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Charlie Charlie are you there?

“Well, do you like it?” Dave asked.

“What, am I supposed to approve your dirty old house now too? You murderer, slash kidnapper, slash creep. Look, my mother told me you died when I was a baby, and now I guess I see why. Your a criminal, and she was a good person, before you, before you, did what you did.”

I trailed off at the last part of my sentence, and checked his facial expression before I yelled the last bit.

“And I will NEVER forgive you for that, never!”

He started to charge at me until he was an inch away from my face.

“You’ve got guts kid, I bet I know where that came from.”

I pushed my hands out in front of me,

“touch one hair on my head, and I will gut you like a fish.”

He backed away, “I get it, your going through some tough times right now, I’ll give you some space.”

I felt it right then and there, the impulse took hold of me. I folded my fist and swung it around my back, giving it a kickstart, before I slammed my hardened fist into his mouth.

I felt the impact, as I played every possible outcome of what I had just done in my head. As soon as my fist went through, I pulled back. Dave held his lip as blood oozed through his fingers, he let go, and looked at the blood on his hand, then licked his lip, and stared at me.

I couldn’t tell if the look he was giving me was furious, or impressed, but I soon found out. He picked me up, and I screamed as loud as I could, the reply I got was,

“we’re in the middle of the dessert, in an old abandoned house. No one can hear you, sweetie.“

He took me to a cell door, and picked a pair of keys, out of his pocket. He put the keys in the lock, and turned to reveal a dark room, with nothing, absolutely nothing. He threw me in, and shook his head before closing, and locking the door.

I lay there for a moment, drowning in pain, as I held my aching head, which had just bounced like a ping pong ball, off the cement floor. Mostly I was in shock, the siring pain came about 5 seconds after, at full speed. I cringed, and curled up into a ball, holding my head close, hard to my chest, to sooth the pain. But it felt as if I was back in the drug induced blackout, I was in before.

My head thumped every five seconds, I cringed every time it did. After a few minutes of shockingly, terrible pain, I stood. My brain felt loose, like it had been bouncing around in my head. It rose, and fell with me, when I stood.

I balanced myself, still gripping the top of my pounding head. I searched my surroundings, there was nothing, as if I was back in that room. In my tortures dreams. Shadows lurked in the corners, and it was completely silent, except for the constant annoying drip, of the rusty old water, coming from the broken, leaky pipe in the corner.

There was a distinctly, shaped shadow, rocking back and forth in the corner, farthest from the door. I panicked and backed away, into my own secluded area. My breath shook in the tiny room. There was no barrier between me, and the shady figure in front of me.

I didn’t take my eyes off that corner, my gaze locked on the person, thing, whatever was locked in this cell with me. He\she\it didn’t move anywhere, except back and forth. I got a little curious after cowering in fear for so long, and let go of the wall.

I carefully took a slow step, towards the corner, and in a shaky voice, I whispered a hello.

“Is someone there?“

The figure sniffled, and looked at me


He looked around as if blind, I recognized the voice instantly, and started to cry.


I ran over, to my shaken up brother, and started breathing faster,

“Charlie, what are you doing here?”

“What do you think?” He sounded ware down, and his voice, curled and scratched.

“He nabbed me first” he sniffled some more, and hugged me.

“Milly?” Charlie firmly held my shoulders, and looked into my eyes.

“Did you happen to swipe some food, before he through you in here?”

“No why?” He looked at the floor so disappointed, and I saw the shapes of tears, spike in his tear ducts.

“What, what is it?” I asked,

the question seemed to turn his despair into frustration, he punched the wall beside him, and held his fist.

“What was that about?” I choked on the words almost afraid of his reaction.

He shook his head and started to cry again.

“I haven’t had a bite to eat since I landed in this dump.”

Worry lines cast across my forehead, “he’s starving you?” My voice echoed off the wall, and pierced my ears.

Charlie looked at his thumbs, twiddling them around, and around. His stomach growled, and my question answered itself.

“What a jerk” I called out,

Charlie gave a sad little chuckle, trying desperately to lighten the mood, to reassure me. He looked at the wall and wiped his eyes then he turned to me.

“And what did you do, to bring on the wrath of the devil?” Charlie asked.

I laughed and in that one amazing second, I remembered all the good times, and erased all the bad.

“I, uh, I punched him,”

we laughed together, it was perfect. I forgot for a second where we were. Then everything went downhill,

all of a sudden Charlie grabbed my shoulder, he started to collapse, holding his chest. The tears came back in site. I looked down at his painful expression, clueless.

“Wow, you are really emotional,”

I play punched his arm, and he turned to jelly, no strength to even take the weak punch, I had thrown his way.

“I’m so sorry,” his voice shook, and I just stared at him, now concerned.

“What do mean? It’s not your fault, we were kidnapped”

“Yeah, but I’m the one who told him where you were”

I shook my head in disbelief, “what?”

It was the only thing I could say, “he asked for directions to you”

“and you gave them too him?” My voice now raised as I scooted farther down the wall.

“I met him online, playing a game, next thing I knew, he shows up at my apartment. I swear I didn’t know who he was. He offered me a drink, I thought he was being kind.”

“And it didn’t bother you that he was like, old?”

“Let me finish, okay” he sounded almost angry, but I shut my mouth, and listened anyway.

“I didn’t know his age, and he didn’t look that old, I was drunk, and he started asking me questions. I didn’t pick up any motives, so I answered.“

“Charlie, before you were kidnapped” I shook my head, and looked away. How do you tell your brother, that you’re father killed your mother?

“How long have you been down here exactly?” I asked hesitantly,

“About three days, why?” He replied in such concern.

“What happened before I was kidnapped?”

“Charlie, moms” I looked at his face, it was as if he knew what was coming.

“Moms what Amelia?”

“Moms dead,” I said it quickly, but that didn’t change how I felt after telling him.

“Charlie?” I desperately awaited a response. He gave a deep breath, and let it out in a huff through his nose. He looked like a raging bull, as he squinted at me,

“and that guy” he pointed towards the door,

“killed her?” his voice was low, and dark, I gulped and nodded.

Charlie got up, obviously in pain, holding his side in hunger. Groaning but still angrily, he ran to the cell door. Ignoring the starving pain, he banged his fists against it, yelling and screaming.

My head started to pound again when I heard the ear piercing screech of my hurting brother. I didn’t do anything, knowing my brother, and his way of dealing with anger, I would most likely just get in the way, of the massive punches, beating down the door.

I stayed silent, letting Charlie come to his senses, that no one was coming to bring mom back to life. This went on for about twenty minutes before he started to ball his eyes out again,

“Charlie?” I called out, almost in tears myself. My aching head was horrendous, he rushed to my side,

“what is it?” He asked, kneeling in front of me.

“I think I have a concussion,”

“because of me?” He asked

“no, when Dave through me in here, my head hit the floor, also he chloroformed me to get me here.“

Charlie held me close,

“did you end up here in a bedroom,”

“yeah I did, how did you know?”

His expression grew loud, even though the room was completely silent. Then he spoke,

“what if he killed mom to get to you, maybe he wanted us, not to hurt us, but because he wants to be our father.”

I looked at him confused, “then why didn’t he take Lily, he had loads of opportunity”

“maybe she’s not his” I thought this through

“makes sense I guess, but why would he lock us in here, why would he hurt us?”

Charlie shook his head, “ you punched him remember?” I stared into the distance,

“what did you do?” Almost afraid to ask,

“I tried to kill him, with that pocket knife, the one that I took on that trip last year, and carved my name into. He took it, and through me in here.”

My jaw hit the floor, “that’s what he used to kill mom.” I shuddered,

“I recognized it, so I picked it up, but that just made me look guilty, when the police barged through the door."

I spat the words out as fast as I could, trying to explain everything before he could process it all.

I thought he was going to explode, his face blew up in red hot fire. Veins popping on his forehead. Then he just shut down, completely.

He dropped to the floor, head flopping on his shoulder. I felt his pulse, and screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Help, help,”

my heart raced, and tears blurred my eyes.


I sniffled, there was no heartbeat in my brother. I didn’t want to say it, he was all I had left.

“No Lily, I have Lily” my head tensed, and I heard something creak. Like a floorboard, like Dave was watching me. Like this was some sort of sick, twisted movie to him.

Then I heard a click, and saw a light, as the door hauled away, I saw the blinding stream of warm light, and ran to it.

I was heading to an exit, I knew that Dave was watching, but I didn’t care, he took my brother, and my mother, and he was holding me hostage. The only thing he hadn’t taken from me, was my little sister, and I wasn’t about to let him take her now.

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