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She was the epitome of beauty. She had long red hair that had the faintest of waves to it. It fell like a waterfall from her head, over her shoulders, and down to her hips. Wearing a blue-green dress, her eyes pop out so clear. She had vibrant green eyes that held so much beauty and love in them. They also held pain. It was that pain that drew me in to start with. I had to find out her pain. I had to take it from her.

It was for this reason that I took her. I don't know her true name, but I gave her the name of Clara. That name sounds musical to me. Just like her voice did. Her laughter sounds like the soft tinkling of chimes playing in a gentle breeze. It was so beautiful. It broke my heart to listen, too, because even though she laughed, she wasn't happy. You could hear it. You could definitely see it in those eyes. She wasn't hiding that pain very well.

I've been following Clara for about two months now. Watching her every move. I have studied her habits so thoroughly, there can be no mistakes. Clara spends most of her time at work. I can tell she hates it there. Every time she walks in, she looks like she is about to walk off the plank on a pirate ship. When she walks out, she looks even more dead inside. She doesn't really hang out with any friends. She looks so lonely. I must save her from herself. If I don't save her, she won't save herself.

I take a deep breathe and resolve to myself to do this. It's now or never. It's just before 5 pm on a Friday. She will be leaving work soon to head home to her cats and lonely life. To another quiet weekend. Such a sad life.

I wait another three minutes and I finally see her. That hair. You could never mistake that hair. Or those eyes. Those emerald eyes. I drown in them every time I see her. She's walking out the door. She's wearing my favorite dress again. I so love that blue-green dress. It reaches down to her ankles and it has short sleeves, showing her delicate and pale skin. It has a light v-shaped cut that just barely teases you with just a touch of her ample cleavage. And it just brings out those eyes of hers that I love so very much.

I move from my position that I've been sitting at for the last hour. Waiting. Watching. Loving. I go to greet her before she gets into her car. If she gets into her car, I will be too late. She will leave. I will lose yet another chance to finally talk to her. I hasten my steps and catch her just before she opens her door.

“Hi. My name is Mike!” I reach out my hand to shake her hand. A look of confusion crosses her face. Surprise registers in her eyes. God. Those eyes. Now that I see them even closer, I drown in them even more. I don't know that I can breathe.

She carefully reaches out her hand to mine. “Nice to meet you, Mike. I'm Sandra. What can I do for you?”

“Sandra. I'm sorry, but that name does not suit you. Your beauty. Your wisdom that shines through your eyes. It doesn't suit you in the least. Would it be alright if I call you Clara? It's much more musical. Just like your voice.”

“Umm, sure. Whatever. That's fine. I'm actually on my way out for the day, but I do have appointments open on Monday if you'd like to come back then. We can talk more then.” A look of fear crosses her face. Crap. Screwed up. I scared her. I didn't want to do that. Not at all.

I want her to love me. I need her to give up her pain to me. “Actually, I was kind of hoping that we could talk right now, if you don't mind. I couldn't help but notice you the last few days. Well, weeks, actually. Your hair is what caught my attention at first, but it is your eyes that have so held me. I want nothing more than to get to know you.”

I can see in her face that her heart has skipped a couple of beats. I've definitely scared her now. What is wrong with me!? I just want her to notice me. I just want her to love me like I love her. I'm sure I've lost my chance now. Her hand is grabbing for the car door handle. I'm running out of time now, for sure.

“Look, I've got to go. Just call the office on Monday and we can see about getting you in, alright?” She's making a mad grab and the door opens. In that moment, I panic. I can't let her leave! I've spent too much time watching her and falling in love with her pain to let her go now!

I grab the cloth from my back pocket that I doused thoroughly with chloroform before coming here today. Just in case. You never know what may happen. I wrap my left arm around her waist as she turns around to get in her car and wrap my right hand holding the cloth over her nose. She's struggling. She's putting up such a fight. I knew she was the one. After a moment, the fumes work their magic and she's out like a light. Good thing it's winter. It's snowing. It's dark. Nobody can see us.

I grab her keys from her hand and put her as gently as I can in the back seat of her car. I don't want to hurt her. She's too beautiful. I quickly get in the driver's seat and drive away. I have a little cabin in the woods not too far from here. We can talk privately there. There, she will hear me out. She will realize how beautiful she is. Then she will love me. Then she will let go of her pain and give it to me.

We are at my cabin in less than 20 minutes. She's still sleeping peacefully. I carefully pick her up from the seat and carry her bridal-style inside. That thought is not lost on me. I'm carrying her bridal style. She fits so perfectly in my arms. She will be my bride. I know this. I feel it in my gut. It will be different this time. I won't hurt her. She'll love me. You'll see.

I get inside and make a right to the bedroom. It's so dark in the cabin, but I don't need a light to see. I actually see better in the dark. I carry her over to the bed and gently set her down. She balls herself up into the fetal position when I put her down. So beautiful. So delicate. The love of my life.

I cover her with a loose blanket and leave the room to wait until the chloroform wears off. She'll be ready to talk then, I'm sure. I make myself comfortable on the couch and wait in anticipation for my beloved's inevitable wakening. She may be shocked at first, but then we will talk. You'll see. She's different. She feels pain. Just like me. You'll see.

I wait in silence, wiggling my legs up and down in excitement. I figure I've waited about an hour when I hear rustling in the other room. She's finally stirring. The bed creaks as I hear her sit up.

“What the-?” she begins, but she never finishes. Oh. My darling Clara. My heart swells with love as I hear her get off the bed and start walking slowly around. She's probably trying to figure out where she is. Not to worry, my dearest. I will tell you in a moment. I want you to come to me first.

The footsteps pick up pace as the shock wears off and the panic sets in. She's getting ready to walk through the door. I can barely contain myself with the excitement. I will see her again in just a matter of seconds.

She runs out the bedroom door and tries to bolt to the front door. I quickly get up from the couch and catch her. “Please! Wait! We haven't talked yet! That's why I brought you here. I just want to talk to you!” I explain as she struggles again.

“NO! HELP! SOMEBODY!” she screams.

I chuckle. “Nobody will hear you from all the way out here where we are. Just please, calm down, have a seat. We'll talk. I'll explain everything.”

She won't stop struggling and screaming for help. I'm starting to get irritated. It shouldn't be going this way. She's supposed to be calm and understanding. I know it. I saw it in her eyes. She's just not listening. That must be the problem. Yes. That's it. She just needs to stop and listen.

I pick her up from the floor. She really doesn't weigh that much, but she is putting up quite the fight for someone so small. Still no match for my strength, though. Nobody can match my strength. I toss her over my shoulder and carry her back to the bedroom while she continues screaming. She'll listen in just a moment. I'm sure of it.

Since she's putting up such a fight, I can't be as gentle as last time, so I toss her onto the bed. The panic has definitely set into her face. Surely she doesn't think I'm to rape her? I may not be the greatest guy out there, but I'm not a total animal.

“Stop screaming!” I shout. “I just want to talk and we can't do that with you screaming, now can we?” But she doesn't stop screaming. If anything, she's gotten louder.

“No! Please don't hurt me! Please don't rape me! I'll give you money! Please! I'll give you anything, just don't touch me!” she rants and rants.

I yell at the top of my lungs. This adds a growl to the tone of my voice. Not a good sign for me. Not when I'm this irritated. I tend to lose control when I get this irritated. “I want you to shut up and listen to me!”

This finally shuts her up. She's too scared to speak now. The silence is almost as deafening as her screams. I put my finger in my ear and wiggle it around a little, willing my ear drums to work properly again.

“Thank you,” I say as I stop and pull my hands back down to my waist. “I brought you here because you weren't listening earlier. I thought if we went somewhere more private, you would be willing to listen better. I've been watching you. For several weeks now. Maybe a couple of months. You draw me to you. Your eyes. They hold so much pain. I wanted to find out why you hurt so much. I wanted to take your pain from you. If only you would open up to me and let me.”

“What? You've been following me?! On what planet do you think that's okay? That's called stalking! Then to top it all off, you go and kidnap me and take me to god-knows-where for god-knows-why. That is not okay! This is definitely not okay!” she rants at me more.

Now I am angry. I thought she was different. She's just like all the rest. Silvia, Callie, Rayna, Mara. She's just like them. All bitches. Conceited.

“I thought you were different,” I tell my beloved Clara with barely contained anger in my voice. “I really did. I thought you'd understand me. Your pain that drew me to you. I have that pain, too. I wanted to share your pain. Take it away. But you're just as bad as the rest! You don't see past your conceited noses to see the person who loves you!” I'm screaming now. My voice getting louder with each statement. There's an audible growl behind my words as well.

Clara gets off the bed and says, “I am different. But kidnapping is not okay on any level, I don't care who you are or what you think!” she yells back.

I feel the anger rising. It's out of control again. But I won't feel guilty. It's not my fault. If only she'd listened, it wouldn't have ended this way. It's her fault. Always her fault. I growl deep into my throat as my body sprouts fur and fangs replace my teeth. Why must it end this way?

I jump from my position, teeth bared, and I attack. There is one thing I haven't told you. I am a monster. Cursed. I kill everyone I meet. I honestly thought Clara would be the one to help me break this curse. To stop killing. I don't want to hurt people. I don't. But things never change. I remind myself of this as I drink her life-blood. I'm sure the next one will be the one. I'm just sure of it.

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