Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 17

Hearing the silence I get confused and get up and slowly make my way over to the front door. I look to see Andrew with his hands around Eric’s neck, strangling him.

I gasp-making them both apparent of me in the room. Eric uses this time where Andrew has his attention turned on me to get away from him. He pushes Andrew off of him and stands in front of me.

“Wh-what’s going on?” I shakily say.

“Nothing, go upstairs!” Eric snaps at me, pushing me away from Andrew.

I whimper in pain and look at him. “No! I’m tired of all of this!” I yell back at Eric. I’ve had enough of everything, the fighting, Eric’s mood swings, and being treated like I’m nothing but an object.

“Well too bad. You don’t have a say in any of this. Now get upstairs and lock the door.” Eric demands. I stare at him conflicted about what I should do. Eric turns and glares at me but I can’t seem to listen to what he said. While he’s facing me I look behind him to see that Andrew was no longer standing there. I glance around worried not knowing what’s going to happen next. Andrews seems to have vanished from the front hallway.

I see Eric turn around and see Andrew missing. He looks at me and takes my hand, pulling me up the stairs to follow him. I whimper in pain but he just ignores it pushing me into his room and locking it from the outside with a key. I lean against the door sliding down to the ground slowly. I try to listen to what is going on outside the room that is like my prison.

Everything is silent for a long period of time. I begin to worry scared that what if something happens and I get locked in this room with no way out. Pushing myself off of the floor and standing up with a wince and slowly make my way to a window that’s on the other side of the room. I look outside noticing Andrew's car parked off to the side of the house near some trees. He’s still here.

I try to push the window open and to my surprise, it actually opens. After the windows open I look down noticing that the window is right above the roof that covers the front door. Slowly I put my legs out the window and try to carefully get down to the roof. My hands slip off the window sill as I fall the small distance between the window and roof making a loud thud and pain shooting up my body.

I quickly make my way to the edge of the roof and grab a hold of the edge, slowly lowering my body down. I let go and fall to the ground. Quickly, I stand up rushing over to Andrew's car. I hide down behind it, leaning my back against the side of the car and closing my eyes waiting.

Eric’s P.O.V

Looking around the seemingly empty house trying to find where my brother disappeared too. Suddenly, there’s a loud thud that comes from outside on the roof near the front of the house. Immediately my mind goes to Edlynn and I rush up to the bedroom to find the room empty. I quickly close and rush downstairs and out the front door. I look around but I don’t see anything that’s out of place other than Andrew's car which is parked at the end of my driveway. Suddenly there’s an arm that grabs hold of my shoulder turning me around and then pinning me against the front of the house. Staring right into the eyes of my brother Andrew who looks furiously at me.

“Andrew, let go of me now,” I say in a harsh low voice. He doesn’t budge holding me tightly with his hand wrapped around my neck. His eyes are a dark red almost black color.

“I will not let you lay another finger on her ever again. You do not deserve her.” He yells into my face, his spit covering my face. “Where is she?” He asks me coldly.

“I-I don’t know.” I stutter out. Andrews’ eyes flash showing the fear that he quickly covers up with anger.

“You know where she is, where is she?” He demands to tighten his grip around my neck. His eyes grow darker and my breathing begins to come out staggered.

I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out as my breathing is cut off.

“Andrew stop!” I hear coming from somewhere behind Andrew. He lets go of my neck and turns around to find Edlynn staring at him fearfully. I take my chance to get to him. I wrap my arm around him pulling the knife I have hidden in my pocket out and holding it against his neck.

“See what you did? You are scaring her more than protecting her.” I chuckle into his ear.

“Now Edlynn, go upstairs, lock the door, and do not leave or his life will end and it’ll be your fault.” I give her a glare, daring her to test me. She evidently listens to me and begins to walk inside slowly. I can notice the tears falling down her face as she walks through the front door and disappears from view. I chuckle at my brother pushing him to the ground, pinning him down using my foot. “Leave now and never come back. Next time I see you around here I won’t think twice about killing you.”

He nods his head and I remove my foot from his chest letting him move. I back up watching him walk over to his car getting into it and leaving.

Once he is out of sight I stomp into the house and up the stairs, in a cloud of rage I pull out my keys unlocking the door that Edlynn is behind.

I walk in looking around seeing her sitting on the floor curled up against the wall below the open window with her head in her knees. I know she heard the door open as I walk in because she visibly tenses up and began to shake.

“Edlynn, sweetheart, come here,” I say as I sit on the edge of the bed.

She doesn’t move from her spot on the floor or even glances up.

“Edlynn, please come here now,” I say more sternly causing her to look up and slowly push herself up off the floor. She continues to shake and slowly makes her way to me wobbling and wincing in pain as she does.

Once she’s standing in front of me I carefully grip her waist pulling her onto my lap, wrapping my arms around her waist. I push her head into the crook of my neck as I run my hands through her hair trying to calm her down.

“Shh, you are okay,” I whisper sweet nothings into her ear waiting for her shaking to cease. I lean back against the bed holding her against my chest as I rub her back. She slowly stops shaking and a smile appears on my face. I close my eyes just listening to her soft, slow breathing. Soon sleep consumes me as I’m laying here with her in my arms.

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