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Cold blooded murder

Honk! The loud and deadly horn behind us made the most ear piercing noise.

I jumped at the sound, not even noticing the fact that I could move again. I looked at the two animals in front of me. I had forgotten the majority of the day. The only thing I remembered was the necklace.

As we turned into a dark roadway, the lights to our vehicle turned off. We slowly rolled our way down the abandoned street. Passing beggars, street prowlers, and crime. The flickering street light showed not much as we wheeled slowly by.

The silent hum of a light in a convenient store, along with yelps and screams in the distance. Fallen metal trash cans, and old abandoned street cats were the only sounds I could hear all the way up the street.

We turned into a rugged driveway.

“Here we are.”

Sully turned the key, and pulled it out of the ignition. Dave stared at him with obscurity.

“What?” Dave’s pulse began to quicken. His fingers numb, and his eyes bloodshot in surprise, but not the good kind.

Sully shrugged, “police don’t show up much around here.”

Dave looked around

“I can see that, and I can also see our dead bodies in the near future. Surrounded by a pool of blood, and eaten by....”

A cat hissed in the distance

“that” Dave finished, and sat back in his seat, folding his arms.

“Oh stop being such a pussy.” Sully waved his hand in the air motioning a “whatever.” “I told you, you got soft over the years, but no, no one listens to Sully. We belong here, were criminals, and the more you deny it, the more it will eat you alive. Now come on, and bring the kid.”

“What about the money?” Dave protested, trying for an excuse.

“Okay scratch the kid, get the money.”


Sully shrugged as Dave wide eyed, with a slightly tilted head stared at him, shocked.

“I’m not leaving my daughter so you can have your money.

“We’re not leaving her, she’s just a second trip that’s all.“

Dave sarcastically chuckled, “not in a place like this.“

He opened his door and got out around to the other side. He opened my door and unbuckled me, then he took my hand, and gently pulled me out. He held me close as we walked into the rugged dark house. As they opened the door, Sully ran up the driveway with one of the many boxes that I noticed beside me in the vehicle, and held it close.

“What are you waiting for, we can’t afford to dilly dally, not with,” Sully looked around then whispered. “Over ten billion dollars. The people here will eat that up, now come on.” Sully dug for a key in his pants pocket and opened the door.

It creaked as it opened and revealed a darker inside. There was a patterned carpet, and a hallway that went all the way to the other end of the house. There were two rooms that lead off in different directions, one to the kitchen, and the other to the living room. Down the hall there were four decent sized bedrooms, and a full bathroom. There was a linen closet beside the bathroom, and a small window seat at the end of the hall with a couple throw pillows to match.

Dave gazed at the sight, it was nothing like he thought it would be, seeing the street and all its dangers. The place wasn’t as dumpy as to be expected.

Sully walked to the wall beside the door and flipped the light switch on, placing the box of cash on the floor. “Well” Sully put his hands on his hips taking in the scene, and let out a deep breath.

“It’s not my staff equipped mansion but it’s the best place in the whole neighbourhood.”

Dave looked at me as I stuck like a starfish to the wall, and then back at Sully.

“Oh I believe you.”

After all the boxes and suitcases were loaded into the house, and I was asleep, Sully sat in the living room staring out the window. Dave sat on the couch beside him and stared at the random area rug centered in the middle of the room. There was an intense silence before Sully looked away from the window he watched Dave for a moment before he spoke up.

“You wanna know don’t you? You’re curious,” Sully teased.

“Is it something to be curious about?” Dave asked still mesmerized by the ugly green rug. Sully stood it’s the houses secret, every house has one. He walked slowly to the rug and pulled it back revealing the dusty trap door hidden in the floor.

Dave got up out of his chair, it was like a pull, something was drawing him in, the closer he got to the door the more he saw it. There was an illuminating light source leaking out into the living room from the mysterious wooden door. The handle was a medieval themed metal ring, and it looked like something straight out of a castle dungeon.

All Dave could do was stare, Sully leaned down and lifted the latch. He pulled the door open, and simply walked in. When he reached the point where only the tip of his head was showing, Sully reached out his arm and motioned for Dave to follow.

Stairs lead to a small cement room full of light from a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Once Dave was all the way down the stairs Sully pushed a grey blended button on the wall. It took a few seconds before the wall beside the staircase separated in half, slowly disappearing into itself. Dave gasped in awe it was a complete replica of the mansion.

Sully began to walk into the red carpeted, massive mud room with a look of smug pride on his face.

“See,” he made a grand gesture throwing his arms up into the air. “Now we didn’t leave, and” he pointed up the stairs, “we have more storage, and this is a perfect place incase you know the neighborhood takes its toll on us, and the break in’s start. Dave who was still starstruck by the sight snappe out of it at the comment, and whipped his head halfway around his body.

“Break ins!?” he questioned anxiously,

“It’s just a precaution, just like in any other neighborhood, only this is way safer, come on.” Sully motioned his hands towards him, “keep up.“

On the tour Sully talked more than showed, he didn’t open any doors only said what was in them. Games room, theatre, living room, kitchen, a total of twenty bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and ten half bathrooms. There was an indoor swimming pool and hottub room equipped with its own towel closet, state of the art cleaning tools, a shower stall slash change room, and a built in sitting sauna. There was an arcade room with table tennis, air hockey, foosball, and an indoor miniature golf course along with many more arcade games. There was a gym both workout, and sports sections, and a closet used for all the gear.

Sully lead Dave to the end of the house where a glass tunnel awaited. On the tunnel floor there was a conveyor belt that they both stepped on. The ride took both Sully and Dave slowly down the scenic path with mountains, and streams, valleys and fields, a view fit for royalty.

Sully smiled at Dave excited of the expressions Dave would create, full of wonder.

“This way,” Sully spoke loud. “We don’t have to ever cross the dangers of that awful street again.” When the conveyor belt came to a halt both Dave and Sully stepped off into a beautiful gallery lined with silhouettes and paintings seeming like they belong in an actual gallery. A huge rose gold door sat in the center of the room surrounded in golden, jewel encrusted bars, twisted and curled around each other, making the perfect finishing touch on an already extraordinary household.

Sully stepped forward and pushed the doors wide open, a pathway lead to a community, a town of houses row by row. Normal houses, just like we were in a normal situation having the same old problems as everyone else in this boring functional life. The same old routine, and the same old jobs when they stepped out of the house, and turned to look at the door from the outside, something was different. It wasn’t like on the inside it was a simple hill, the door disguised so that no one would realize what secrets held within the mossy green exterior.

Dave’s smile hadn’t left his face since he saw the underground mansion, leaving to go to the top again, to the weak, ugly regular house seemed unreasonable, and like a mistake. Terribly unfortunate but Amelia was up there, and she would be waking up soon.

Dave followed Sully back through the halls of the maze and up the stairs to the green rug beside the open trap door. When they were both in the living room Sully locked the door, and covered it back up with the rug. Puzzled Dave stepped forward and tilted his head, slightly furrowing his eyebrows.

“Why cover it up, why not just leave it open while we are home?” Sully patted Dave’s shoulder and chuckled,

“Because I don’t trust your demon child not to ruin another house of mine with her excuse of an illness she uses to torment you, and me, and everyone who gets in her way.“

Dave’s fatherly instincts kicked in and drowned him in defensiveness when he heard the disrespect that flooded from Sully’s mouth.

“You will never talk about my daughter with such words again or else.” Dave backed Sully into the corner shoving his finger deep into his chest.

Sully giggled as if this was a joke, “or else what, you’ll run away from my house, under my roof, with my money into the streets where you were once begging for help by any person you happened to pass.“

Dave let go nearly falling backwards. “Well don’t worry, I’ll be out of here by tomorrow with Amelia, and then you don’t have to worry about us anymore. You can go back to your fugitive life and we’ll leave you alone.“

Of all the reactions Sully could have had Dave was in shock when he started to laugh. And not just under his breath a long stomach wrenching, loud laugh.

“I’m sorry Dave you’re right, I really can be a selfish, ungrateful jerk sometimes.” Dave turned to see Sully nearly crying

“What are you being sarcastic or something? I don’t have all day so if you’re gonna go all emotionally unstable I’m not sticking around for it.“

“No, I’m sorry” Sully stopped laughing, “don’t go, I need you here, I really do get lonely in this big empty house, and no matter how much you don’t believe me, I am grateful to you for getting me this life, and I find it grueling that you would do this for me than not get to enjoy the pleasures for yourself.“

Dave squinted in disgust, “that’s the second time since we’ve been here that you’ve given me a speech like that after insulting me and my daughter greatly, so you can sit here stirring in your own guilt while I go to bed. This is no longer just your home it’s all of ours, and if you insult me again I’m leaving our home forever, because like it or not, I don’t hand out third chances. I killed my own child as proof of that. Ending with the last word, Dave turned secretly smiling proudly as he marched to his dumpy room for the night.

When I awoke the next morning the home was dead silent, not a voice to be heard. I slid myself out of bed feeling my bare feet touch the freezing floorboards sent chills up my spine.

“Hello?” I called “anyone there?” As the sound of my voice echoed through the empty halls, every thought in my mind played and festered. What if they left me here, what if I’m alone? I wandered into the kitchen and then the living room where I found a door, an open door.

Down I went into the cement room it must have been a storage area or something it was so small, yet so bright. But if it was a storage space then why would it be empty, then I saw it. The missing wall it was gone and a whole other world lay beyond the simple house. I was in, I walked through the opening and turned the corner to find a huge gourmet kitchen, in the kitchen Sully was covered in flour. He was so busy cooking he didn’t even recognize me at the door. When I finally stepped in and got his attention he nearly jumped out of his skin.

“Sorry,” I jumped back startled by his reaction. “I woke up and started walking.” Sully rolled his eyes than swallowed, quickly he tried to shew me back up the stairs in hopes I wouldn’t remember. But just as he got me down the hall Dave arrived yawning, he stretched his arms up in the air, then releasing them he dramatically smacked his lips together.

“What’s going on here Sully?” Dave stared at me confused, Sully let go of my arm and patted my head. “Just showing the little thing around.“

“No you weren’t.” I began scrunching my nose at the beard that tickled my forehead annoyingly.

“You were pushing me up the stairs.“

“Oh honey you’re delusional, you can’t remember what you had for dinner last night. I was showing her around because I heard what you said yesterday, and maybe I do need to lighten up a little. I was down here because I thought we could live down here if that’s okay with you.

“That was smooth way to put me off” I shook my head and folded my arms.

Ignoring me, Sully brought Dave to the kitchen,

“I even cooked, it’s pancakes!” He said waving a steaming plate in Dave’s face.

“Sounds wonderful,” he said half asleep.

I simply rolled my eyes and walked to the table throwing my hands in the air. In my head I wanted to scream, he’s sucking up. I knew it, and I didn’t even know them.

After breakfast, I left to take a tour of the house. Dave insisted on accompanying me, but I refused. After the last altercation Dave wouldn’t leave my side, I didn’t even remember but he told me every time I asked to do something. It wasn’t like I wanted to tour the city, I just wanted to walk up the hall, but Dave was persistent. Every time I tried to walk away he followed me. Ignoring him was impossible with the loud drags, of his heavy stomps not nearly far enough from me down the hall. Instantly I stopped dead in my tracks, and spun on my heel.

“Enough! How about I sit in the living room than you can leave me alone, and I can have some peace.“

With that, I ran to the living room almost slipping as I turned to the room, and rushed in. I sat sinking myself into the warm couch, waiting for Dave to burst through the door and tell me off, but he didn’t.

He must have heard me, I thought. I turned my head to the window, and peered out at the open space. I started to wonder “why was I mad at them?” Maybe I could start to ease up and move on with Dave and Sully.

I stared out the window than got up and walked cautiously into the kitchen peering my head just through the doorway, watching Dave and Sully. I burst out laughing Sully was covered from head to toe in flour and Dave was wearing whipped cream as a beard standing there imitating Sully. They both laughed so loud you could probably hear it upstairs.

When they heard me laughing at the door they stopped and stared they both looked caught, as if they shouldn’t be having fun, rather taking care of me. I smiled and walked to the counter, I stood there for a good minute or two before picking up the can of whipped cream.

I twirled around squirting the delicious white foam everywhere, it was truly the memory Dave had dreamed of. To have a family, and be able to throw food, and laugh, and play. The smiles didn’t once leave that day, the day marking the start of this wonderful family.115 years later

“Dad,” I called from the mudroom. “Where are the keys, you promised to take me driving today.” I walked to the kitchen when no one answered and nearly ran into Sully.

“Uncle Sully!” I held my chest breathing heavily at the collision “can you take me driving? I don’t know where dad is.“

Sully shook his hands, the spilled water bottle that happened to be in his hands had left him absolutely soaked.

“Del,” he whined “look what just happened.“

“sorry so where’s dad?” I kept on it “I’m twenty nine all my friends learned how to drive at sixteen.“

“I know Del but you know your condition, just because you’re learning how to drive now doesn’t mean you can ever drive without dad or I in the car with you.“

“Sorry” he finished wiping the puddle “dad will be home soon he’ll take you as soon as he arrives.” I growled as I walked up to my room, and slammed the door shut behind me.

In the kitchen Sully shook his head, “it’s like raising a teenager” he muttered. Luckily the washing machine was in close range so that it was an easy trek with the soaking wet towel in hand. As he did Dave walked through the door bombarded with groceries, he hit every wall passing to the kitchen. When he dropped them to the floor a sigh of relief filled Dave’s face as he wiped away a beads of sweat from his forehead.

“Thanks for the help,” he huffed sarcastically basically stumbling to the fridge to get a bottle of water.

“You have to take that child driving, she’s going to explode if we delay it any longer.“

“Fine,” Dave slumped at the table “I’ll take her today, just let me eat lunch first.“

“Dad,” a voice shrieked, “your home, let’s go, we have to get a drive in before it gets dark, I can’t drive in the dark.“

I yanked Dave’s arm, forcing him up out of his chair.

“Never mind,” Dave muttered setting his water on the table. “Maybe when we get home.“

Out the door, and into the car, Dave gave his fatherly driving speech that he looked up how to give on the internet.

“Hands at ten and two, adjust all mirrors, seat belt on at all times, and whatever you do keep your eyes on the road.“

“Yada, yada, yada I get it.” I stepped on the petal and did what I had been dying to do since I turned sixteen. I drove down the street, it was a beautiful day, free of traffic, and really not very many pedestrians either. Still, Dave clenched the seat.

“Slow down!” He screamed and screamed, “stop this vehicle right now!“

I looked at him for two seconds, “nothing is going to go wrong.“

And then it happened, the words nearly jumped backwards as the whip lash, t-boned the tiny pieces of shattered glass that pierced Dave and I. It seemed so sudden, the flipped car bounced and jumped across the pavement. The metal compounded into a crushed ball burying us alive. Curling us into the seats, I screamed deadly. Never did I ever think something like this would occur. All I could see was my entire life flash before my eyes, my entire life.

It all came rushing back to me in a blur, when the car stopped tumbling, and all my guts had been puked out, I slowly tilted my head to Dave who was unconscious. The gash in my head bled into my mouth, I didn’t stop growling the whole time. I stared at Dave the feelings of anger and loss flustered in my mind, and I shut my eyes.

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