Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 24

Two weeks after the dream and things have been peaceful. Nothing bad has happened. Andrew and I are sitting on the couch watching tv. I’m not paying attention to the tv so I decide to ask him some questions that have been on my mind for a long time.

I pull lightly on Andrew's sleeve to get his attention. “Andrew?” I ask softly. He looks down and smiles at me.

“Yeah, princess?” He asks gently as his full attention shifts to me and not the tv.

“Can I ask you somethings that have been on my mind for a while?” I ask and he nods. He turns his body so that he’s facing me making it a little bit easier to talk.

Looking down at my lap I begin to ask him questions. “How are you able to go outside during the day? I thought vampires couldn’t be out in the sun.” I ask softly slowly looking up at him.

He pauses before he responds. “You know the company I own with Eric?” I nod with a small frown on my face with the mention of Eric. “Well, we created this medicine that allows vampires to be out during the day. It makes our skin stronger so that the sun can’t burn it.” He says looking at me. I nod my head listening to him as he speaks.

“Okay, that makes sense. W-why couldn’t I remember anything about my past when I was first sold and why did Eric get mad every time I started to remember something from before, like my family?” These questions have been on my mind since the first time I told Eric about the dream where my parents and family died. Andrew looks at me with shock apparent on his face. I guess he wasn’t expecting me to ask this.

“Well, you couldn’t remember before because when a human is caught they put a drug in them that makes them forget about there past. I’ve never heard of someone remember anything from before after they’ve been caught and that’s probably why Eric would get angry because he didn’t want you to remember and was mad that you were starting to.” Andrew looks at me pulling me to his chest. “Edlynn, I think that’s enough questions for right now. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed.” He says with a small sigh as he could see on my face that I was having a hard time understanding some of the things he said. I nod agreeing with him.

“Now, why don’t we go and visit some people I’ve wanted you to meet for a while. I want you to meet my parents.” Now it’s my turn to look at him shocked.

How would his parents feel about him being nice to a human when they aren’t supposed too. Are his parents okay with this or would they hate me? Nervousness fills my body and I feel him stand up and pull me up with him.

“Baby, I promise everything will be okay. My mother will love you. I promise.” I open my mouth to speak but I’m cut off by the feeling of his lips against my forehead. I smile and calm down. “Now let’s go and back. We’ll be staying with them for a few days.” I nod and hold his hand as we head upstairs.

Andrew helps me pack letting me know what type of clothes I would need. I have no clue where they live and Andrew wouldn’t tell me no matter how many times I ask. He keeps telling me it’s a surprise. After we are both packed up we head out to a limo that was waiting outside. The man standing outside near the limo takes the two suitcases and out them into the trunk while Andrew opens the car door for me. I slide into the limo and Andrew slides in sitting next to me. I smile up at him and shortly after the car begins to move.


Suddenly my arm is being shaken and I slowly sit up. My head was on Andrew's lap and I look around noticing we weren’t in the limo anymore. I wake up in a very unfamiliar place. Andrew and I are sitting on a bed with light cream color sheets and a thin dark blue blanket that’s over my lap from when I was laying down. The walls are a beige color and there are only two small round windows. I look out them confused when I can only see white and then all of a sudden everything around us jerks. I realize we are on a plane but it’s fancier then abnormal plane.

“Morning sleepyhead. We are about to land. How did you sleep?” He asks gently pulling me up off the bed and out of the room to a set of very comfortable looking chairs. He helps me sit down and shows me how to buckle the seatbelt then sits in the chair next to me.

“Good, thank you. Also, when did we get on an airplane. Last thing I remember we were sitting in a limo talking.” I say as I look out the window taking in the sight of the clouds that surround us. This is so cool I’ve never been on a plane before.

“You fell asleep and I didn’t want to wake you.” I smile slightly and nod still looking out the window. “You’re so cute.” Andrew chuckles as he watches me memorized by the clouds and the ground coming closer and closer to view.

As we get closer to the ground I grab Andrew's hand and squeeze it. On the ground, I can see a huge body of water and I look at him. “Now will you tell me where we are?” He shakes his head and I give him a pouty face. He only chuckles and stands after the plane has taxied and come to a stop.

“Come on baby girl. Let’s go to meet my parents.” He says holding out his hand which I take and follow him off the plane and out to the airport. I see a sign that says “welcome to Hawaii.” My jaw drops as I look at Andrew. He smirks and leads me out of the airport and to a black car that’s waiting there for us.

We both get into the car and our luggage gets loaded into the back of the car. As we start driving towards his parent’s house I begin to get really nervous about if they will like me or not.

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