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Chapter 28

It has been a month since Eric has brought me here. I have yet to hear anything about Andrew and each day the thought that he could still be alive is the only thing keeping me going. The thought of him being dead kills me. Eric’s mood swings have continued even though he continuously promises me that he would try and control his behavior.

His father is still here with us but I rarely see him anymore. He’s usually gone most of the time. Eric hasn’t let me leave the house since I’ve been here. I’m starting to feel cabin fever.

“Eric, can I please go and sit outside for a little bit? I’m starting to not feel good and I think it’s due to being stuck inside.” I ask as he comes into the house from being at the store.

“No, it’s safer for you to be inside.” He says quickly brushing it off and heading to the kitchen starting to unload groceries.

I roll my eyes and plop down on the couch. I pull out a notebook that Eric let me have to use to draw in. What he didn’t know was that I was using it to come up with a plan to try and escape this horrible place. I’m tired of letting him control me and if Andrew isn’t alive I need to try and get out of here by myself.

Right now I have a small stash of some supplies that I would need to escape and for after I do. I know that if I do escape I wouldn’t make it that far u less I was prepared. I had food, water, and a tiny first aid kit put together in an old backpack that I found.

My plan is to try and get the keys while he is asleep or see if I can get him to trust me enough to leave the doors unlocked. I’ve been trying ever since I’ve been here to try and get him to trust me. I have been doing anything to oblige to his needs.

While sitting on the couch I hear a loud bang then Eric starts dropping curses left and right. I go to check and see what had happened. “Eri-.” I stop myself when I see a familiar figure pinning Eric to the wall.

“Andrew!” I yell glad to see him alive but also in fear that Eric might hurt him.

I know I can’t let him do this by himself and that I need to help him so I run to a drawer looking for a sharp knife. Normally the drawer with them was unlocked but since he was in the middle of starting to cook dinner it wasn’t. I grab it and once Andrew isn’t in the way I stab Eric in the gut.

Eric pulls the knife from his stomach with a grimace and then lunges at Andrew. I try to run over to help Andrew but Eric pushes me away roughly. “I need to take care of this disgrace in our family.” He growled

Eric gets Andrew onto the ground pinning him down. “I’m tired of having to clean up your messes to try and keep our family reputation,” Eric growled as his grin and Andrew's neck for tighter, limiting his air low.

“I can’t ruin a reputation that was never there.” Andrew chocked out as he tried to loosen Eric’s grip around his neck.

I watch as the two fought. I have no idea how to help. I want to save Andrew but don’t know-how. I run to Eric’s bedroom and begin frantically searching for a weapon. I know he has a gun I just need to find it. I search through every drawer in his dresser. Every nook in his closet and then I look around the room to see a nightstand next to the bed. It was the last place I could think of it at. Thinking that it’s a pretty promising spot for it to be I run over to it and open the drawer to see the gun sitting right on top.

I carefully pick it up not knowing how to use it. I’ve never seen a gun this close before let alone use one. I fumble around with it trying to figure out how to use it. Once I feel confident enough I rush out of the room and back to the living room. I stop shocked, there was blood everywhere. It was smeared on the walls, in pools on the hardwood floor. I see that they are both bleeding, and badly, but are still both fighting each other. Eric has Andrew pinned to the wall. I can see in Andrews eyes that he doesn’t have much more to give.

“Stop!” I shriek, my voice comes out a shaky mess. “Both of you stop.” I pull out the gun pointing it at the both of them.

Eric gives a raspy chuckle, “oh, poor little thing found my gun but I doubt she has the guts to pull the trigger.” He sneers at me and let’s go Of Andrew letting his body slump to the ground. He slowly starts stalking towards me like a lion stalking his next meal.

I take slow steps backward as I keep the gun up and pointed right at him. I can see Andrew behind him on the ground completely unable to move. That’s when I knew I’d have to pull the trigger and stop all this pain that Eric has brought to everyone.

I wait till he’s about a meter away from me. That is when I pull the trigger. The gunshot and the air shattered. The bullet tore through space and left us in silence. The only sound that broke the silence was the thud from Eric’s body hitting the ground. The bullet went right through his heart, killing him instantly. My body freezes after my eyes land on the dead body. I just killed someone. That’s all I could hear rambling through my head.

I jump back to reality when I feel a soft touch on my arm. I turn startled towards the source. I see Andrew standing very weakly. I wrap my arms around him tightly as tears start to fill my eyes. I don’t know if the tears are tears of joy or not but I pull away and help Andrew to the couch. I know he needs help and more then I can give him. I go over to Eric’s dead body and search through his pockets till I pull out his phone. I call the police saying that an ambulance is needed right away. Once I’m sure they are on the way I go to find supplies I can use to stop the bleeding. I know it won’t help in the long run but for now, it is better than nothing.

When I go back to him and begin to put some bandages on the larger wounds he looks up at me weakly. “Edlynn, you need to go, run, hide, anything. They’ll kill you if they find out you killed Eric and if not then they’ll send you back to the store. Take the phone and call Jessica, she’ll help you.” Andrew weakly hands me his phone and kisses my forehead.

“I-I can’t leave you here Andrew,” I mumble as tears fall from my eyes. “Please just let me stay here with you. I don’t care what happens to me.” I'm with him now and don’t want to leave him. In the far distance, I can hear the sirens of the ambulance that only got louder as they got closer.

“Go now!” He says as sternly as he could. His voice comes out faint but still rigid.

I nod and stand up. I slide the phone into my pants pocket before going to the front door since it is the only door unlocked. When I open it I see the paramedics rushing out of the ambulance and police cars pulling up.

“Shit,” I mutter and run to Eric’s body looking for the keys to the backdoor. Once I find the keys I run to the door and fumble with my shaky hands to try and find the right key among a dozen keys. I can hear the door slam open and people rush in with loud footsteps. The paramedics are yelling at each other about what to do. The police enter and that’s when I finally find the right key to open the door.

“Get her!” Someone hollers behind me as I dart out the door and just start running not knowing where I’m running to. All I can do is run and hope I can getaway. I know they are faster but I’m still going to try. I can hear them getting closer. Their shouts getting louder and louder.

Suddenly a car pulls up as I reach the street. Inside is the mysterious girl who I’ve seen with Andrew before. I get in knowing she’s safe and she drives away fleetly. “Thank you.” I murmur as I look out the window. I have no idea where she’s taking me but I know I’m safe for the moment.

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