Wishful Thinking

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Why. Why had he chosen to go on this trip? Vic carried on trekking through the desert, his left foot beginning to form his first of many blisters that he would wince with for the coming hours. Hours? Days? But not minutes, that much he was sure of. The trip to save their family, their marriage, had now torn him away from both salvages prematurely, he was away from his family and the feeling was aching, he imagined this is what it would feel like if Lucy had had enough and took the children, he hoped wishful thinking that this feeling would only be temporary and not recur again. The wind started to pick up, blasting sand into his eyes, he switched off the flashlight and stood still, saving battery whilst also trying to not lose the track in a blurred flurry, he cleared his eyes as best he could and shielded his eyes, in the moonlight he could see the shape of a large boulder which if he had carried on walking he would have surely walked into it, stubbing his toe or scraping his knee, he cautiously walked towards it and judged which way the wind was blowing and crouched down leaning against the rock, he could hear the sand whipping around the rock in the sand storm, thankful for the cover that he had. He reached into his pocket, feeling for comfort and feeling for solidity, he worked the ring out of its box and into his hands, he daren’t take it from its pocket fearful of losing it, but just feeling it had given him enough comfort and love in the harsh weather, he had intended to re-propose to Lucy, renew their vows and start their family again with a new beginning, their children being able to witness this occasion unlike the first one. The feel of the ring started to change, from a safety ring you would find on a lifeboat to some kind of reptile squeezing his finger, wrapping itself around cutting of the blood supply, he promptly put the ring back in it’s box, he regarded the intensity of the wind and decided there was little point in just sitting here waiting, wasting energy, he curled into a ball and slept.

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