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Death at its finest

Awakened by the hospital lights through the crowd of nurses. I felt a bandage on my forehead indicating the stitches underneath. An IV was in my arm and a doctor stood at the end of my bed.

“Your father in the other room says you’re twenty nine so legally we can’t keep you. You’re vitals are stable, and you don’t show any signs of internal bleeding. So the good news is if you’ll just sign this, you can be out of here as soon as possible.” The doctor handed me a clipboard with a form pointing to the dotted line, but all I heard was white noise. I blankly signed the document then finally snapped out of it.

I sat up in a daze. I could only think of Dave, my thoughts focussed around him. Everything was a lie, everything.

He took 15 and a half grueling years of my life, and my thoughts were not on surviving, rather revenge. Dave was now over the line, he had taken my life and now I wanted to take his.

The adrenalin rush compelled me to get up, I walked out of my bed and down the hall. Now the game was no longer rigged in Dave’s favour, it was rigged in mine.

I walked out of the hospital in that ridiculous gown, the one that showed my butt wide open. But public nudity charges didn’t leave me lying awake at night. It fueled me, the fact of everyone staring judging it angered me, and to take it out on Dave after all he did to me, it would be divine.

The thoughts that circled my mind weren’t pleasant, but they were needed with the horrors I had endured, there was no stepping back, or changing my mind. The whole mess I was in, none of it was anyone’s fault but Dave’s. He was the center of my problems, of my deepest regrets, and this was personal.

I felt the stitches on my forehead I knew they were there before but now I really felt them. Although my injuries were minor the sore bruises on my body, my ribs ached. My back pinched every step I took. The pain was excruciating, but Dave wasn’t the only one I would be taking care of today. After that I had to find Lily, and that above all else kept me from drowning in the horror film that was my life.

She would be 16 now, all alone, washed up in the system, and Charlie what had become of his body? Was it simply decaying still in that shack, or did someone come that close to finding me, and instead they found Charlie.

That’s why we left, they must have been close. The more fire built up inside me, the faster I ran. My gown shuffled up as the wind grew heavier, and the soft kind girl that once lived within me faded away. I’d been through torture and betrayal of the worst measures, this was infinite pain, and it was acting fast. I rushed down the driveway of my old house, or should I say Sully’s house. Was he in on this too, or was Dave a liar on both sides of the table?

The house was completely empty from the moment I walked in. “Uncle Sully,” I called innocently as if still under this wretched curse. “The crash,” I accidentally said aloud covering my mouth Dave was in it too.

Sully was most likely with Dave at the hospital, a sick smile stretched out across my face as I thought of ways to kill them. They needed to be punished for what they did to me, to mom, to Charlie.

I looked around the house with a new set of eyes. I witnessed this stuff all before but looking at it now.

The vase could be broken over a head, the curtains could be used as a strangling mechanism. The knives in the kitchen were quite obvious, but I thought, and thought harder. I needed to inflict pain, something that was done countless times to me, pain that left an excruciating plead for forgiveness and mercy. Pain that would give Dave a slow painful death as he deserved, the terrorist, he was the enemy. He wasn’t my dad, simply a terrible human being, a nuisance more than that a criminal who needed to be sentenced to immediate death.

As much as I enjoyed imagining the torture, Dave and Sully could pull up in the driveway any second now, so I needed to act fast.

I gathered all that I could in the house that could be used as a weapon, and put it all in a pile on the living room floor. It all came together on the blue and green blanket I stacked them on.

A bowling ball, a jagged knife used for chopping up hard or squishy vegetables. A meat pounder used for flattening, well meat, a baseball bat, and ten rolls of packing tape. Plus a pair of sharp scissors. I wrapped up the utilities in the blanket and tied it with a piece of rope, carrying it over my shoulder like a sack.

Now I had to find a place to hide. This house has been my safe spot for 15 years. Think, think, think, it’s my mansion I’ve lived here for what seems like forever. I knocked on my head like a door with my fist. “Think,” I repeated to myself, “think.“

Just then, a car backed into the driveway. In a panic I ran up the stairs to the dumpy house. Once up there, I struggled to walk quietly, avoiding the squeaky floorboard third one from the front hall. I tiptoed over it dramatically, opening my mouth wide.

This was it, the perfect place. Whenever I was mad at Dave or Sully as a child, I would hide up here in the tiny cubby behind the couch. Neither of them had ever suspected or found it in all these years as fugitives of the law, ultimately making this the best space to be. Out of all the years I had decorated the space with golden lights, and printed pictures, plastering them all over the walls, and on the floor. I had placed my collection of throw pillows, and a beautiful big fluffy white blanket to comfort myself. In the small cubby, I had found in the secret room, I had stuffed a gold mine of candy snacks and juice pouches. I also hid a case of water enough to survive as long as I needed to be mad at my so called father and uncle. This was absolutely perfect.

In the cubby, I unwrapped my sack of weapons and took out the knife. Watching the shining lights in it’s reflection, I smiled once more, imagining the things I could do with the weapon.

I imagined knocking him out with the bowling ball, I would do it at night so Dave wouldn’t see it coming. I would replay the cries of agony, as I drag his unconscious body into the gym. I would tie him up in a chair with the packing tape, and one by one, I would cut off limbs. The screams of pain would be music to my ears. When I hear the pleas for me to stop, I will play games, pacing, scaring seeing the fear in his eyes as the knife traces his neck just barely pressing on his skin. Covered in goosebumps inflicted by fear, the tears that drip on the dagger would fuel my rage towards him, the rage that had been building and feeding on itself for years that finally exploded.

The chance was near as I could see through the small window that night was drawing close. I heard the voices from downstairs stop, and the glowing lights flicked off, and I heard doors click shut, and the noises of the street amplified themselves at the silent house. I listened for a bit before moving. No noise but the snores of Sully sound asleep in his room. It was time to move.

I wrapped up the sack and packed a few snacks in with it encase I got hungry. I tiptoed back down the hall, so worried about waking someone up that I completely missed the creaky floor board. When I stepped down on the board, I jumped around to try and avoid making any more of a ruckus, but the sack on my shoulder didn’t move with me.

The entire blanket collapsed and opened up, bouncing out it’s contents. In a panic to grab it, I slipped ultimately leaving me in a heap on the floor. I froze in the moment breathing heavily through my chest as a shiver developed in my spine. The knife wobbled around beside me, but I was too frightened to stop it from twirling and causing even more noise. I sat for a few moments frozen in time, than I heard it, the groan and the squeaky door hinges opening wide.

I heard the yawn and then the footsteps that dragged the kitchen floor, I began to breathe rapidly searching for something to protect myself. I gripped the knife handle in my hand bringing it slowly up, facing the stairwell. As the footsteps drew nearer, I began to shake. The knife was unsteady and prone to slipping out of my loose grip. I second guessed myself all the way until it was buried deep in Dave’s chest.

He barely saw me coming as I lunged forward, plunging the knife deep into his his chest. Once it was in, I tore it out and pushed him forward. Dave stumbled down the stairs struggling to breath he made it all the way down before his pulse came to a halt. Dave lay lifeless bleeding his last ounces of blood he had left. His cheeks faded, and his eyes closed, his arms fell to his chest and his lips drew no breath. I didn’t do anything for a while, just stared. Holding the knife tightly now, it was over.

My past 15 years of lies and betrayal, over, gone, done with. The shaking and cowering would have gotten worse for some people, but for me it stopped. I was more confident now than scared. The nervous parts of me buried deep inside vanished. Nevertheless I had just killed off my biggest hesitation. My father and my mortal enemy, bonded as one, now gone, no longer a threat.

I smirked at the blood stained crime scene, there was no way the fugitive downstairs would ever call the cops and risk a search of his illegal existence. And besides, it’s not like Locklyn Capannoli would be missed. I was in the clear for now, and as far as I was concerned Sully wasn’t worth killing. It wasn’t a game, the thought of murder still shook me. Never would I have done that for no reason, and besides I needed Sully to be alive to clean the crime scene, and avoid someone finding the body.

I dropped the knife on the stair, and took one big step over Dave’s sprawled out body, taking nothing. I had to improvise, I was no longer kidnapping and torturing, I had just killed him. Only causing minimal pain, but the body wasn’t my responsibility to dispose of, it was up to Sully. Dave was his problem,

“self defence.” I repeated it on my way out the door “self defence,” it was the only way I could cope with what I had done.

Covered in blood, I couldn’t walk the street like this. Once safely out of the house, I went around to the side and took the garden hose off the wheel. I made sure to wash away all the blood before I left, leaving every little bit of Dave at his final resting place.

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