Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 7

Edlynn P.O.V

“Andrew?” I weakly say, “what are you doing? I-I thought you were working with Eric?” I say as I move slowly farther away from him.

“I was walking past your room and hears you scream. I was worried you were hurt or in trouble.” His soft voice quietly echoed throughout the room as he reaches his hand over, softly placing it on mine. “What about Eric? Where is he?” I question him looking down at our hands but not moving mine. “He had a few more things that he needed to get done. He’ll probably be home soon.” I nod my head. “Is there anything I can get you? Water or a snack?” I shake my head and slowly looking up meeting his soft brown eyes.

“Are you okay or would you like me to keep you some company?” He kindly asks squeezing my hand. He smiles at me and a tiny smile appears on my lips. “C-can you stay with me please?” I ask, scared of being alone not wanting to have another nightmare. He nods his head, “of course. Do you want to watch tv or just sit here and talk for a while?”

“Can we watch tv, please?” He nods his head and comes further onto the bed laying down causing me to move further away from him feeling uncomfortable. He reaches over to the nightstand grabbing the remote and clicking on the tv. He moves through the different channels until he reaches where all the movie channels are. He glances over at me, “let me know if you see something you’d like to watch.” I nod and he goes back to moving through the different channels. I watch looking through the descriptions of the movies until I see one with a little dog on the picture. “Can we watch this one please?” I ask wanting to watch it just because it had a dog on it. He nods and turns it on then sets the remote down back on the nightstand where it was when he grabbed it. I lay back down pulling the blanket up to my chest, snuggling into it and the pillow. I let the bed engulf my small body and watch the movie for a little bit.

Less than halfway through I start to feel tired and roll onto my side facing him. He smiles sweetly and moves closer wrapping his masculine arms around my tiny waist. I tense up at the touch and I can tell he noticed. “It’s okay, rest. If you have another bad dream I’ll be right here.” I nod my head lightly and he pulls me to his chest. I let out a small sigh, resting my head on his chest and letting my heavy eyes close and drift off to deep sleep.

“What’s going on here?!” A bitter voice fills the room making me wake from my deep sleep. I quickly sit up to see Eric standing at the door looking furious with fists clenched to his sides. “W-what’s g-going on?” I whisper barely loud enough for Andrew to hear who’s right next to me. His arms are wrapped around my arms tightly, possessively, unlike before. I look at Andrew's cold look at Eric’s infuriated face.

Eric’s P.O.V

I get home from working and immediately head to my room to check and see how Edlynn is doing. I open the door, shocked. The view in front of me was not something I expected to see when I got home. There Edlynn is, curled up on Andrew, my brother's chest. “What is going on here?!” I growl walking further into the room. Edlynn quickly sits up looking around the room then innocently at me. I see her whisper something but don’t catch what it was. “Someone starts explaining what is happening now before I start hurting people for answers!” I yell walking to the side of the bed Edlynn is on.

Edlynn’s P.O.V

Eric walks over to me grilling my arm tightly pulling me up out of the bed. Andrew lets go of my waist but I can tell he didn’t want to. He pulls me to him putting his arm around my waist and holding me against the side of his body. My hands rest at his chest as I just look at Andrew to shocked to move or even say a word.

“Eric, it’s not what it looked like,” Andrew says putting his arms up surrendering to his brother. Eric’s grip tightens even more on my waist and I squeak as pain surges through me from my waist. “Then what was it!” Eric says through gritted teeth. I can tell he’s trying to hold some of his anger in.

“Eric, please. He was just helping me.” I say softly trying to help. “Shut up.” He growls at me and turns his intense stare back to Andrew. “I was helping her because she was having a nightmare. I heard her screaming when I got here and she wanted me to stay and comfort her.” Andrew says truthfully. Tears are falling down my face now. I’m scared that Eric is going to hurt either Andrew or me. He looks down at me and sees the tears rolling down my cheek. He pulls me away just enough so he can wipe away my tears and see his expression lighten. “Is that true sweetheart?” He asks me and I can tell he’s trying to hide the anger in his voice but fails to do so. I nod my head and bury my face in his chest as the tears he just wiped away get replaced by new ones.

“Andrew I want you out of this room right now, we will discuss this later.” Eric’s chest rattled as the words left his mouth. His words held so many emotions, pain, hurt, confusion, and anger. I hear the door click closed and Eric’s hands against my back as he slowly starts to rub my back trying to calm me down. He slowly pulls away from me moving to the edge of the bed. He sits down holding my hands in his. He carefully pulls me onto his lap wiping the drying tears off of my face before I had tear stains on my face. I curl up on his lap, my legs pulled up to my chest and my head resting on his chest. I look like a child but he doesn’t seem to mind and I don’t care what I look like at the moment.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” He whispers into my ear. I shake my head not wanting to try and muster up the courage to talk right now. I don’t trust my voice and I don’t want to anger him any further. “It’s okay baby. I just want to know that what he said was actually true.” He rests his chin on the top of my head holding his arms around my body as if I was a baby and he was cradling me. “I-it is true. I-I was having another nightmare and he came in here to see if I was okay. I-I asked him to stay b-because I was scared.” My voice trembles as I speak but he doesn’t seem to mind. My body begins shaking scared that he’s mad I asked Andrew to stay with me. “Scared of what sweetheart?” He whispers again rubbing his thumb across my bare arm.

“Scared of having another nightmare. Eric, they are so detailed and real feelings but none of them make sense. The same people are in it every time but I don’t know who they are.” I whisper into his chest hoping he hears me so I don’t have to repeat it but also hoping he doesn’t hear it, scared I would make him mad. My body violently shakes as I think of him being mad at me and what he could do.

“Hey, hey, hey. Calm down. Everything’s okay. We will figure out what to do about these nightmares, okay?” I nod slightly and he hugs me to his chest, even more, rocking quietly, humming into my ear wanting me to feel calm. I did. I felt so safe in the arms of the man who just earlier this week was beating me. I don’t know how he does this to me but he knows how to calm me down. I feel my head get heavy on his chest and shortly after my eyes close. I drift off to sleep again curled up on his lap.

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