To Plead Insanity

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She falls into INSANITY...

Thriller / Horror
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Short Story

She was a shy, introverted girl of fifteen. Everyone believed so because she never once spoke out in class and never acted in anyway that proved otherwise. Nobody really knew anything about her, except her name. She had no friends and no one ever saw her family. People who knew about her were convinced she was completely, matter-of-factly sane… Only she wasn’t.

Sarah Johnson was a generic enough name for this seemingly normal girl. Even her appearance was average. Her plain blonde hair was an average mid-length. Her eyes were a dull brown and she had a light shower of freckles on her cheeks. Her clothes, too, were basic Walmart brands. She often wore t-shirts, jeans, and a dirty white pair of Converses that were fraying with age. Yes, to say the least, Sarah Johnson was just your typical small-town girl.

The day Little Johnny Jr., young son of the Rylands, went missing, was a warm, sunny day. He was playing in his yard while his mother was looking out the window, waiting for the cake buzzer to beep. When the buzzer rang, Johnny’s mother left the window to check on the cake. When she came back, her son was gone from their small, fenced in yard. At first, Mrs. Ryland didn’t think anything of it and left the window yet again. Ten minutes later, when she came back to check on Johnny Jr., Mrs. Ryland still didn’t see her son, so she began to worry. After checking outside and came up empty handed, his mother called the police department for Chief Ryland, her husband. Upon hearing the news of his missing son, Chief Ryland raced home with a team of deputies to start a search party.

Meanwhile, a fifteen year old girl was staring at a crying form of a five year old boy. Jonny Jr. was crying into his soldier toy, asking for his mommy. Sarah got up from where she sat in front of Johnny Jr. and left the room for exactly 2 minutes. She came back with cleaning gloves on and a face mask. She began to touch the boy’s head with caution as if he was an extraterrestrial. She then proceeded to touch his face, arms, and feet. Johnny sat there silently, but not without an occasional hiccup, as if this was completely normal. As if being kidnapped, poked and prodded was an everyday thing for him.

This went on for about and hour, until Sarah got bored of it. She took of the gloves and looked around the damp, dark basement. When she got up, Johnny Jr, watched her with wide eyes as she went to the edge of room. She then started to hum incoherently. The soft humming grew louder and louder until she was quietly singing. Then that soon became screaming. It was so loud and tuneless that even young Johnny couldn’t understand it. Suddenly, Sarah stopped the high pitched screaming and whipped her head to the door that leads up to the main part of the house. There was heavy footsteps coming down the stairs quickly.

Bang! The old, rusty door flew off its hinges and went flying across the room. Sarah looks at the form of Chief Ryland startled while Johnny Jr. starts to cry again. Then havoc began. Men in police uniforms came flooding into the basement while Johnny’s dad took his son away from the commotion.

A man grabbed the fifteen year old girl, who began to buck and scream wildly. Her brown dull eyes were now chaotic with excitement and her hair was flying around her. When the officer finally handcuffed her, she began to laugh hysterically. The officer brought Sarah outside, where the whole town was standing. What they saw startled them. The once shy, introverted girl was now clearly insane. The town now saw Sarah’s true self with all of her insanity. As the cop car raced away with Sarah, nobody ever once saw her parents.

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