Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 16

I wake up to the sound of thunder. I jump up causing Eric’s arms to move off of my waist. Storms were always something I was scared of. Eric sits up a bit and looks at me.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” He asks softly. It’s still the middle of the night and completely dark in the room we are in. Wait? The last place I remember being in is the living room and now we are in the bedroom.

“Did you move me up here?” He nods his head. I smile just a tiny bit but it quickly fades when there’s a loud crack and a light shoots down from the sky.

“What’s wrong?” He asks again as he sits up and moves closer to me.

“I-I don’t like the storm,” I whisper afraid that’ll he’ll judge me for it. He doesn’t and gets up off the bed wrapping his arms around me holding me tight against his bare, muscular, chest.

“Come lay back down. Everything will be okay, I promise.” He whispers into my ear as he runs a hand through my hair.

I nod my head and he slowly lets go and lays down on the side closest to the window and I lay down next to him. I move closer to him and he wraps his arms around my waist. I hide my face in his chest as the thunder bombs above and the lightning strikes nearby.

“Shhh, you’re okay.” He whispers. He must have felt my small figure shaking.

I didn’t have a good experience with storms. When I was younger I was moving through the forest with my father bringing food to my mother and younger siblings I ended up tripping and falling. When I did a lightning strike came down right next to me and caused burns on my lower body.

“Wait, Eric! The storm made me remember something from my past.” I say thinking about how I could remember that horrible memory. I look up at him to see a confused but also angry face looking at me.

“How do you remember that?” He asks trying to seem calm but it doesn’t fool me at all. I flinch knowing he’s mad that I’m remembering this.

“I-I don’t know. The storm just made me think of it.” I say quietly, my body shaking just a little bit. I see him calm down after a bit.

“Shh, it’s okay.” He says hugging me to his chest. My body continues to shake and I jump when the thunder rattles the house. “Hey, try going back to sleep. You’ll be okay. I got you.” I try to close my eyes and fall asleep but I can’t.

“Eric? I-I can’t sleep.” I whisper after laying there in silence that’s only disturbed by the sounds of thunder.

“That’s okay sweetheart. What do you want to do?” He asks softly.

“Can we watch tv?” I whisper. I feel him move to reach over to the nightstand and grab the remote.

“What do you want to watch?” I just shrug and he chuckles. He scrolls through the channels until he finds something interesting. He stops it on a movie that’s got a dog in it knowing I need something to distract myself from the thunder and a scary movie wouldn’t help that.

Hours later and the sun rises and the storm ends. I had fallen asleep curled up against his chest. The sun's rays land on my face waking me up. I hear a chuckle and open my eyes to see Eric smiling at me.

“Morning sleepy head.” He says propping his head upon his elbow and looking over at me with a smirk. I groan and roll on my other side pulling the blanket over my head. He chuckles again. “Oh come on. You can’t sleep all day!” He whines playfully.

“Yes, I can!” I whine not wanting to move.

He frowns slightly. “No, you need to get up and walk a bit today. It’s not good for you if you lay down all day.” I sigh and sit up.

“But I’m feeling okay,” I say not wanting to get up and walk. Every time I start walking it hurts a lot more.

“You need to. Come on. Just go downstairs then you can take a break.” He says softly getting up off of the bed. He walks to his closet and throws a shirt on. He walks out in basketball shorts and a white t-shirt. “Do you want to change first before we go downstairs?” I nod my head moving to the edge of the bed but not getting up yet. He walks back into the closet and comes out with some clothes in his hands. He sets them down next to me. “Here you go. I’ll be right outside the door if you need any help, okay? Just call my name.” He says gently kissing my forehead.

I nod and he walks over to the door and leaves the room. I slip the shirt I’m wearing off and put in the t-shirt he gave me. It is one of his so it’s long and almost like a dress on me. I stand upright next to the bed and put on the athletic shorts that fit just right.

“Okay, Eric you can come back in,” I say and he opens the door coming in and walking over to me.

“Okay, you ready?” He asks softly. I nod my head and try walking. The pain returns but I keep walking. He moves to my side and we slowly make our way downstairs.

Once we are downstairs we walk to the kitchen and he pulls out a bar stool that’s on the island for me to sit in.

“What would you like to eat?” He asks and I just shrug my shoulders.

“I’m fine with anything, surprise me,” I say with a small smile trying to ignore the pain in my side.

He smiles and nods. “Okay, a surprise coming right up.” He says with a small chuckle.

He starts cooking when the doorbell rings. “What? No one ever comes here.” He says as he stops what he is doing. He walks to the door when I hear a yell.

“Get away from this house now!” I hear and then it gets silent.

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