Guilty of Innocence

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Chapter 15-Final Confrontation

Chapter 15: Final Confrontation

The car was parked a few blocks from the Space Needle as Parker and Chad sat in it, the detective waiting for Chad to tell him what he wanted him to do. Chad chewed on his lower lip in thought before sitting back in the passenger seat and looking to Parker with a sigh.

“Ok,” Chad finally nodded. “I’ll go in the front, you pull rank to go in around the some back entrance to cover me. You gotta stay out of sight though.”

“We’ll have to get the place evacuated,” Parker advised, but Chad shook his head.

“You do that and he’ll know I brought help,” the teen replied. “I want my answers before you take him in, and he’ll take off if he even catches a whiff of cop odor.” He glanced at Parker’s holster under at his belt then looked back up at him to tell him, “I need a gun.”

“No, you don’t.”

“What happened to playing this my way, huh? Recall what he did to my arm?” Chad waved his bandaged arm in front of the man. “I’m not goin’ in without a way to protect myself.”

“You won’t get through the doors with a gun. Do you even know how to use one?”

Chad held out his good hand and beckoned with his fingers that Parker give him a gun to demonstrate with. With a sigh of defeat, Parker pulled his pistol and handed it to him. He watched in amazement as Chad pulled the magazine to examine how many rounds were inside, then reloaded and cocked it, loading a round into the chamber before aiming it at the floor between his feet to check the sights, then handed it back to Parker.

“I’m a pretty good shot, too,” Chad smirked as Parker took his gun back and holstered it.

Parker nodded, “Alright. I’ve got an extra gun in the glove compartment. You take that one and I’ll be sure to tell security you’ve got it so they don’t take you down. I’ll tell them you’re under cover.”

“You think they’ll buy it? I mean, you don’t think they’ll want in on this?”

“You leave that to me and you worry about getting to Nemo.”

Chad nodded before feeling his phone go off and he pulled it from his pocket to look at the screen. A text from Nemo. He leaned over to show the text to Parker as well.

When you get your ticket, go straight to the top. I’ll be waiting on the west end wearing the black coat I wore at the hospital. Don’t keep me waiting, brother.

Chad’s grip tightened on the phone before he shoved it back into his pocket and leaned forward to snatch the small revolver from the glove compartment and rolled the cylinder into view to find the gun fully loaded. Without another word he opened the door and climbed out of the car, slamming the door behind him as Parker climbed out after him.

“Chad,” he called, warningly as he hurriedly caught up to the teen who shoved the revolver into his belt behind his back and pulled his shirts down to cover it. “I know you’re pissed, but you have to keep a clear head.”

“My head’s clear, trust me,” Chad replied, marching down the street and not looking at him. “I’m sick of this shit. The taunts and riddles end…now.”

“Look, Chad,” Parker tried again, this time gripping his arm and stepping in front of him, bringing them both to a halt. “This isn’t a storyline from a movie or a TV thriller. You go in there to face this guy, even if you get the answers you want, he could kill you. Think of your parents—”

“I am, Detective,” Chad snapped. “I’ve got a lot on my mind, my parents are a part of it, but right now, I’m thinking of wringing that bastard waiting for me up there and maybe even kill him, if you let me.”

“You know I can’t let you, Chad,” Parker replied in a low voice. “Much as I’d like to, I can’t.”

“Then get out of my way and stop telling me to clear my head,” Chad shot back with a glare. “I’ve always met this guy with my anger. It gives me an edge, and it’s worked so far. My way, Villa, remember?”

With that he yanked his arm from Parker’s grip and marched around him to head down the street to the Space Needle. As he marched, he thought of the day his parents told him he was adopted. He’d been ten years old, and they’d made it a point to be together when they picked him up after school. They had dinner at his favorite fast food restaurant, and when they got home, they told sat him down and told him. No sugar coating. Just flat and honest. Of course, he had questions, and they’d answered them honestly, as much as they knew.

They told him he was only ten months old when they’d adopted him, and they never asked about his real parents. Where they were or who they were. It didn’t matter to them, and even at that age, he realized, he didn’t care either. They would always be his parents, no matter what. But since this guy called him his brother, he suddenly had an urge to know why. Why did he end up adopted at ten months old and why didn’t he get to stay with this brother he apparently had, and why this brother of his had turned out so demented?

He took in a breath as he stepped to the window to buy his ticket. His eyes nearly popped when he heard the cost of a single ticket.

“Thirty-two bucks?!” he hissed. “Kiddin’ me?!”

“One student and one adult, please.”

Chad shot his wide-eyed gray gaze at Parker as he stepped up next to him and slid his credit card to the man behind the glass. He glanced around as Parker got their tickets and they turned to walk away as the detective handed Chad his ticket, which the teen snatched away from him, still looking around as they walked.

“If he sees us together—”

“He won’t,” Parker interrupted and then he was gone.

Chad frowned in wonder as he watched him walk away before heading toward the entrance to get to the top of the space needle. No time to shop for Nicky, though he had to admit, he wasn’t sure if there would be time later, either. He headed toward the elevator with a group of people, keeping an eye out for Nemo before he entered.

He looked out of the glass wall, his hands shaking in anticipation. Or was it fear? Maybe anger? He couldn’t tell anymore. All he knew was that he was heading for something he knew he wasn’t prepared for. Did he really want to hear what Nemo had to say, or was this just a way to get to him and finally do what he’d threatened over the phone back in the Tunnel in California?

The elevator stopped and he shuffled out of the elevator with the crowd and into the observation room where there were places to buy more souvenirs and food and drinks. Chad headed straight to the doors leading to the observation deck and looked over the city for a moment before glancing around. He had to get to the west side of the deck, but he didn’t know anything about navigation. Time to wander.

His gaze shot around at every person in black, but when he realized it wasn’t the man he was looking for he quickly moved on. He was surprised he didn’t spot Parker anywhere, though he was glad he was staying out of sight. The last thing he needed was Nemo to get spooked and run again like he did in the Gardens.

He was just about to pass by a man in black, leaning on the gated railing to look over the city but he soon realized that it was Nemo. He froze mid-step behind him and glanced around before stepping next to him to lean on the railing as well.

“I’m glad you made it, Chad,” Nemo began, noticing the teen next to him. “I have to admit, I thought for sure that you were going to leave for California, but I had to send you that message…just in case.”

“Getting sloppy, Nemo,” Chad replied, casually. “You’re not so sure of my actions anymore, are you?”

“It’s nice to be surprised once in a while. You’ve been the challenge I thought you’d be, however.”

“I’m thrilled,” Chad muttered before standing tall and shifting on his feet to face him, only seeing his hood, and not his face. “I think we can skip the rest of the chit-chat and get straight to the part where you tell me why you killed my parents, stalked me and why the hell you keep calling me your brother.”

“It’s because I am your brother, Chad,” Nemo replied, and stood tall as well to face the blonde, lifting his hands to pull his hood down.

Chad’s eyes widened to an impossible roundness, his face going pale as his heart thumped in his chest. He couldn’t breathe as he stared wide, gray eyes into almost identical gray eyes in front of him, and he felt his knees start to shake. He couldn’t think of anything to say, or do, or how to react to this mirror image in front of him.

“We’re twins, Chad,” he smirked. “Oh sure, my hair color is a little too old for my age. Silver is the new blonde.”

“H-How…?” Chad couldn’t even finish his question, not that he was completely sure he had one for him.

“Let me do the talking, little brother,” he smirked a little wider. “You’re obviously in shock. My name isn’t Nemo. It’s Dax Harland. I’m the oldest of the two of us by one minute. I ended up staying with mom while you ended up with an aunt and uncle of ours on dad’s side of the family. That was the most he did for any of us.”

“W-What are you talking about?” Chad shuddered, still in shock and trying to recover, but he knew he wouldn’t have a chance to. “They said…they didn’t know my real parents.”

“Well, they lied, Chadworth,” Dax replied, sarcastically as he stepped next to him to slap and arm around Chad’s shoulders. “See, dad was a senator, and the scandal of him having a mistress alone would’ve ruined him during the election he was running in, let alone getting her knocked up and having twins. So – and this is how mom told it – he dumped her like a hot rock only five weeks into her pregnancy. She kept him updated, but he didn’t wanna have anything to do with her, or us.

“But, after she gave birth to us, she went crying to him, saying she couldn’t afford trying to feed three mouths that included hers unless he helped her. He gave in and took you off her hands to put you in the lap of luxury with his sister and brother-in-law while I stayed with mom. We were so poor, it wasn’t even funny, Chad.

“You don’t know what it’s like, scrounging for your next meal, not knowing if you can even keep a roof over your head. Mom had to work three jobs just to keep us both fed, with no help from our deadbeat dad. Well, ya know what Chad, I got so fed up, and now, I’m sixteen and livin’ footloose and fancy free. Wanna know how?”

Chad swallowed in terror, staring at Dax for a moment before breathing, “H-How?”

Dax glanced around as if suspicious of everyone around him before leaning toward Chad to murmur in his ear, “I killed our mom.”

Chad felt his stomach turn but willed himself not to hurl right then and there. He’d always figured the person that murdered his parents had killed before, but this was too much. To find out this psycho wasn’t only his brother but his twin, and that he killed their mother and his adopted parents was way too much for his mind and stomach to handle.

“She was drifting, Chad,” Dax continued, now trying to either justify his actions or explain himself. “She was miserable living the life that we did. I had to do something to put her out of her misery. I was fourteen when I did it. Shot her, right between the eyes while she slept. She was so peaceful, and she’ll be that way forever now.”

Chad’s rage suddenly got the better of him then, and gripped the collar of Dax’s coat to shove him back against the railing, making him grunt as his back hit the rail. Chad gritted his teeth and burned a seething glare into Dax’s eyes as his twin only chuckled in amusement, as if it were a game.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you myself right now,” Chad growled, still glaring at him.

“I have a good one,” Dax assured him through a smirk. “Because you want to know why I went after you and yours.”

“Oh, I know why you did it now,” Chad ground out, making Dax’s smirk fall slightly as he gave a frown. “It’s because you were jealous that I got the so-called good life and you didn’t. Well guess what, Dax, you’re not gonna get any sympathy from me, or the cops when they arrest you for the murder of my parents. I dunno how you ended up so twisted, or smart enough to pull off all the crap you did, but I don’t care anymore, ‘cause I gotcha now, bastard.”

“You should care, Chad,” Dax replied, calmly. “You should wonder how I ended up the way I am. You know what I found out about our genes, brother? We had four serial killers in out family…on both sides. The perfect storm to make one…or both of us killers. Maybe you should go check yourself into the loony bin, Chad, before it’s too late?”

“I am nothing like you,” Chad shot back. “As I see it, you’re the evil twin, and I’m the twin that got caught in the middle of that perfect storm you were talkin’ about.”

“I can see it in your eyes, Chad,” Dax smirked. “You wanna kill me. That’s the same look I get when I make a kill. Wild and insatiable. Like a hungry wolf, looking for blood.”

“You have know idea how badly I wanna throw you off this deck and watch you go splat on the concrete down there,” Chad growled. “The difference is I’m in control of my hate. You’re the psycho, not me. I got the better genes in out family.”

“We’ll see about that, dear little brother. I haven’t finished my game yet.”

Chad suddenly jerked, his eyes shooting wide as pain filled his every nerve, centering from his abdomen. He slowly looked down between them to see a knife in Dax’s hand, both covered in blood. His blood. And it wouldn’t stop flowing. Chad looked back up at Dax’s sadistic grin in pain and horror, his grip loosening on Dax’s coat collar. Dax took the opportunity to grip Chad’s arm, still holding the knife in Chad’s side, and he stood tall to shove the blonde back across the walkway and slammed his back into the glass partition between the deck and the gallery inside.

“I’ve been waiting a whole year for this, Chad,” Dax ground out, turning the knife in Chad’s side and making him gasp in more pain, his face losing color, fast. “You have no idea how many times I imagined this moment. Now I’ll get to see the life drain out of your eyes and take your place back in California. It won’t be too hard once I die my hair and change into your clothes. Then I’ll have the life I always wanted. I’ll bet Nicky won’t know the difference either, huh little brother?”

That sent Chad’s glare at his twin, making Dax frown in wonder at why he wasn’t in pain anymore. He twisted the knife again and Chad cringed again, making Dax chuckle in amusement, but it didn’t last long. Dax didn’t see Chad’s hand move behind his back, but heard a slight scrapping sound come from the glass behind Chad just for a split second. Before Dax knew it, he felt a the barrel of a gun pressed to his stomach, making his eyes widen as Chad only gave a weak, triumphant smirk before the shot rang out.

Somebody screamed, and both twins fell to the floor as Chad lost the support of Dax’s grip, and Dax lost the support of his own legs, blood draining from the new gunshot wound in his stomach. Chad slid down to the floor, leaning back against the glass as people ran frantically around the deck, screaming when they saw Dax and Chad all bloodied, facing each other, one on his knees and the other with a knife in his belly and a gun in his hand.

“You…You shot me,” Dax shuddered, giving a cough as Chad lifted a hand to his stab wound, but found himself too weak to move as his hand fell to his thigh. “You said…you weren’t like me. You’ve just killed me.”

“Never said I wouldn’t defend myself, idiot,” Chad shot back, weakly. “Come at me again and the next bullet’s…goin’ between your eyes.”

“Chad!” Parker shouted, shoving past the last of the people running in a panic and he knelt next to the blonde.

“What took you so long, Villa?” Chad demanded through a groan then cringed when he moved only slightly. “This psycho could’ve killed me.”


He and Parker looked to Dax as he tried crawling toward the blonde, but ended up coughing up blood as he sat on all fours. He slowly looked back up at Chad, a trail of blood at the corner of his mouth.

“That was a…good play,” he smirked through a raw voice. “Never took you for a…gunslinger.”

“I’m not,” Chad replied, weakly. “I just knew you’d try something today. Guess it’s true what they say about that…twin intuition, huh?”


Dax’s eyes glazed over, and his smirk slowly fell before he breathed, “Mom…I’m coming…mom.”

He fell forward at Chad’s feet, his face on the floor and Chad stared at his body, tears welling in his eyes. He wasn’t sure if it was what he’d said, or the fact that his brother was now dead, by his hand. He didn’t have time to think about it because he could feel the life starting to drain out of his own body and he looked to Parker.

“There’s an ambulance coming, Chad,” Parker assured him. “I ran as fast as I could when I saw him back you against the glass. I didn’t realize I was too late. I’m sorry, Chad. We’ll get you to the hospital and they’ll fix you up.”

“Parker…” Chad breathed, drawing the detective’s attention from the wound to Chad’s face. “Tell Nicky I’m sorry.”

“You’ll tell her yourself when we get back home, Chad,” Parker replied sternly, but Chad only continued.

“Tell her I wasn’t the knight she thought I was,” he muttered, feeling weaker by the second. “The dragon…slew me.”

“No it didn’t,” Parker insisted, frantically. “It’s only a flesh wound ok? Chad? Chad!”

LAX Airport...

Nicky pulled out her phone as she, Kat and Jared stepped out of the airport doors and quickly dialed Chad’s number. She frowned when it rang several times before going to voice mail but let the message play before speaking.

“Chad, it’s me, Nicky. We’re leaving the airport now. We landed a few minutes ago and I’m calling like you asked me to, so…call me back and let me know you’re ok, ok? Bye.”

She hung up and sighed, staring at her phone as Jared watched her for a moment, then placed a hand on her shoulder but she didn’t move.

“I’m sure he’s ok, Nick,” he murmured, reassuringly. “He probably left his phone so Nemo couldn’t get to him through it. He’ll call back soon.”

“I hope so,” she whispered, making him frown at her in wonder. “I have a really bad feeling.”

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