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Out of the car I walked then took the shovel from Dave's hands. “How do you know I won’t run away?” I asked curious, he looked at me with soft eyes “I trust you.” He said kindly, I guess I had been so busy listening, that I had tuned out all the anger. Actually being nice to him, then I realized it would be a risk but the tempting thought took a hold of my mind. The shovel was heavy, and metal small enough to swing, yet big enough to kill. I had a choice to make, and it would determine my life weather it was short with a chance of escape, and well then it wouldn’t be so short, or I could stay on Dave's evil, good side, and hope to be saved before I die, in a dingy dungeon somewhere in the middle of the desert. The image of my mom, and Charlie sent shivers down my spine the words of Dave played on in my head, ringing my ears to death. “Don’t try to kill me, and I won’t kill you. A few deep breaths, and a shaky promise. “You won’t look?” I gave a tense sigh, and crash.

The bang, shot like an arrow, the sound echoing for miles. I froze in shock, as his flesh hit the hard, dirt ground. Then I ran, I had never been so fast in my life. It felt like when moms get superhuman strength when their kids are in danger, or something. The adrenaline rush was exhilarating, the air crushed my lungs, stinging my eyes, but I was almost there, I could see the border, where we had come from. I could finally see a ray of hope, but I dare not look back, I was afraid I would see the murderous beast gaining on me. I wasn’t tired, my breath stayed with me, all I was thinking about, was keeping my life, and that fueled me. And then it happened, my worst nightmare, the very thing I was afraid of, I was so excited, my heart pounding, shivers running through my body. I was so focused on the border, I could see people, sure they were moving dots, but they were there. Until I felt my foot drag behind me, I felt the breath leave me, as I hit the cold hard ground, but that wasn’t the worst part. As the shock started to lift, I felt a shooting pain stab up my arm, gritting my teeth I curled into a fetal position hugging tight at my impelled arm. The dirty stick shaped to a point made me yelp out before I loosened the grasp of my arm and blacked out. Tears squeezed through my closed eyes as I moaned in pain, I heard the sound of footsteps trotting towards me, and then they stopped, and someone lifted me off the ground. The pain only grew in my arm as it hung down from the person carrying me. I was half awake, I could feel, but I couldn’t open my eyes, then there was a sound, a car door opened, and I was sat inside on the seat. It was when I felt the duct tape over my mouth that I realized, I wasn’t being rescued but in fact taken right back to where I started from.

Dave put down the roll of tape, and lied my body down inside the car. I felt squished in between the front and back seat. There was an uncomfortable bump elevating my hip, but my arm hurt more than ever. It was twisted underneath my still body, and the searing pain travelled up my veins. My teeth shuttered, and I wanted to scream, but the strong tape holding my lips together, refrained me from doing so. When Dave got in the car, the front door slammed shut, and the engine shot, before the force of the extremely fast car pulled me back, forcing my head to stick to the bottom of the back seat. Dave mumbled, and groaned getting louder, as we got faster, and then it happened.

A crash forced my eyes open, glass flew from the shattered windshield, and I shimmied myself up. My arm went limp, and it was most likely infected, but my adrenalin and the lack of seatbelt kicked in. I was shaken around like a sack of potatoes, before I was whiplashed headfirst into the front of the car. I was in clear direct view of Dave’s unconscious body, the wound on his head was the size of my fist, and the branch that had shattered the windshield was pierced into Dave’s shoulder, shish kebabbing him and the seat together. I could finally breathe again, sure I was an orphan, but in the absolute best way possible. No more Dave, the thought was rejuvenating, and Lily I could resume my search for her. Before I was worried, now, well now I was terrified, the pour enfant she was an orphan too, just like me only Lily, Lily was a helpless baby lost in the system somewhere. Determination took hold of me as I held up my one good arm, and peeled off the duct tape. It was stuck to my mouth pretty good, and so it hurt to take off, but that was just about the prettiest pain I had endured, since I found my mom. After my mouth was free, I used my last bit of energy to scream. I yelled for help, my lungs just about exploded, but the windows were rolled up, and we were so far into the woods that no one could have heard me anyway. I was stuck in a locked car with a dead body, a disabled ability to move my jelly arm, and no one to hear me for miles, but I was motivated more than depressed now. I looked around the car to find something, anything that I could use to tie up my arm, or too at least help stop the bleeding. The twig was still jabbed through, and it hurt so bad, but I couldn’t risk making the injury worse, by pulling it the rest of the way through. I riffled through the backseat with my one good arm, hoping to find something before I passed out again, and there it was, in all its glory. My eyes were baggie, and I was starting to see moving purple, and blue dots everywhere I looked, but this was no elusion. A small yellow infinity scarf stuck out from under the seat, and so it took all my strength to yank it out, but sure enough I got it free. I made a small rip in the middle with my teeth as a peg whole for the stick, and wrapped it around my neck, holding the damaged arm close to my chest. With every breath, I took each one slowly, trying not to hyperventilate until the arm was secure. I was at an advantage, with Dave gone I had no forces against me, to hold me back, or track me down. This scarf was going to bye me some time, I shimmied up the seat, and to the window beside me. I started to bang on it, to get it to either shatter, or make enough noise for someone to hear. I had been hitting the window for so long my fist had turned purple, and yet not a dent was made. As I got ready to swing my arm around once more, I spotted a shiny metal object under the seat, I bent over slowly, making sure my arm didn’t get even more damaged, and picked it up. It was the shovel, “what was he planning to do?” I thought to myself, holding the dented metal part. “was he planning to do to me what I did to him?” Shivers crawled through my skin, “he’s dead, he’s not going to hurt me, or anyone else for that matter ever again.” The blood that dripped from Harold’s dented skull threw me, and made me gag, and that’s when I clued in, “if this thing was strong enough to knock out a grown man, with the strength of a teenage girl, it was most definitely strong enough to break a window with the same amount of force.” I lifted the shovel behind my head with my one arm, and swung it into the window. A large crack split through the middle of the window, branching out in all directions. Again I lifted the shovel, this time like a knife. I held it back the point facing the window, and then I took a deep breath, before plunging the shovel right down into the most cracked part of the glass. It shattered as it hit the dirt floor, even the tiniest shards broke into smaller pieces, making the land glimmer like a lake in the sunset.

A smile, an actual smile grew across my face, it was the first real smile that I had displayed in a long time. Butterflies glowed threw me, making me both nervous, and excited I quickly got on my stomach, and squirmed my way out of the car. In the process I managed to receive about five cuts on my leg, from the remaining pointed pieces of broken glass jammed into the window frame. Despite the unfortunate scratches, I was so happy, I barely felt them. As soon as my feet hit the crunching glass embedded into the ground, I was home free. I started to sprint towards the border line, flailing my arm up in the air. I only knew one thing that would make sense, and that was to yell. “Help” I screamed it at the top of my lungs, while still making sure not to trip. When I saw the border security jogging towards me, the butterflies got real. I couldn’t stop smiling, unless these security people were bad guys to, there was nothing to fear anymore, and now it felt real. Knowing something, and seeing it actually come true are two very different things, and I was seeing the rescue more clearly, as the men charged towards me. Once they were an arms length away from me, and saw my arm the first guy was on his walky talky, requesting 911 backup. The other man who was not on his walky, asked me if I needed the ambulance now or if I was able to walk to the security line. I just smiled, there was not another time in my life that I remembered feeling this grateful, I didn’t feel as panicked, even though my arm was impelled, I was just so happy. “I’m good to come, I said softly, “ok” he sounded more relaxed at my lack of displaying my discomfort, “let’s go.”

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