Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 26

I stare at the door horrified. In front of me is Eric, and his father standing behind him. Immediately Andrew springs up from the bed and gets in front of me.

“Leave her alone!” He yells in an intimidating voice. I try standing up and moving next to him but he pushed me behind him.

Eric and their father chuckle and Eric takes a few steps closer to Andrew. “Oh, brother, brother. You’ve let this girl change you too much. She’s not good for you.” He says in a menacing way as he slowly kept getting closer to both of us.

“Eric shut the fuck up. You don’t know what’s good for me. You are so pulled into the horrible society to see that what you did to her was wrong, now leave before things get messy!” Andrew growls obviously trying to hold some of his anger in.

Eric stalks closer while reaching behind his back pulling a gun out, pointing it Andrews’ head. “Now little Edlynn why don’t you come to me or he’ll pay the price.” He says with a devilish laugh.

I stare at Andrew as he tells me to run but instead, I slowly walk over to Eric hoping he won’t hurt Andrew after he has me. Once I’m close enough for him to grab I hear the piercing loud sound of a gunshot ring through my ears. Arms wrap around me restricting me from rushing over to Andrew as he falls the floor and blood gushing out of the bullet wound in his leg.

Tears cascade down my face as the chilly metal from the gun is pressed against the side of my face.

“If you try anything brother, I swear I’ll make you watch her slow, painful death.” He slowly starts backing up still holding the gun to my head as his father steps out in front of him leading the way out of the house.

As we get downstairs I see Jessica tied to a chair with duct tape covering her mouth. I run over to her ignoring Eric as he yells at me. I try to untie her but Eric comes over pulling on my hair while pointing the gun at me.

“Really, are you trying to get yourself killed?” He growls while pushing me out of the house and into a black car. I bite my lip refusing to say anything as I move over to the window while Eric sits next to me and his father begins to drive.

“Now Edlynn, sweetheart, when we get to the plane you are to not say a thing and listen to what I tell you to do.” He says through gritted teeth. I stare at the window not paying attention to Eric.

Once we get to the landing strip that the plane is on Eric and his father gets out and I slowly get out as well. “Go inside now.” He says to me. “And you go in there and watch her.” He says to his father as I notice another person appear from what seems like nowhere.

I listen and go inside and sit down on a couch that’s on the fancy plane. His father stands a few feet away from me watching me like a hawk.

After about 15 minutes Eric gets on the plane and sits in a chair in the corner of the plane far away from me. His father takes a seat next to me causing a shiver to run down my spine.

Shortly after the plane takes off and Eric’s father moves closer to me and whispers in my ear. “There’s no one to save you now.” I only ignore him and get up walking over to Eric.

“Eric?” I whisper and he acts like he can’t hear me. “Eric?” I say again a little bit louder. He looks at me with a hint of a smile on his face. “Where are we going?” I ask quietly. I don’t want to fight him because I know it’ll make it worse but if I try to make him trust me maybe I can try to getaway.

“We are going home.” He says while looking at me. I nod my head quietly a let out a small yawn. “Looks like someone’s getting tired. It’s a long flight. Come sit on my lap and rest your tired eyes.” He says calmly. I oblige and sit down on his lap and let him wrap his arms around my waist. I lay my head on his chest and slowly close my eyes.


Hours later I wake up in an unfamiliar place. I look around but all I see is darkness. My arms are bound together and so are my legs. All I hear is silence until the door swings open and loud footsteps boom down a flight of stairs. Abruptly the lights turn on making me blink trying to adjust to the light.

I notice another girl tied up on the other side of the room. It’s the same girl who was with Andrew when he was helping me escape. I also see Eric walking over to the unconscious girl.

“E-Eric? W-what are you doing?” I stutter. My voice came out weaker then I meant it to.

He turns and looks at me with a cold look in his eyes. “Oh, it looks like you’re finally awake.” He chuckles and walks over to me. He kneels down next to me.

“Why am I tied up?” I ask softly looking at him with hurt in my eyes.

“Because you’ll try to run if you aren’t.” He says with a cold voice.

“Eric I promise I won’t. I know that things I’ve done before were wrong and now I do want to be with you.” He hesitates while he thinks about what to do.

“Fine I’ll untie you bug you try anything and you’ll be tied up and not untied again.” He starts to untie my arms and legs.

Once I’m untied we both turn to the girl who was once unconscious but is now starting to wake.

“Who is she, Eric?” I ask quietly while I stand next to him.

“My sister, the one I thought was dead.” He says harshly as he grabs my hand roughly, bringing me upstairs.

Once we are upstairs I see Eric’s father sitting on the couch in the living room. I pause looking around noticing that this house doesn’t look familiar.

“Eric where are we?” I say softly after Eric sits down on a chair and pulls me onto his lap.

“Our new home.” He says with a grin as he gently plays with my hair creating more knots then there already is. I let him and stare at the tv but I’m not paying much attention to what’s on.

After an hour I notice Eric quietly snoring. I stay on his lap though until I hear the deep voice of Eric’s father told me to get up. I stare at him without moving. His father scares me almost just as much as Eric. I cling to Eric more as he gets closer and closer to me. I quickly regret not trying to wake him up as his father roughly pulls me off his lap and into a room down the hallway.

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