Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 13

I wake up to a silent room. I’m still on the floor next to the bed so I decided to sit up and look around the room. The doors are still intact with the dresser in front of it. I let out a sigh of relief seeing that Eric didn’t make his way into the room last night. I stand up making my way towards the window. I look out seeing three cars in Eric’s driveway. Curiously I walk over to the door pushing the dresser out of the way. Slowly I creak open the door to look out and see if anyone was in the hallway. When the coast is clear I make my way over to the stairs and make my way down them as quietly as I can. I make my way slowly over to the living room hiding behind the wall. I peak my head out to see Eric sitting on an armchair facing towards my direction. He catches a glimpse of me and smirks my way.

“Oh, look who decided to join us. Edlynn, sweetheart come here.” He says softly. I shake my head slightly my hands trembling as I back away wanting to run right back upstairs and hide from him. I turn around to make my way back upstairs to see Eric right in front of me. “You’re coming over there with me now.” He harshly whispers into my ear as he grabs my hand. He begins walking pulling me along with him.

“Eric I don’t want to,” I whine trying to pull my hand out of his. He shoots me a glare and sits back down on his seat pulling me onto his lap. He wraps his arms around my waist as I move around trying to get comfortable. I look up at the two men sitting on the couch across from me.

They are both wearing black suits looking very professional. I look at Eric noticing he is also in a suit. I turn to look at Eric confused. He just smiles and looks at the men. I finally get into a comfortable spot and look back up at the men who are staring at me making me feel uncomfortable.

“So I will need to talk with my partner but I feel like we could work very well together,” Eric says to the two men who are across from us. “That’s great. We are looking forward to that.” One says while they begin to stand up and Eric moves his arms away from my waist and pushes me up and off of his lap.

“Can I get either one of you a drink before you head out?” Eric offers. One of the men nod and head off to the kitchen along with Eric and I begin to follow behind but get stopped by the other man in the room. He puts his arm out blocking my way to the kitchen.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He says in a low husky voice. I take a step away from him but he grabs my hair pulling me to his hard chest and putting his other hand over my mouth. I squirm in his grip as he pushes me forward to the closest door near us.

He opens up a door that opens into the bathroom. He closes and locks the door behind him as he pushes me down onto the edge of the bathtub. “L-let me out of here,” I mumble as my body trembles in fear. He doesn’t say anything and brings his hand hard across my face. Right after he crashes his lips to mine. I try pushing hard on his chest to push him away but it doesn’t work.

As soon as his lips leave mine I scream for help which causes the man to throw me down onto the ground and kick me three times in the side. I yelp in pain when I hear angry pounding on the door. Tears are streaming down my face as the man continues to beat me.

My body is curled up on the floor taking every punch and kick that the man gives me. My skin is starting to turn black and blue but I can’t move. I’m in too much pain to try and move and if I did try anything I wouldn’t succeed.

Finally, the man grabs me by the hair making me shriek in pain as he pulls me up on my feet and I try to gain my footing but to no success. He leans me against the sink which I grip onto tightly to help keep myself from falling onto the floor. He stares at me with pure black eyes as he reaches into his back pocket to pull something out, to pull out, a knife. My eyes widen as I see it.

“W-why are you d-doing this to me?” I manage to hoarsely mumble out. He chuckles moving closer to me and my blurry vision does its best to make out the full form of the man who could be the last person to see me alive and also the one who kills me.

“Oh, little one. I don’t have to have a reason as to why I’m doing this.” He says with a menacing chuckle as he presses the knife again the side of my stomach lightly.

“Eric!” I scream as loudly as I can as tears flow down my cheeks and the knife slowly presses into the skin right above my hip. I fear the door being hit by something stronger than a fist as things start to fade out slowly around me.

I slowly slide down to the ground with the knife still lodged in my side as I see Eric break down the door, push the man away and I feel him wrap his arms around me and whisper. “I’m sorry my sweetheart. This is all my fault.” As the world, around me fades out while I’m in the arms of the man who I called out to help but also the one man I am most scared of.

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