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Chapter 18

Edlynn’s P.O.V

I wake up with an arm wrapped around me. I sigh and roll overseeing a face looking back at me. I quickly try to cover my face with the blanket but Eric stops me.

“Good morning sweetheart.” He says with a smirk on his face. My body begins to tremble, tears falling from my eyes. “You know what you did yesterday was wrong and dangerous right?” He says in a contorted voice.

I don’t say anything as I try to move away from him with tears still falling down my face. He moves abruptly and is atop me pinning me down to the bed. One hand holding my wrists to the bed above my head and my knees pinned down by his leg keeping me from squirming.

“E-e-Eric!?” I say between sobs. He just evilly grins at me as he moves his face closer trailing rough kisses from my chin down my neck.

I try fighting against him, pulling my arms or legs away but it was useless. I’m a weak human while he’s a strong monster. The waterfall of tears doesn’t stop falling as flashbacks of when he bit and almost killed me. I scream as I feel his sharp fangs against my skin even though they didn’t penetrate my skin.

“Eric, please don’t do this!” I scream but that earned me a slap to the face.

“You were a bad girl yesterday and need punishment to help you learn that I’m in charge here and you are not getting away from me.” He whispers lowly into my ear with an evil chuckle.

I continue to struggle against his grip, fighting him in any way I can. He moves his hands off of my wrist reaching towards my shirt. Using my hands I try pushing him off. He gives me a death glare and I slap him across the face thinking it would cause him to be distracted so I can move.

It didn’t work. He evilly smirks and pushes his lips against mine while his hands pull the bottom of my shirt up. His lips part with mine for a split second as my shirt comes off just for his lips to be crashed back on mine. Tears continue flowing down my face as his lips travel down from my lips onto my chest.

He continues kissing and sucking on the bare skin of my neck and chest. The tears cease to fall as all the tears in my body are drained from me.

I lay there almost lifelessly as his lips continue to travel around my body exploring every inch of exposed skin.

Finally after what feels like forever he moves off of me, getting up and disappearing into his closet. My bodies still in shock, unable to move.

He leaves his closet making his way over to my side of the bed. He looms over me with something in his hands. I pay no attention to him as he carefully lifts my upper body up slipping on one of his oversized t-shirts. He pulls it down to my waist then grabs the end of my shorts. Unable to stop him, he pulls them off and pulls the t-shirt the rest of the way down.

I lay there stunned. He wraps his arms around me lifting me up bridal style carrying me downstairs. He sets me down on the kitchen counter and turns to start cooking breakfast.

As he’s cooking he tries talking to him but his voice doesn’t register to me. My mind shuts down and I can’t register anything around me. I feel a hand on my shoulder shaking me bringing me back to reality. In front of me stands Eric with a plate of food in his hand.

“Edlynn, sweetheart, it’s time to eat.” He says calmly and I just shake my head looking down at my lap. He sighs and sets my plate down on the side table next to the couch then comes back and picks me up putting me on his hip with my legs wrapping around his waist.

He sits down with me on his lap and grabs the plate trying to get me to eat. My eyes were locked on the wall in front of me and refusing to eat.

“Edlynn please eat. You need to eat.” He says with worry in his voice. I don’t even budge. He tries one more time to get me to eat the small piece of pancake that’s on the fork and finally I let him. I slowly eat not bothering to look at him.

He leans back pulling me to his chest as he does. His arms wrap around my waist. Tears fall down my face, silently hoping he would just let me go. Panic starts rising through my body and I wiggle trying to push his arms off of me.

“Eric let me go now!” I snap but his arms remain unmoved. Tears fall faster down my face as I claw at his hands trying to get him to let go but remaining to be unsuccessful. He looks down at me chuckling at my failing attempts. Giving up, I stop moving and sit there motionless.

Trapped. That’s how I felt until he falls asleep and I’m able to move his hands off of me. I rush upstairs because I remember seeing his phone sitting on the bedside table. Once in his bedroom, I search around the room running to the table not able to see it. I panic and try looking around noticing it laying on the ground underneath the table.

Quickly I go out of his room and to the guest room I locked myself in only days before. Locking the door and shoving the dresser in front like before I sit on the bed and try turning on his phone. To my luck, it doesn’t have a password.

I go to his contacts scrolling until a familiar name comes up on the screen. Pressing his name and waiting there impatiently for the person on the other end to pick up.

“Hello?” The voice on the other end asks confusingly.

“Andrew, its Edlynn. Please, I need your help.” At the mention of his name tears fall down my face. I know he’s my only escape from the monster who bought me and won’t let me leave.

“Edlynn, where are you? Are you okay? I’m coming just tell me where you are at.” He rushes out worriedly.

“I’m at the same place as before. Eric didn’t bother moving me from here. Please, Andrew, come. I don’t want to b-be here.” I break down sobbing on the end of the bed.

“Shh Edlynn. It’ll be okay. I’m on my way right now. Keep me on the phone as long as you can. How did you get Eric’s phone?” He asks and I can hear the sound of a car engine start-up from his end. My body relaxes a little bit knowing that he’s actually coming.

“H-he fell asleep and I was able to getaway. He left it on the b-bedside table a-a-after...” I stop and the sobbing comes back. I can hear Andrew gasp.

“Edlynn, what did he do to you?” I just shake my head then realize he can’t see me.

“N-nothing Andrew. I-it doesn’t matter.” I stutter.

“Of cour...” Andrew begins but gets cut off when I jump startled from the pounding on the bedroom door causing the phone to fall from my hand and onto the floor.

“Edlynn open the door this instant!” He yells from the other side. My body begins trembling and I scream as his hand goes right through the bedroom door. He breaks down the top part of the door and climbs over the dresser placed to try and keep him out.

“Hiding from me are you?” He chuckles walking over and grabbing my hair pulling me up to my feet from the bed. I shriek grabbing ahold of his arm digging my nails into it hoping he’d let go but to no avail.

“You little brat trying to escape?” He says with a snarl. I shake my head tears falling. He picks me up throwing me over his shoulder and I begin kicking and banging on his back with my fists.

“Eric put me down! Please, Eric!” But once again, to no avail.

Finally, he sets me down on the floor next to the bed, pinning my knees down with his leg. He reaches for something out of my view. His movements blocked due to how he was holding me down I’m not to notice the metal chain that he attaches to my ankle.

“Guess you lose all privileges of free movement.” He chuckles walking out of the room not even bothering to close the door behind him.

I try pulling on the chain but it won’t budge off my ankle. I curl up on the floor crying as I wait hoping that Andrew will come to my rescue.

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