Through the Eyes of Death

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As children, our mothers and fathers told us that, in reality, there were no monsters. They told us that if one should appear before us, we should just close our eyes, click our heels three times, and say, “I wish I was home. I wish I was home.” Unfortunately, our parents lied.

Within each of us is the capacity for becoming a monster. Each of us knows that given the right conditions or conditioning, the monster within could show itself. Each of us could take the life of another and, given time, could likely justify the actions. Each of us could become that which we fear most.

You may wonder: do I like to kill and mutilate? Did those who fell by my hand get any emotion from me before their lives were taken? Do I thirst for blood? No. I am a hunter, and in the spirit of the true hunter, there is no joy in what I do. I do it because, for many reasons, it needs to be done. My only consolation is the knowledge that when I am done, each life taken is a step closer to life’s perfection.

To your dismay, you are very much like me. The only difference is what we constantly strive to conquer. You may think that when you win a job or a contract that you are fortunate and have done well. But do you ever think of those lives and souls you have affected by winning? Have you ever thought of the lives you could have destroyed by your own greed? And what about the children? You—by your own hands and conscious thought—have taken from them food, shelter, or a better way of life. You justify it by calling it competitive commerce or some other name to ease your conscience in the name of morality. The results are the same. You take lives and steal dreams. We are alike. We are all monsters in one way or another. My superiority comes from knowing that when I steal or take another’s life, I do so without blinders, fully aware of the consequences of my actions. I know the lives I destroy.

When I see children playing and laughing, when I see a couple embracing and sharing what must be love, it angers me. Love—even the knowledge of love—eludes me. To me, it is a disease more deadly than the worst of cancers. Love offers hope when there is none to be had. It gives peace of mind and comfort when we should be focused on those trying to tear away our dreams and goals. It compromises the very fiber of humanity and makes us weak.

I kill because I must. It’s all I know and is as natural to me as love and greed most likely are to you.

Remember this, my lambs: If you fear me, it is because you know that I can take from you the one thing that matters most: your right to love and be loved. You also fear me because you know your own truth—the monster which you are but a breath away from becoming.

These lessons I have shared are but the beginning. Someday, when you are at your worst and your fears have gotten the best you, you will reflect and remember what you have learned. With that knowledge you will again rise from the dead and overcome the tragedy you are plunging toward. Success will be yours. This is my promise.

Live today. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

Sleep well,

Mr. Smith

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