the time in the car is silent other than the soft sound of me crying in the backseat. Once we pull up to Eric’s house and he unlocks the door I open it and try to run away from his but then I remembered, he has super speed. He catches up before I even realize it and he pushes me down onto the ground.

“Oh sweetheart, you never learn do you?” He says reaching down and pulling me up by my arm. He pushes me in front of him and I start to walk to the front door of his house. My head is down as I walk to scared to see where Eric is. I reach the front door and Eric opens it up for me and I walk inside. As soon as we are both inside he pins me against the wall next to the door.

“Now sweetheart, you’re going to be a good girl for now on, right?” He whispers huskily into my ear. I nod my head softly as a few stray tears fall down my face. “Good.” He says hastily pulling away from me and walking over to the living room, sitting down on the couch.

“Edlynn, come here please.” I was frozen in place and don’t even hear the words he says. “Edlynn, now.” He says impatiently with a hint of anger in his voice that I ignored him. Hearing the anger made me move and go over to him as he wants. “Y-yes Eric?” My voice quivers as I speak.

“Come sit down on my lap.” He calls out not looking over at me as he changes through the different channels on the tv. I linger where I’m standing for a few seconds before he scoffs seeing me. I look up into his eyes quickly moving my eyes away and walking over. Once I’m close enough to him he grabs hold of my waist and pulls me onto his lap.

He snuggles his head into my neck inhaling my scent. He pulls away moving his mouth close to my ear. I can feel his breaths hitting the side of my face and ear making me shudder. “I’m hungry and you’re going to let me feed without any hassle.” He whispers and I immediately try to pull away but he was ready and his grip was tight on my waist.

Tears pool in my eyes threatening to fall. “E-e-Eric please don’t do this. You almost k-killed me last time.” I stammer staring at him in a mix of emotions.

He pulls me closer to his body. He pushes my head to his chest running his hands through my hair. “I won’t kill you sweetheart but I need to feed.” He whispers softly. All the harshness has left his voice and it sounds like he actually cares. He’s trying to trick me. Fine, he’s going to play it that way so will I.

“Okay, Eric I’ll let you but can you hold my hand, please. I’m scared,” I whisper and smile as his arms leave my waist. One grabs my hand and I gently squeeze it, the other moves to my hair moving it out of the way of my neck. He holds it back while he lowers his head. “I promise sweetheart this won’t be as bad as the first time.” He whispers licking my neck over the previous bit mark left there by him. I take a deep breath and as soon as I feel like he’s venerable enough I slip away from his grip running up the stairs and into one of the spare bedrooms locking the door. He didn’t see it coming and didn’t have the chance to stop me.

Right after I lock the door I can hear his fist pounding against the door. I look around the room finding a smaller dresser and do my best at moving it in front of the door trying to keep him out of the room. I sit down on the ground with my back leaning against the door. I know Eric will either breakthrough, I’ll need food, or I’m hoping Andrew will save me.

The tears that I was holding back before spill down my face and onto my knees as they are pulled up to my chest. All I can hear is Eric’s angry fists connecting with the door along with him yelling my name. I look up at the window and think about escaping through it but where would I go once I’m out? I don’t know where I’m at and things could get worse for me if I’m out there alone.

The world is filled with these monsters and we are their pets. If I’m found I could be bought by someone else and who knows what would happen then.

Hours pass with me sitting there only hearing the constant anger of Eric on the other side of the door before finally my tired my body decides I need to rest. I lay down on the floor next to the bed on the opposite side of the door hoping that if he does get in I’d at least have some time if he can’t see me right away. I shut my eyes and fall asleep to the slowly dying away sound of his fists.

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