Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 4

I lay eyes on his blood-red eyes and I begin to panic. My hands start to tremble as I think this is the end. He stares back at me with his sinister eyes. He moves closer to my face then his eyes quickly move to my neck. He moves closer to my neck and I try to push him off but he is much stronger than me. “Master, p-please let me go.” I stammer nervously. He keeps looking at me with a sinister look on his face. He puts his hand on my chin still holding my neck with his other. He leans down and I feel his cold, razor-sharp fangs on my neck. I shriek and yell out, “Master, please!”

He lets go of my neck without hesitation. Tears fall down my face as I push him away from him and I rush toward the other end of the room. I fall to the ground tears falling down my already tear-stained face. He looks at me and runs a hand through his hair. I hear the door open then close again. I look up, lifting my head out of my hands and I see he’s gone. I push myself farther into the corner of the room wanting to disappear. I don’t even dare to get up and try to leave the room in fear of what he’d do to me.

Eric’s P.O.V

I walk out of the bedroom and walk to the door on the opposite end of the hallway near the stairs that lead downstairs. I open the door to my huge office and close the door behind me. I pace around the room. I didn’t mean to scare her, I don’t want to hurt her either but I couldn’t control it. I don’t understand how she was having dreams about her family though, no human has ever been able to remember their family after being captured.

I pace around the room for what seems like forever when in reality it was only 30 minutes. I walk back through the hallway to my bedroom and look around unsure if I’m expecting her to be there still or gone. I wouldn’t blame her for running. If I was in her situation I would run too.

I look around scanning the whole room for her when I finally see her in the corner of the room where the wall with the windows and the wall with the fireplace meet. She is curled up in a small ball, tears still stained on her face. Her head is resting on one of the walls and I notice she’s asleep, she must have cried herself to sleep. I walk over to her as quietly as I can not wanting to wake her. I reach down and carefully pick her up bridal style. I walk to the right side of my bed and pull the covers down. I lay her down and see her curl back up. I pull the covers over her watching her snuggle I to them. A small smile appears on my face but quickly disappears.

Edlynn P.O.V

I open up one eye and notice I’m somewhere different then I remember being at last. I’m laying down and it’s soft and comfortable unlike the mattress on the floor. I roll over on the bed and see him, sitting there on the bed, with me. I shoot up and off the bed. I back up until I feel the cold wall against my back. He closes the book he was reading quickly and sets it down. He gets up and slowly walks over to me. “Leave me alone!” I snap at him and I see him stop in his tracks. “Edlynn, I’m not going to hurt you. In sorry for what I did before, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t bring you here to hurt you.” I hear him say with his hands up like he was surrendering but I know he’s trying to show he doesn’t want to hurt me, right now. “You’re lying,” I reply quickly. He shakes his head at me. “I’m not. When I came back in here I was going to apologize but you were sleeping so I moved you to the bed so you could be more comfortable.”

I pause thinking. He did lay me in his bed instead of the uncomfortable mattress on the floor or leaving me on the floor. He also gave me my space on the bed and right now. I move off of the wall and he smiles at me softly.

“Come on, you hungry? I can make you something to eat.” He says to me and I just nod my head slowly. He opens the door of the bedroom and walks out looking behind him to see if I’m following. I follow him out and down the stairs. He leads me down to the kitchen.

I look around the large kitchen noticing the white cabinets that have a darker gray countertop on top. There’s a large square island in the middle of the huge kitchen. It has four seats on one side and four more seats across them on the other side. There’s a sink under a large window where I can see flowers in the window sill. He walks over to a larger cabinet that almost goes floor to ceiling and he asks me, “what would you like to eat?” I only shrug since I don’t really know the name of a lot of food. This all seems so new to me. He realizes I probably don’t know much and says, “eggs it is then.” I watch standing near the island as he walks over to the fridge and pulls out a few eggs. He breaks it and I watch as something pours out and lands onto the pan on the stove. I walk closer interested and he looks up and smiles at me. I smile weakly in response. “Have you ever had eggs?” He asks me and I shake my head. He smiles and puts them onto two plates. He puts the plates across from each other on the island with forks and napkins. He gestures for me to sit down and he sits across from me. “Well, I hope you like them then.” He says and starts eating. I look down at my plate and fork unsure of what to do. I hesitantly look up at him and watch how he uses the fork then I mimic him eating my own food. I quickly get the hang of it. “How is it?” He asks me. “It’s really good, thank you, master,” I say softly. “Eric.” I hear him say and look up confused. He sees my confused looks and says, “call me Eric, not master.” “But you said yester-” I get cut off in the middle of what I’m saying. “And now in telling you to call me Eric.” He says his tone a bit harsher than before. I nod my head and reply, “okay, Eric.” I mumble and I hear him sigh in disappointment. The rest of the time is silent. When I’m done eating he takes my plate and cleans it putting it away afterward. “I’m going to go and get some things done, can you please go up to my room and stay there. You can do whatever in there, just stay there.” He says looking at me running a hand through his already messy hair. I nod and get up going upstairs.

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