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Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 2

I wake up to the sound of two voices behind me. I’m laying on a very small couch but I fit just fine because I was extremely short. I have a blanket over me which I pull around my body tighter but keep my eyes shut not wanting the people behind those two voices to know I’m awake. I try listening, the voices are higher than the men from before. “There’s a new one. What do you think masters going to do with her?” I hear a small quiet voice say. The voice sounds like it’s coming from a younger girl, maybe around the age of 13. “He’s probably going to use her to replace Nicole.” A different voice says. This one sounds to be just a bit older than the other girl. The younger one replies, “if she is I feel bad for her.”

I think to myself, “why should I be worried? What happened to this other girl, Nicole? What’s going to happen to me?” My mind starts racing but I stay still nonetheless not wanting to draw attention to myself. Suddenly, I hear a door swing open and hit the wall hard and heavy footsteps walk into the room towards where I’m laying.

“Is she awake?” Asks the deep voice from the store and car. “No, not yet master.” The older one says. “She should be awake. It should have been out of her system about 30 minutes ago.” He says annoyed and I hear the heavy footsteps come closer. I close my eyes and try to slow down my breathing so it looks like I’m sleeping. The blanket is thrown off, causing me to jump in fear even though I was expecting it to happen. “I know that you’re awake, now get up.” He says to me but his voice seems gentler than before.

I listen to him and sit upon the small couch I was laying on. He looks over at me, his hair was messier than before and his eyes seemed softer and a lighter shade of red. He also has taken off his suit jacket and is just in an undershirt and his dress pants. “Now get up and follow me. I’ll show you around and tell you about the rules I have.” I listen and stand up slowly. I look around the bare-looking room. It is small with just a couch in the center, a small round table with four chairs near one of the walls. There are no windows in the room and on the same wall as the door there are thin mattresses lining the floor. There look to be at least 10 mattresses but only 6 of them seem to be in use right now. “This is where most of the humans sleep, all but one sleep here.” I just nod my head as I take it in. “Does that mean I’ll be staying in here?” I ask my voice barely loud enough to be heard but he is standing right next to me and is able to hear. “No, you are the exception. I’ll show you where you’ll be sleeping later.” He says and I can hear the two other girls in the room talking but I can’t hear what they are saying because they are talking in hushed voices. We exchanged eye contact with each other before looking over at me with concern looks on their faces.

We continue our tour, him showing me room after room letting me know which ones I can’t go into unless he tells me I can. The last place he shows me is where I am going to be sleeping, which also happens to be where he sleeps. He shows me the master bedroom. The room is huge just like the rest of the house. It’s painted a light gray color with a big bed in the middle of one of the walls. Right in front of the bed is a mattress just like the others from the room I woke up in. He points to it, “you are going to be sleeping there unless I give you permission to sleep anywhere else.” I nod and continue to look around the large room. There’s a door on the same side as the bed that I assume leads to the bathroom and closet. The wall across from the bed has a large gas fireplace with a tv on it. The stones surrounding the fireplace were a dirty- white color but made the fireplace stand out. There are a couch and other chairs around it making it look like a small living room. The wall opposite of the door has two large windows that look out over a beautiful garden. I look over at him seeing him yawn. He looks down at his arm and checks his watch. “It’s getting late. I’ll get you some clothes and let you shower then change, then we’ll go to bed.” He says his voice still gentle as he speaks. I wonder why he is being so nice to me now before when he seemed so rude before. He faces me and points to his bed. “I’ll go and get clothes. While I do I want you to sit on that bed. Do not move until I get back. If you try to leave you won’t make it very far and you’ll end up regretting it.” He says with a stern tone but he still looks calm. I nod my head at him. “Okay,” I say softly while walking over to the bed and sitting on the edge of it. “Oh and one more thing for right now, call me master. Whenever I ask you something or you say something to reply with master.” He looks over my body and I start to feel uncomfortable as he does. “Okay master,” I say my voice sounding unsure. He smirks and walks off into the door that I think leads to the bathroom and closet.

I remain sitting on the edge of the bed playing with my hair as I do. This is all different for me and then I try to think of what was normal for me, what things I used to do, and I realize I can’t remember anything. I can’t remember anything from before waking up in that cage. He walks back into the room and immediately I look up at him. He hands me clothes and when he does I look up at him. He was probably around 6′3 while I was barely 5′1. “Why can’t I remember anything from before?” I ask softly.

He hesitates before answering. He looks like he doesn’t know what to say, almost like he didn’t know why. “That’s not important now get up and follow me.” I let out a sigh before getting up and following him but I still wonder why I can’t remember anything. I follow him into the bathroom and he explains to me how to use the shower and what to do with my clothes and the towels after I’m done showering. He looks at me his eyes cold once again. “You try anything and you’ll end up hurt.” He says sternly. I nod at him without making any eye contact. “I’ll be in the bedroom.” He says as he walks out of the bathroom closing the door behind him.

After he leaves the bathroom I turn the water on as he showed me. I take off my clothes and walk into the shower. I squeal when the hot water hits my skin. I change the temperature so that it’s a bit colder and so I can stand it. I let the water run through my hair and down my body. I grab the shampoo and put it in my hair as he told me. I rinse my long brown hair watching the soapy waterfall to the ground then down the drain. I run my fingers through my hair feeling how it felt so much better. My hair didn’t feel all gross and greasy anymore. I grab the conditioner and put it in my hair and wait to rinse it out. I grab the body soap and clean my body. I rinse off and turn the water off. I get out and grab one of the towels and dry my face and hair. I wrap the second towel around my body and look at the clothes that he gave me. I put on the plain white t-shirt that is too big for me. The shirt went down to my knees. I look and see that he didn’t give me any shorts. That makes me feel uncomfortable but I put on the lace panties that he gave me. I put the two towels on a hook right by the shower then I walk out of the bathroom. I look over at him and see him sitting on the bed with a book in his hands. He looks up at me when he hears the door open.

“How are you feeling?” He asks gently, sitting up and closing his book. “Good, thank you, master,” I say softly. He nods and looks at me. I stand there not knowing what I’m supposed to do. He looks me over then points at the mattress that is at the end of his bed. I nod and walk to the end of the bed and lay down on the mattress. I curl up and close my eyes. The room feels cold and my body starts shivering. I feel a blanket draped over me and I pull it tight around my body. I slowly drift off to sleep.

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