Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 5

I walk into the massive bedroom and look around bored. I look down and see I’m still only wearing a long white t-shirt and panties. I look around before walking over to his closet. It is huge, almost big enough to be its own room. I see that one wall has mostly suits and nicer clothes. I turn around and see women’s clothes. Some of it nicer and some more comfortable. I grab a new t-shirt that has a blackbird in the middle of the white shirt, a white bra, panties, and Nike running shorts. I take them into the bathroom. I undress, turn on the shower, and take a fast shower.

While I’m in the shower I hear the bathroom door open and I jump. I can see him standing there by the door through the mirror. “Edlynn hurry up.” He says quickly and walks back out closing the door behind him. I listen to him and finish up quickly. I get out and dry off and change rushing out of the bathroom with my long hair still soaked. I look over at Eric who is standing by the fireplace. I see he is talking to another man, “Eric?” I say trying to get his attention. They both turn around looking at me. The other man is around the same height as him, maybe a bit shorter, his face looks similar to Eric’s but his eyes look softer, more of a light brown color rather than the changing dark red and dark brown color of Eric’s eyes. His hair is also light brown unlike Eric’s. The man looks at me and smiles. I blush and quickly look away, he is really cute. I hear him chuckle when I blushed. I look back over at them. “Edlynn, this is my brother Andrew,” Eric says and gives me a look like, don’t do anything stupid. I walk over to them slowly. “Hi, Andrew,” I say softly. He smiles and says hi back. I stand there awkwardly as they continue on with their conversation that I interrupted. I hear a ringing sound and see Eric reach down into his pocket pulling something out and starting to talk into it as he exited out of the room leaving Andrew and me alone in the room. Andrew looks over at me as I nervously start playing with my hair.

“So your names Edlynn, right?” He asks me and I only nod my head at him. I look around the room not knowing what to do or say. He sits down in a chair near the lit fireplace and I sit down across from him. “How long have you known Eric?” He asks me. “A day,” I reply quietly looking down at my lap. “Are you close to your brother?” I ask curiously looking up at him and I see him shake his head. “No, not really, I’m just here to take care of some business work with him. I’ll probably be staying here for a few days.” He says softly.

“What’s wrong?” I hear him ask, he must have noticed my hand shaking slightly. I just shake my head and look up when I hear the door swing open again. In walks Eric and he walks over to where we are sitting. He sits down next to me and wraps an arm around my shoulders. I freeze shocked and my body stiffens a bit. I look up at him confused as to why he did that. “Eric, what are you doing?” I whisper trying to pull away from him.

When I try to pull away from him he gives me a deadly glare and I notice his eyes are that dark red color like before when he got angry. I stop trying to move away from him and he pulls me a little bit closer so there isn’t any space between us. I don’t question his actions this time, too scared of him hurting me. I sit there quietly listening to him and Andrew talk. I yawn quietly and he notices and rests my head on his chest holding me close. They continue talking but I end up dozing off in his arms.

I wake up to my stomach growling at me. I try to get up off the bed but I soon realize someone’s arms are around my waist. I start to panic then I hear Eric’s groggy voice. “Edlynn sweetie, where are you going?” “I need to get up, can you please let go of me,” I say trying to hold back the bit of fear that I was feeling remembering how he responded last time he got mad. “Sweetie, it is 1:30 in the morning, what do you need this late?” His voice sounds annoyed that I woke him up. His one arm still remains around my waist and he pulls my small body to his chest. I feel panic start to take over as images of him about to kill me flood my head. I push against his chest trying to get out of his embrace. “Eric let me go!” I yell at him.

The next thing I know he pushes me down hard against the bed and is on top of me. He looks furious at me with his large red eyes.

“DONT YOU EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND NEVER YELL AT ME AGAIN!” He yells furiously into my face.

His hand goes up and lands hard across my face. Tears drop down my face as my cheek turns red and starts to feel like it’s burning. “Now get up and go lay on your spot on the floor where you belong.” He smirks and moves off of me. I get up quickly and lay down on the small mattress that’s on the floor near the end of his bed. I curl up with my arms around my knees pulling them to my chest. I hide my face in my knees as tears continue to silently fall down my face. I slowly cry myself to sleep.

I jolt awake to sudden pain against my chest pulling the air out of my lungs. I gasp and use my hands to cover the spot and my eyes shoot open to see Eric smirking down at me. “It’s time to get up, princess.” He harshly says and walks away into his closet. The pain hurts from him kicking me but I get up before he comes back out. “E-Eric I’m s-sorry,” I say talking about last night knowing I made him mad. He walks out of the closed dressed in a white dress shirt and black dress pants with black shoes to match. He throws a long t-shirt, like the first night I was here, at me. “Just shut up. Obviously, you haven’t learned who’s in charge yet like I thought you might have.” He sounds pissed at me.

“I-I know that you are in charge. I just panicked last night, I’m s-sorry. I didn’t mean to.” I say almost pleading with him to not be mad at me. He doesn’t say anything and just walks out of the bedroom slamming the door behind him, making me jump.

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