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Trust is earned not given

Harold ignored my wink glaring at the floor, as if he felt guilty.

When he heard the door shut, he looked up at Kevin.

“So am I still her lawyer?”

“Yeah, at least until we can find a legal guardian to get her a real lawyer.” Kevin took a swig of his water bottle, as Harold turned away “real lawyer?” He thought.

“I’m gonna go grab a soda, from the vending machine.” Harold said it with a stutter, avoiding eye contact with Kevin, as he fled out the door.

He veered down the hall to his office, and opened his laptop. He opened his files and typed in “the Amelia Andrews case.”

What Harold managed to salvage, from the broken paragraphs, and bullet points was actually quite soothing. “She’s not an orphan!” Harold said aloud.

“What did you just say?”

Harold jumped in his seat, and turned, there in the door frame stood Kevin, arms folded in front of him.

“You followed me?” Harold asked,

“the vending machine, is in the opposite direction of the way you went. Why did you lie to me? What are you doing?”

Harold took a breath,

“I’m looking into the Amelia Andrews case, she is my client after all.” Harold muttered the words “my real client.”

“Then why did you lie to me about it?”

“I didn’t,” Harold looked down, being the terrible liar he was. “I just changed my mind, I wasn’t thirsty anymore”

Harold looked at Kevin, then looked back down.

“Okay” Kevin took the hint to scram,

with a great suspicion, he turned to walk back down the hall.

When he did, Harold wiped away the sweat rolling down his forehead.

“Oh, and by the way,” Kevin turned back towards the door. “Your a terrible liar,” then he turned, strutting proudly away.

Harold’s eyes widened, he thought he had actually succeeded for once. Kevin had just taken the feeling, and crushed it beneath his boot.

He turned back to his computer, careful not to say anything else out loud, he started typing.

Mother of three found dead, bla, bla, bla, girl holding knife, bla, bla, bla. Father, here we go,

Harold clicked the mouse, zoned into the screen.

“Dammit” he slammed his fist against the desk.

Harold read only a portion of the fathers records. Every bit of useful information, sealed, a court order was needed.

Harold could taste the victory it was so close, he ran his hands up his face, thinking.

Then all at once the memory came rushing back. How distraught Amelia was, when she chose to ask him.

Not Dave, or Kevin he was picked first, for once in his life. He was not the backup or last opponent standing that nobody else had wanted.

“Alright fine” “I’ll get the court order tomorrow,” Harold yawned, not caring who heard what he had to say.

“Right now I need to find the sister.”

Harold griped the mouse, and searched all sorts of hospital records. Not one holding any information on a Lily Andrews, until he got to the George Town hospital.

Lilith Andrews, admitted for a checkup after found abandoned, in house, with dead mother, and suspect sister.

She was checked out an hour after admitted, with no injuries.

Harold smirked,

“take that Kevin” he muttered to his coffee cup beside him.

Maybe his first success could in fact still be recorded today. Harold leaned back thinking to himself,

where would they put her after the hospital?

She’s not an orphan, but there was no record of the father, at the moment.

Harold pondered this idea for a moment, then it came to him.

“idiot,” he knocked himself on the head.

“Shes where all kids without a guardian go.”

Harold leaned forward, and started to search

Children’s aid.

Children’s aid in George Town.

Children’s aid in George Town, Texas.

at least a dozen came up, but as tired as he was Harold clicked every single website that occurred.

“Why is it that whenever I’m looking for something, it always turns up in the last place I search?”

The last one in the area, Harold squeezed his eyes shut, and clicked on the site.

“Finally!” Harold clasped his mouth realizing how loud he actually was.

Lilith Andrews, admitted into the Abigail Leath home for children precisely 11:30 gender: female, infant.

Harold checked his watch, “ that’s only a half hour ago.”

Harold yawned and took a swig of his black coffee, as he leaned back in his chair and grinned.

Another yawn, and he wrote the name of the orphanage down on a slip of paper.

Harold tucked the paper in his front buttoned, shirt pocket, before shutting down his computer, and resting on the couch.

After he fell asleep, Kevin poked his head in. He peaked around the corner at Harold fast asleep, and snooped over to his computer.

Slowly he opened the laptop and went into recently searched files.

“The Amelia Andrews case, huh he was telling the truth.”

Kevin glared at the sleeping man he just spied on, “I’m such an idiot.”

Late the next morning Harold woke up to Kevin standing over top of him.

“Did you stay here the whole night?”

Kevin pretended he hadn’t seen Harold since he left the station, before the computer incident.

Harold jumped, holding his pounding chest, “have you been standing there the whole night?” He replied, with a sort of creeped out, fake laugh.

Kevin backed away a step so his breath was not so hot on Harold's neck, and laughed.

“No I just got in, what were you doing so late last night that you fell asleep here?”

“Work, nothing special,”

“oh” Kevin replied.

There was an awkward pause, and than a few heavy breaths.


Kevin broke the silence,

“have you checked with the mental hospital? Have you come up with something, you know for the trial against Amelia Andrews yet?”

“Not yet, but I’m looking into her background history first.”

They both gave a nod as Harold motioned towards his keyboard, hinting Kevin to leave. At the gesture, Kevin got it, he simply said “k well, I’ll let you get back to work now" and like that he turned the corner, faster than he anticipated.

Harold yawned then walked over to his coffee cup, he lifted it, and looked inside, empty. He placed it back down and stared at the wall for a moment, thinking. Than he bobbed his head remembering. Harold dove into his pocket to find the slip of paper that read “Abigail Leath home for children,” and he remembered the night before.

Instantly Harold turned to his desk, he grabbed the phone, and dialed in the number for Elk Ridge. When the women answered he asked to talk to David Murphy. But the women replied with a simple, “there is no record of a David Murphy here.”

Harold’s heart started to beat a mile a minute.

“Umm okay well then can I speak to the patient admitted there last night, Amelia Andrews?”

Harold figured simply that he might have just pronounced Daves name wrong. But when the woman came back to the phone, she told him that there was no record of an Amelia Andrews, or a David Murphy.

“In fact, no patients were even admitted last night,” she said in an annoyingly cheery voice.

Harold than went into full panic mode. He picked up his phone book, and looked up Dave Murphy. He dialed it into the phone, frantically punching each number in and,

“this number has been disconnected.” The machine monotoned a speech, and than an irritating beep rang through Harold’s ears.

Harold slammed the phone down, and picked up his walky talky,

“put out an A.P.B for Amelia Andrews. Prime suspect,” he paused “David Murphy."

Kevin barged into the room, “what’s this about?” Eyes bulging out of his skull, the tapping of his shaky foot, bounced off the surface of the floor, echoing in the silence. He was nervous,

“maybe even more than me.” Harold thought,

he replayed the entire morning to Kevin. When Harold was finished Kevin could hardly breath, all he could do was stare blankly, eyes wide, jaw dropped.

Harold rubbed his face, and threw his pen halfway across the room. When he looked up there were at least twenty reporters at the door of his office.

“Harold Waters, can you confirm the situation to us, in your own words of course, leave out no details.” Harold nodded and with the words he spoke he left out nothing.

Normally when reporters bothered Harold he would tell them to scram. In his opinion they were all leeches, that would hope and pray every night that someone would die in order to report a scandal, and be that big important reporter.

It was just something about Amelia that he felt responsible in a way, not stopping Dave from taking her. Harold was pretty much willing to do anything to relieve himself of that feeling, including talking to the leeches.

When the tens of people started to leave, a man in the back crammed himself through the crowd. Finally exhausted he made his way into the office.

“Hello my name is Lucas Merlin.”

With Kevin gone, Harold, and Lucas shook hands and sat down.

“Can you give me a full description of the girl, and the main suspect?”

Harold looked at him, “you know what, I have something better."

He marched over to the file cabinet, and pulled out the Amelia Andrews case. Harold had the mug shots which were clipped to the file. He unclipped the profile picture, and handed it to the man,

“this is Amelia, the girl who was kidnapped,” Harold huffed.

“As for the suspect, all we have is a name, which is probably fake. The only description I can give you is that his nose was huge, and his eyes were green. He had short brown hair, most likely 130 pounds, and a height of about six feet. He was scrawny, with weak arms and obviously a really screwed up mind.”

The detective seemed to sense Harold’s anger and interrupted the venting session. He started to tell Harold how much help he was, and that the amber alert would be sent out right away.

Harold got the fact that he was trying to get out before he exploded, so he went along with it.

“I was just so angry she’s been through so much already, and now this.” Harold hung his head he hated anyone who had the audacity to kidnap an innocent child, and it didn’t help that the crime had happened with Harold’s permission.

“I never believed she was guilty, from the moment I saw her face I knew she was just an innocent girl, going through something traumatic. And now it could, it has gotten way worse.”

The detective stopped before he left, he grasped Harold’s shoulder tight.

“You can’t fall apart, just do your job, and fight for her.”

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