Celetial Summoner: An Esoteric Paranormal Suspense Thriller

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Chapter Eleven:When the Shoe is on the Other Foot, You Make it Fit

John and Simin walked into the station,and Detective Walker intercepted them.

“Captain Roark wants to see you two immediately. What did you two do? The captain’s pissed!”

Simin looked at John.

“You better know what you’re doing, John. Captain Roark won’t entertain your speculations.”

“Captain Roark listens to reason, Simin. He wouldn’t want me stormin’ in with guns-a-blazin’. He’ll understand my methods,” John said.

“When was the last time you saw the captain pissed, with you no less? I think it’s time to kick your charisma into overdrive.” Simin was apprehensive.

“You better win Best Supporting Actress. We’re married, remember?”

“You’re gonna use that on me when you’re in trouble, aren’t you?”

“Hey, for better or worse. This the time is one of one of the worse,” he said. “It’s stiff upper lip time. Let’s go see Captain Roark.”

“I feel for you guys,” Walker said. “The last detective that braved Roark’s layer left with a parking ticket pad.”

“Laravee was almost indicted on a sexual harassment lawsuit, and rumor has it he joked with the captain by saying, ’her ass meant nothing to me, Sir, and got busted for trying to be funny. I just stationed an officer in front of a perp’s house. It’s not that bad, Rick,” John explained.

“Yeah, tell that to a pissed captain. He’ll understand.”

John just looked at Richard, and began to walk to Captain Roark’s office. Simin was right behind him. John took a deep breath, and knocked on the window of his door.

“Enter!” Roark yelled through the door. His voice sounded agitated through the vociferousness. John opened the door, and entered with Simin following.

“You wanted to see us, Captain?” John had to keep composure.

“Are you in charge of this precinct?” Roark asked.

“No, Sir.”

“Were you secretly promoted over me?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then what on God’s green Earth gave you the authority to station one of my police officers in front of a burned suspect’s house?!” Roark was angered.

“The suspect is the prime, Sir. We just didn’t have the proper evidence to arrest him at the time,” John explained.

“If you didn’t have the proper evidence to arrest him, then how did you turn up at his house in the first place?!”

“We have circumstantial evidence, Sir,” John said.

“We don’t go off halfcocked on speculation, John! You know that! You’ve been on the force since ’78! Your rookie days have been over for decades!” Roark yelled. “You don’t station an officer in front of a house on circumstance!”

“We have other evidence as well, Sir,” John said.

“If it isn’t circumstantial, or solid enough where he isn’t cooling his heels in holding, what other type of evidence is it?!”

That was when John had to use his charisma. He was never in this position before. He had hoped Simin would back him.

“The other evidence is… psychic, Sir.”

Roark was in disbelief.

“Psychic?! What the hell are you talking about?! Simin, what did you do to Mister Conventional?!”

Simin came forward.

“Detective Chandless was in dire straits, Sir. Forensics, and CSU couldn’t come up with anything, so I told him about Anezka Kranz, Sir. Detective Chandless wanted to solve his case, so he tried her. She found the suspect through her paranormal skill, and that’s where we are now, Sir.”

Roark calmed down.

“So you got John to believe in Anezka huh? You know how skeptical he is on that psychic profiling thing. I’m actually surprised he didn’t request a transfer from you a year ago because of that. I guess your arrest record overshadowed that voodoo crap in his eyes,” Roark said. “You know that psychic evidence will get quashed in court, right. John?”

“That’s why I stationed an officer outside of his house, Sir. It gives me a chance to think of how to apprehend him.”

“The only way you’re going to collar him is through his confession, and with the penalty he would face with all that heinous debauchery, I don’t think he’ll opt for a needle on circumstance,” Roark said.

“I just have to work backwards, Sir. I already know the means of the mystery. I just have to fill in the ways,” John said.

“This is a whole lot tougher than arresting wise guys in New York isn’t it?”

“As you said, Sir, I’ve been in law enforcement since 1978, and if the criminals get tougher, I get tougher as well.” John gained his confidence.

“Keep his arrogance down, Simin. You’re the only one that can corral the bucking bronco when he gets this way,” Roark said, and looked at John. “Do your Agatha Christie for this case, and lock him up this time. I have to explain your tactics to my superiors, and if you don’t come up with any results quickly, I’ll look stupid for allowing this.”

“You’re the captain of the precinct, and the team, Sir. You gave me a play, and I’ll drain that three.”

“Just beat the buzzer, John.”

Marvin was looking at Detective John Chandless’ record on his computer. Officer Yeggs and Sergeant Milner were looking at the monitors in the tactics van Sergeant Milner had driven from the station.

John must have done something astounding for Captain Roark to authorize the tactics van to surveil Mister Predjin. The two placed infra-red equipped, motion sensor cameras at both entrances of the home, and motion spikes around the home’s perimeter so if he tried to escape by way of window, when he set foot down, they would be alerted.

Marvin saw the transfer to the other vehicle, and the two officers trying to make his home visually, and motion sensitive. They were good with the information they knew, but sadly, they didn’t know everything.

Marvin was incredibly anal retentive due to his South African upbringing. He never wanted to be forcefully incarcerated. Under his fake basement seal, he had a tunnel built underground to his fruit shed. Those officers would monitor an empty house at any time. Marvin was a smarter criminal.

He saw all of Detective Chandless’ accomplishments. That he worked in New York as an ordinary cop initially, and with the arrest of the Don of the Gerazzi family was promoted to detective. He moved to Leavenworth Kansas, and resumed his career. He had been on the force since 1978, and was married to a Kristen in 1980. He divorced in 1992, and didn’t have another spouse.

That was the report, so Detective Chandless didn’t have any other companions legitimately on record. His two kids were grown. One was in California, and the other lived in Boston, so Marvin couldn’t abduct any local loved ones. What to do?

Then Marvin remembered how police were bonded with their partners! He began to look up Detective Simin Khouri.

Detective Khouri was much younger, and emigrated from Qom Iran. She didn’t have any children or relatives in the states, so maybe she dated. Marvin was determined to make Detective Chandless suffer.

He found her address, and decided to pay her a covert visit. He put on his black sweat suit with a hood, his aviator sunglasses, and put his ski mask in his pocket. He opened the fake basement cover, and went to the fruit shed.

“This guy isn’t going anywhere, Sergeant,” Yeggs said to Milner.

“That’s the reason we’re here, Yeggs. To make sure he doesn’t go anywhere,” Milner said while looking at a monitor in the van.

They thought they had sewn Marvin up tightly. They just missed a crease. Marvin was well on his way to his abandoned looking car to drive to Detective Khouri’s apartment.

“He hasn’t even come outside to dump his trash, Sergeant.”

“We’ve only been here seven hours, Yeggs. Do you empty your trash at night? Stop looking for action where none exists. Drink your coffee because this one is gonna be a long haul. We get relieved at nine in the morning, and we need to stay awake to make sure Mister Predjin is sleeping through the night, and doesn’t sleepwalk to go on a killing spree.”

“I’m just here, Sergeant. What did this guy do?”

“Allegedly, he killed five people, and we don’t want him to kill again while Detective Chandless gathers more evidence to arrest him,” Milner said.

“This is gonna take forever, Sarge.”

“Do you want to check parking meters at the festival all week, Kid? We’re in the comfort zone. I’m relishing not dealing with rowdy drunks wanting to drive home to catch the pennant game. Sitting here, watching a perp that knows we’re watching him so he won’t go anywhere is my second vacation,” Milner said.

“I just feel like a sitter, Sergeant,” Yeggs said. I didn’t graduate from the academy just to sit.”

“You’re all crazy adventure stoked, Yeggs. You keep watching all those high tension cop shows. Sorry, Kid, real police work aint like that. We sit, and write tickets way more than chasing a suspect. How long have you been on the force?”

“This is my second year, Sergeant.”

“Out of my ten years, I’ve had two foot chases, and have only used my service revolver to practice, and qualify on the range. Real police work doesn’t get good ratings,” Milner said. “Settle into being a very proficient security guard that can arrest, and shoot if need be. You’re gonna be avoiding brutality lawsuits more than chasing down murderers.”

“Yeggs had just gotten an education from the sergeant. It was blatantly harsh, but it was true. His days of crazy police heroism was over. He wasn’t going to get that mythical key to the city if he stayed a cop. At least he would get a pension. It wasn’t exciting, but it was real.

“I bet you’re used to sitting, huh Sergeant?”

“It’s part of the job. You didn’t think you’d be on a drug bust every week did you? The narcotics unit isn’t even your department. We get cats out of trees, and help old ladies across the street. Your excitement is loud noise complaints, and issuing a ticket to a drunk driver. When you finish that, you’ll be testifying in court for a wasted morning. Surprise, Kid. Law enforcement is a day at work, not an adventure around every corner.”

“It’s not that bad, Sergeant. We’re monitoring a potential murderer,” Yeggs said.

“I’m sorry, Yeggs. I’m a jaded old man that’s been through the mundane, rinsed, and repeated for ten years. I’m just letting you know what to expect in your law enforcement career. You might get into the sensitive crimes unit, or drug enforcement. I just maintain the scraps for the detectives. I keep you guys in line because I’ve never been disciplined, and I’ve been here the longest. My donuts are sweet, but I’ve had my bitter taste in my mouth for ten years.” Milner sipped his coffee.

Marvin was on his way to Detective Khouri’s apartment. He had stopped through Rennick’s drive thru to pick up a burrito, and a water. It was finally time to visit the detective.

Marvin parked about a block away from Simin’s apartment. He was going to kill her, and whatever significant other she had. She wasn’t married, he knew that through her profile, but her boyfriend would die as well. He just picked the wrong detective to hitch to.

Marvin grabbed his pepper spray, and Billy club. He was going to incapacitate them both, and bludgeon them to death. A vile, heinous murder would make this personal to Detective Chandless. He didn’t want to kill the detective. Death would be an escape from his suffering. He didn’t deserve to be vindicated. He had to be forced to suffer, and live in this cesspool called America for a bit longer. Marvin was halted from his job so he wanted to turn the tide on the detective. Worrying about her death would take more of a priority than chasing him for his vindications.

It was dark enough, so Marvin got out of his car with his ski mask in his pocket, and began to walk to Detective Khouri’s apartment.

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