Celetial Summoner: An Esoteric Paranormal Suspense Thriller

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Chapter Fifteen: Paranormal Protection

John sat at the table for dinner. He was having pierogis, and cabbage. Anezka expanded his cuisine because those pierogis eclipsed his normal corndog dinner.

“How is your meal? Is it too spicy?” she asked him as she poured his Czech beer in a chilled frosty glass.

He bit into a pierogi, and closed his eyes.

“I have an elegant woman that can cook, listens to real music, and is inherently sweet? What did I do to win such a unique prize?” John smiled at her.

“You carried me upstairs, and ravaged me. I believe I won that prize,” she said with allure.

He joked with her.

“That meal wasn’t too spicy was it?”

“I have been abstaining since Hugo’s death so I’ve missed spice for four years.”

She walked over to him, and gave him another deep kiss.

“I love your spice, Mister Chandless.”

“Wow, I got to work protecting my betrothed all day, and got a nooner to boot. If this wasn’t a tense day, I’d call it one of my best in years,” he said as he drank his beer.

As they sat in bliss being purposefully oblivious to the impending danger, Marvin cased her house.

He saw a detective police vehicle in the front of her house, and realized Detective Chandless was with her. His threat worked.

He watched all the cop shows, and understood the detectives lived to figure out puzzles. Detective Chandless was a dyed in the wool detective.

He pulled out his ski mask, and tranquilizer gun. He wouldn’t shoot them. That would be thuggish, and leave evidence. Marvin wanted to be a ghost, and also a torturer. He wanted them to feel their wrongdoings. They had to feel what they had brought upon themselves, the deleterious nature of their so called patriotism. He was the vindicator.

Marvin began to go to a window of Anezka’s house. She had security, but it wasn’t of the Secu-lok variety.

As Marvin crept to her window, he felt a surprising chill as if he opened the refrigerator wet, and naked. All of a sudden, he left his feet, and was propelled 15 yards away from her house!

As he hit the sidewalk in her neighbor’s front yard, Marvin became shocked at the immediate event. It was an unruly, harsh event he had no idea of it ever happening.

“That harlot must be a witch. I approach her, and a demon blocked my attempts.”

That was when Marvin looked around to see an elderly gentleman neighbor looking out his window. He quickly closed his curtains. He knew he couldn’t be seen anywhere near her house because he had policemen watching his house, and none the wiser of his dastardly exploits. He had to get to that old guy before he squealed.

Reggie Abernathy was looking outside of his home, and he saw a man get booted away from his neighbor’s house. As that man looked around, Reggie quickly closed his curtains so he couldn’t be seen.

Reggie was asked by the neighborhood to be a watchdog because he never went anywhere. He actually got recruited because he lived next door to Anezka, and was their “Witch Watcher”. He still had an obligation to the neighborhood, and that included Anezka. He felt he had to call her to let her know of the potential burglar. He never called her so he had to find her number.

Reggie got up, and went to his basement. His kids never visited, and with his wife Petunia dead, his Alzheimer’s was showing up glaringly as he looked for her number.

“Where’s that damned watch folder? I know I put it down here.”

As Reggie was trying to find her number he heard his back door crash open!

His memory was absent at times, but he could hear very well.

“Where are you, Old Man?!”

His children insisted he wear a medical call pendant. He was so stubborn about being a man, he just left it on his nightstand in his bedroom. This was when he really wanted, and needed it.

Marvin stayed silent so the only thing heard was the early evening news playing on the television. He walked over to turn it off.

“I know you’re here! What did you see?! I wish you hadn’t seen me because you have severely augmented my intentions! Are you in the bed room?!”

Marvin walked over to a door, and kicked it in. It was just a bathroom. He realized that the door adjacent to the bathroom was the linen closet so he kicked in the next door.

Reggie began to pray. He knew his phone was upstairs, and he never wanted one of those newfangled cellphones. He never went anywhere so what use would he have gotten out of it? He thought when he was trapped hiding in his basement with a lunatic burglar upstairs near the house phone would be the very unlikely, but necessary use. Reggie was comfortable with nothing ever happening in his neighborhood so extra safety never entered his mind. He even shooed away that Secu-lok sales guy. His you never know speech began to assault his mind at that time.

Marvin saw his empty bedroom, and since this was a ranch style single level, the basement must have been where he was.

Marvin didn’t want any evidence so since he knew Reggie’s location, he went to the kitchen to get the bleach from the cabinet under the sink to wipe down the future crime scene.

Marvin was thorough with not leaving any evidence. He never wanted to be caught by a science crime scene geek. He evaded the police for months, and tripping up on an unplanned killing would be very asinine in his eyes. His vindication quest had to deal with adversity, and he wasn’t a careless or stupid vindicator. His meticulousness had paid off well. After this vindication, he just had to deal with the witch, and Detective Chandless. Then he would be free to vindicate. This town would be burned, but he had an entire nation to go. He would get back to Leavenworth later.

He finished the sterile way. As the bleach burned his nose he spoke aloud.

“Time to pay the piper, Old Man!”

He walked to the basement door to open it. Reggie was Golden Gloves in the military, and fought the Krauts with honor and dignity. He wasn’t going to go out by a crazed lunatic so he rushed Marvin when he opened the door to punch him in the nose.

Marvin was surprised by the feisty old man. He wasn’t just a victim, he was a brawler.

As Marvin grabbed his bloodied nostrils, Reggie began to run to the back door.

Sadly, age, and Alzheimer’s played a crippling element in his escape.

As he desperately looked for the back door, Marvin recovered quickly, and grabbed Reggie by the neck! As he halted Reggie’s escape, he began to ominously speak.

“Normally, I would vindicate you in the most heinous way by cracking, and smashing your knuckles permanently with plyars, or hammer off your kneecaps, but my time is of the essence.”

Marvin moved to a kitchen drawer with Reggie’s neck in a death grip. He opened the drawer to see plastic covers so he opened another one. There they were, serrated steak knives. He took one out.

“I don’t know you, Kraut! You Nazis will never win this war!” Reggie retreated to another dangerous time in his life. A time where, no matter how deadly it was, he won. This time wouldn’t be as fortuitous.

“Release every babble you have, Old Man. I will release you from your mortal coil.”

“You won’t get anything else outa me you German pig! I am a patriot, and patriots can keep a secret until death!” Reggie was gone at that point.

Marvin almost felt bad for the old guy. He knew he lived alone, and even wondered if his children or even grandchildren ever visited him. Due to the recent events, slitting his throat was a mandatory action.

As Marvin put the knife up to Reggie’s throat, Reggie spoke once more.

“You can kill me, Kraut, but we’ll swarm the Gestapo like ants, and put Göring and Himmler’s heads on spikes!”

Forgive me, uQamata, but this has to be done, Marvin thought, and slit Reggie’s throat.

Marvin was thorough with the slice. He had seen too many of his tribe choke to death on their own blood because of a botched cutting. They didn’t die from the cut, they choked on their own blood while still in excruciating pain. Marvin cut from jugular to jugular to make sure the old man died from exsanguination instead of drowning in his own blood. He had a morbid form of compassion.

As Reggie jerked in his death throes, Marvin took out his cellphone to get to his translation app. He knew English, but not urban vernacular. That was an addition to this particular application. He was also lucky the app came with other languages.

He spoke into the phone, it dinged, and displayed the utterance in Czechoslovakian. He carved the message into Reggie’s stomach, had him spread eagle in the pool of his own blood, and called the Kansas City police on their private line from Reggie’s house phone because 911 would get there too quickly.

He switched to a Darth Vader simulated voice app on his phone, and reported to the cops through the app as a microphone.

“District eight, KC Police Department, how can we assist?”

“There’s an old dead guy here. Send a coroner.”

Marvin quickly hung up, and left Reggie’s home. He knew he had to regroup from that abstract defense the witch wielded.

“Are you ready for bed, John?” Anezka asked.

“I thought Predjin would try something tonight so I’ll stay up to meet him,” he told her.

Anezka looked at him with slight exasperation.

Now, John, you know I have supernatural protection. My guardian will make sure he will not attack. He can get nowhere close to this house, come to bed.” She had that look on her face again. He guessed she liked his spice very much.

“Okay, Anezka, I’m going to check the house, I know there’s no reason to do it. I’m just more comfortable being the detective I am. After I suspect what you already know, I’ll come upstairs.”

Anezka smiled at him, and began to walk up the stairs as Hi de ho played on her stereo.

“Just cut off the radio before you come up. Otherwise, you’ll feel inadequate from not completing your fake phallic sweep.”

John knew it was unnecessary for him to even be there. He knew Anezka couldn’t, and wouldn’t be harmed by Marvin. He just felt better by being with her.

He checked around the house, went to check the basement, came back up to turn off the stereo, and went upstairs.

Dragnet began to ring on his phone waking him. John picked up his cell to answer. It was Bellagio.

“What, Bellagio?”

“Get over to Marionette, and Willow brook. You’ll see the cop cars. We have a murder scene right next to Misses Kranz’s house.”

As John woke up, he saw the red and blue lights bouncing off the walls through the window. Anezka woke up.

She put her hand on his arm.

“What’s going on?”

John put up his hand to complete his conversation with Bellagio.

“I’m already here, Bellagio. Let me get dressed, and I’ll be out in a minute.”

“I’m not going to even ask you why you’re at Misses Kranz’s house. Just get over here,” he said.

“Misses Kranz was my protection detail today. I’m doing my job, Bellagio.”

“And you’re undressed at night, after hours, in her house. I guess homicide detectives go above and beyond. Just get dressed, and get over here, Homicide Detective.”

John knew Bellagio was screwing with him because they worked so closely together, and more importantly, they were guys.

“On my way, CSU.” John clicked off the phone, and turned to Anezka.

“I guess your Guardian Devil is good but he doesn’t protect your neighbors.”

“What happened, John? Was it Melody or Reggie?” she asked.

“At this point, all I know is someone was murdered. I don’t know which side, but I’ll be out there in a minute.” He put on his pants. “I’ll call you when I find out.”

John finished getting dressed, grabbed his equipment, and went downstairs to exit her home.

He saw all the cop cars, and knew what house Bellagio was in. He walked over, showed his badge, and went inside.

He saw Bellagio looking over the corpse of an elderly gentleman.

“Who’s the victim, Bellagio?”

“Hey, John. This guy is sick. We have a Reginald Abernathy wearing a Cuban necktie, lying in his own blood. There’s something carved in his stomach.” Bellagio wiped off the blood to see what it was. “What does bizko ale ne doutink mean?”

John had no idea, but he speculated Anezka did. He called her. She answered immediately.

“It was Reggie, his throat was cut. What does bizko ale ne doutink mean?” She answered him. “Okay, Anezka, I have to go to work. Don’t wait up, it might take a while. Try to get some sleep. I’ll be back in the morning. After what you just told me, I don’t think you’ll be in any type of danger. Your devil is a good bouncer. I’ll see you in the morning, goodnight.” He clicked off his cell.

“Did you find out?” Bellagio asked.

“It’s the same perp that killed Mel. That message was Czech for close, but no cigar.”

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