Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 29

The unnamed girl took me to a small house on the outskirts of town. It was a two-story home with very few windows, probably good if you need to stay hidden. We both got out of the car after it was parked in the garage. On the outside, the house is a darker green color and looks like it might be twenty years old. When we walk inside I see that the inside is completely remodeled. The walls are all white and the floors are dark wood. Once we walk all the way inside I see Jessica in the kitchen. Her back is to us as she is cooking over the stove.

“Thank you,” I whisper to the girl who saved me and helps me get away from getting caught by the vampires.

When Jessica heard my voice she turned around and smiled at me. “I’m so glad that you are okay,” I say with a small smile. I didn't want Jessica to get hurt especially because of me and I’m glad that she is okay.

Jessica walks over to me giving me a hug. “I’m glad that you are safe now,” Jessica whispered into my ear. “This is Erica,” Jessica says as she pulls out of the hug and gestures to the girl who saved me and brought me here.

I know that the name seemed familiar and remember Eric telling me about her, his sister, but he thought she was dead. “Wait you are their sister?” I questioned wanting to know if my thought was correct or not.

I got a confirming nod from her and dropped the conversation there not wanting to bring up any more information about Eric.

“Why don’t we eat some food and then you can go ahead and rest?” Jessica suggested as she went back to the stove and turned it off removing the pan that was cooking something.

“Okay,” I say softly. Now my mind was drifting off thinking about Andrew. I want to know if he is okay.

“What is going to happen to Andrew?” I asked looking at Jessica. I knew that he would take the blame for what I did.

“It all depends on what he tells the cops and if they will belive him or not. They may fingerprint the weapon and decide that someone else did it because his prints aren’t on it. That’s why you need to stay inside and not be seen. We will keep you safe though.” Jessica gave a small reassuring smile.

Only a few hours later I hear a ringing coming from down the stairs. I had settled into a room upstairs and took some time alone to try and calm myself and figure out what to do about the situation. When I heard the ringing I decided to walk out of the small bedroom and walk to the top of the stairs. I peered down and noticed Jessica pacing back and forth near the bottom of the stairs. The ringing from the phone had stopped after Jessica picked up the phone.

Jessica looked concerned but I stayed silent until she ended the call. “Who was that?” I ask with a slight concern that it could be about Andrew.

“The hospital called, Andrew is there and he’s okay, but he is being taken into custody,” Jessica said.

I was immediately filled with worry. “He didn’t do anything. I can’t have him take the blame, I need to go and see him.” I blurt out as I run down the stairs and to the door. Tears slowly filled my eyes.

“You can’t go there. If they know that you killed Eric, they will kill you. They are not forgiving when a human does something as serious as that. If you want to be able to see Andrew ever again you’ll stay here.” I could see in Jessica’s eyes that she was having a hard time hearing that he would be going into custody. The chances that he didn’t go to jail was small because I would be the only other fingerprints that would show up on anything there other than Andrews.

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