Trapped by the Devil (undergoing editing)

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Chapter 9

Eric’s P.O.V

I walk silently out of the bedroom after laying Edlynn down on the bed, making sure she was comfortable. I run a hand through my hair messing it up but I didn’t care. I pace the hall outside my brother’s room trying to keep myself from losing it. I knocked on the door and I hear him move from across the room to the door to open it.

I thought I had it under control but when I saw him I lost it. I ran up to him and pinned him against the wall. “You! You are not supposed to be around her.” I snap, holding him to the wall with a tight grip around his neck.

“I-I already told you, I was h-helping her.” He coughs trying to get air as my grip was very tight. “I don’t care what you were doing. You are never to be around her again. I don’t want to see you near our room, near her, talking to her, or even looking at her, you hear me?” I growl at him. I stare into his eyes trying to show that I’m in charge. “If I catch you near her again I’m kicking you out of this house and you’re out of the business!” I hiss and once he nods his head the best he can I let go dropping him to the ground. I walk out of the room slamming the door behind him and leave to go to my office not wanting to disturb Edlynn right now.

Edlynn’s P.O.V

I wake up shaking. I look around the room trying to see if Andrew or Eric were here but neither is. I move the blanket off me with my trembling hands and try standing. My legs are shaking and I lean on the side of the bed until I’m steady. Once I am I rush out of the bedroom trying to think where Eric might be. I remember that his office is near the bedroom so I run to the door opening it. When I see him sitting in the big chair behind the desk. I run in and sit on his lap curling up into his chest as tears fell down my face soaking his shirt.

His arms tighten around me as I continue to sob into his chest. “Shh, sweetheart you’re safe. I got you.” He whispers into my ear as he rubs my back with one of his hands, the other is rubbing my arm.

Finally, after a few minutes of sobbing into his shirt I calm down and my sobs turned to sniffles. “What happened, sweetie?” He asks pushing a stray strand of hair behind my ear. I shake my head barring it into his chest. “Did you have a bad dream again?” He asks softly. I nod my head and he wraps his arms tightly around me.

He holds me in his arms like a little child rocking slightly in the chair helping me calm down. “Do you want to lay back down?” I shake my head scared of having another dream. “What if I stay with you?” I hesitate thinking and finally, I nod. He smiles and gets up picking me up in his arms holding me bridal style to his room. He lays me down on the bed and lays down next to me pulling me close to him.

“It’s okay. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He whispers to me. I nod slightly not trusting his words but right now he made me feel safe. I snuggle into his chest, closing my eyes as he starts softly humming to me. Sleep slowly takes over as I lay there with him.

I snuggle closer into the smell of cologne. I open my eyes to see Eric smiling down at me with his arms around me. I smile slightly and sit up yawning. “How did you sleep?” He asks. “Very good. I didn’t have a nightmare this time.” I say softly leaning against his chest after he sat up with me.

“That’s great. I’m glad you finally got some sleep. Do you want to come downstairs and get some food?” I nod my head and he gets off the bed taking my hand and pulling me off too. He pulls me to his chest playing with my hair with one hand and the other arm is wrapped around my waist. He leans his head down closer and panic rushes through me. “Eric, no,” I say shaking my head slowly. His jaw clenches and his eyes change to that dark scary red.

“Do Not tell me no.” He snaps pushing me against the wall and pushing his lips against mine. I try pushing him off but it’s no use because he is a lot stronger than I am.

Tears fall down my face as his lips move from my lips to my neck. “Please don’t,” I whisper and he just gets even madder. He stares at my neck thinking and tears stream down my face. “I’m sorry Eric. I-I won’t do it again.” My shaking voice says in fear. He backs away from running a hand through his hair looking angry but not in the same way as before. He looks mad at himself, like he didn’t mean to do that. I slide down to the ground crying when there’s a quiet knock on the door.

Eric walks over to it opening the door to see Andrew. “Is everything okay?” Andrew asks walking past Eric into the room. I look up and make eye contact with Andrew and I can see sympathy in them. He is so different from his brother.

“Everything’s fine. Get out of my room now.” Eric yells at his brother. Andrew stands in front of Eric. He’s blocking Eric’s way to me. “Everything absolutely isn’t fine. She’s over there crying. What did you do to her?” Andrew yells making me flinch. His voice seems so cold towards his brother. He seems so kind but when he was near his brother he changed.

“I didn’t do a thing. Go ahead and ask her.” Eric says causing Andrew to turn and look at me. Eric glares at me telling me to agree with him. “Did he hurt you?” Andrew asks his voice soft and kind again. I just shake my head wiping the tears from my face and I shakily stand up. Andrew keeps his gaze on me for a few seconds longer like he could tell I was lying but just shook it off. “I hope you treat her right,” Andrew says walking out. Eric slams the door behind Andrew and glares at me before walking to the closet and changing into fresh clothes. He comes out wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans. He grabs my arm and pulls me out into the hallway after seeing that Andrew was nowhere to be seen. He then starts leading me down the stairs harshly. I gasp and squirm in his grip. “Wh-where are we going?” I mumble in fear.

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