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Would you give up your life to safe another on the premises that the person is truly sober? Two brothers Tom and Jerry, a twin with almost opposite characters, while one is gentle and easy going, the other is a living beast. Ajala came into the picture, not without a measure of faults but he is made to face the ultimate punishment for provoking Tom, Jerry was caught at the seen and as such was tagged the perpetrator of Ajala's murder. In the long run, Tom acknowledged his sins to Jerry and to the court but Jerry was ready to redeem his brother at the detriment of his own life. Jerry was hanged until life left him, For what offence?

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…Jerry saw that Tom had truly changed in character, in sobriety he was ready to face the capital punishment for his own crime, after intense thought, Jerry decided to give his life for Tom's.

Are you guilty of the offence levied against you or not? The court attendant asked the big man in the dock. At that point, the entire court was absolutely silent; the huge man in the dock was determined not to make the onlookers wait more than necessary, he looked up and said much to the complete shock of every person in that courtroom including the judge “guilty as charged”. What? Why? Has he been hypnotized or something? Those were the questioning gestures on the faces of court members, by now some of them have been following the story for close to 11 months, with that confession, even the judge who had developed empathy for the defendant now has his hands tied or should I say chained? There is no other choice than to declare the much awaited verdict but in this case, the accused has just sealed his fate with his own mouth.

The sitting judge moves for a recess in other for the jury to reach a compromise.

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